Big Brother Abbreviation Dictionary!

Your guide to what means what in the Big Brother world

Big Brother Abbreviation Dictionary!

OMG! So the BB HGs were on LD, then they headed out to the BY for the VC and the HOH won the POV!

Confused? If you’re here, then probably not. But for those who are new to the Big Brother world  - and those who just want a refresher course  before diving into the 14th season – we’ve put together a guide to the often-used terms in the Live Feeds chatrooms and on Twitter.

Big Brother Abbreviations

  • FotH -Front of the House/Fish of the House (depending on what the Live Feeds cameras cut to)
  • HoH- Head of Household
  • BB- Big Brother
  • BBH- Big Brother House
  • BY-Back Yard
  • BBT -Big Brother Time
  • DR-Diary Room
  • HGs-House Guests
  • HT-Hot Tub
  • LR- Living Room
  • PoV- Power of Veto
  • WBRB- We’ll Be Right Back
  • DPoV-Diamond Power of Veto
  • WWJD- What Would Julie Do
  • WWJS- What Would Julie Say
  • LD- Lockdown
  • BBAD -Big Brother After Dark
  • AC-America’s Choice
  • LC- Luxury Competition
  • LFU- Live Feed Update
  • VC- Veto Competition
  • SR- Storage Room
  • DE- Double Eviction
  • DOR-Drop Out Request
  • FF- Fast Forward
  • RUTT- Repetitive Unsportsmanlike Trash Talk

Chat Lingo (For an added bonus)

  • BRB -Be Right Back
  • BBL – Be Back Later
  • BTW- By The Way
  • GMTA- Great Minds Think Alike
  • HTH-Hope This Helps
  • ITA- I Totally Agree
  • IRL- In Real Life
  • JSYK- Just So You Know
  • L8R- Later
  • LOL-Laughing Out Loud
  • LMAO- Laughing My Ass Off
  • OTOH- On The Other Hand
  • ROTFL- Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  • TIA- Thanks In Advance
  • TPTB- The Powers That Be
  • WB- Welcome Back
  • WDYT- What Do You Think
  • SMH- Smack My Head
  • TTFN Ta Ta For Now
  • NSFW -Not Safe For Work
  • F1-Feed 1
  • F2-Feed 2
  • F3-Feed 3
  • F4-Feed 4
  • QC-Quad Cam

What other terms should we add to the list?

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  • Chris Kelly

    FLTR-Floater, PB-Piggy Backer

    • Nina Duran

      PB could also mean: Pandora’s Box

  • Invest43

    DR=diary room
    HN=have not

  • Lisa Luvmykitties Kriebel

    for me “SMH” is “shaking my head” (example: Jessie will probably make an appearance on BB14 SMH )

    WC = water closet/bathroom
    BR = bedroom, but depending on the theme, the bedrooms develop different names and abbreviations.

    IIRC = If I recall correctly

  • Carole

    What does morning ATLs mean?

    • krh

      Atlanta. But it’s ‘ADL’ which means Activities of daily living

  • Ronnie

    ETU= Expect the Unexpected