Big Brother 14: Wanna Throw a Premiere Party?!

Because BB14 will be totally worth calling in sick for.

Big Brother 14: Wanna Throw a Premiere Party?!

Ever since Rachel Reilly was crowned Big Brother 13‘s winner last September we have all been dying for the new season to begin. But now that we are finally only weeks away from Big Brother 14′s premiere on July 12, we’d like to help YOU throw a Big Brother 14 Party!

We want to bring fans – of the most amazing reality show ever – together on premiere night in different cities across the nation! They don’t call us Reality Nation for nothing. There will be some work on your end of things being as YOU are the host, but  pretty much all you’ll need to do is find a comfortable, fun venue where fans can gather to watch the show as a group. Take pics, talk smack, love and hate on the new BB14 cast with other fans of the game. Serve ‘em slop for cripe’s sakes! Play some cornhole! The point is, mix it up and have fun with it.

Reality Nation Will Promote Your BB14 Party!:

  • We will promote your party on as well as Twitter & Facebook to help reach fans who are also extremely passionate about Big Brother.
  • SWAG! We will send you Reality Nation/ Superpass swag to hand out as party favors or to giveaway as prizes!
  • We will ask former Big Brother house guests to attend (no guarantees, but we’ll do our best!)
  • We will post your BB 14 party photos on our website!

Drop us a line if you want to become a “Team Captain” (coordinator) for the party in your area and we can help you get started. Believe it or not we already have parties rolling, on each coast! Contact Team Captains for locations, times and venue information. If you’d like to become your city’s Team Captain let us know and we will add you to the list.

(*Note: Reality Nation is not coordinating these parties. It is up to Team Captains to plan and organize event. Captains are solely responsible for the selection of venues, times and other event details.)

NYC Team Captains

  • Karen (@KarenSez)
  • Adam Poch (@HeavyMetalTeddy) from Big Brother 13!
  • Michelle Maradie (BB4)
  • Crazy James (BB9)
  • Alex Coladonato (BB9)
  • Enzo “Meow Meow” (BB12)
  • Annie Wittington (BB12)
  • Location: Playwright Irish Pub, 27 West 35th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)New York City
  • Time: 7:30 p.m., show starts at 9:00 p.m.
  • RSVP to the Facebook Event

West Covina (Los Angeles area) Team Captain

  • Rich (@pepsiRich)
  • Lawon
  • Sheila Kennedy
  • Ryan Opray
Cincinnati Team Captain
Detroit Team Captain 
Boston Team Captain
Arnold, MO Team Captain
Clearwater/Tampa Bay Captain
  • Rick Barasso
  • Location: Bascettis Italian Restaurant and lounge, 1568 Main St. Dunedin, Fl.
Plan on attending a BB14 premiere party listed here? Use the hashtag #BB14Party so we can follow all the craziness! Make sure you tag your Twitpics too, we wouldn’t want to miss anything…
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  • Michelle Jones

    What are details on the NYC party? I might wanna roll through!

    • Adam Poch

      Karen and I have already started talking – stay tuned! (Trying to get Enzo as well)

      • Rich

        I appreciate you stepping up on this Adam. A true fan who happens to be a houseguest, love it!!

  • Melissa Zeigler

    I just want to know if I am invited! Tell me where the party is at!!

    • Rich

      Always invited here but I see there may be one closer to you :)

    • Patrick Jones

      me too Missy! is chelsia going to host us?

  • →βrιπαηy←

    can we get an arizona party with hayden?

  • Celebrity Smack

    We’ll be posting details as we get them. :)

  • Rich

    Wow, this list is growing fast!! Thanks to all the captains that are out there across the USA!!

    • Mattstar122296

      where is the party going to be? Im so close!

  • Jun Song

    WTF! Just when I move to Belgium…I would have TOTALLY been down for the NYC crew…

    Have SO MUCH fun!!!

  • Rachel Reilly


  • Chris Kelly

    Can’t wait!

  • BlkPanther34

    Can Someone plz hook me up with the team captain from Boston??

  • wowahmedo

    OMG reality nation plz try to invite, lydia,janelle,jen johnson, kevin from bb11, daniele donato, and britney haynes will they all be there?????

  • kristins

    what about orlando fl we love bigbrother and supper pass here

    • Mamaria66

      I know we need a captain in Orlando…Please I will definitely attend

  • pj

    Anybody having one in Zanesville Ohio? I want to go!

  • Velvet


  • Pjenks1967

    I’m in Pittsburgh & would love to host something. I have two bars on the SouthSide that would help. But I need more than just me to attend.

  • haleyy

    you should get dani and dom too goo!

  • Elena

    Any parties for this year?