Big Brother Bracket: Who is the BEST BB Player?

BB Brackets launch on Monday, May 14!

Big Brother Bracket: Who is the BEST BB Player?

Hey Big Brother fans! Now that the Big Brother 14 season is beginning to ramp up with casting in full swing, we are on a mission to find out who YOU think is the Greatest Big Brother player of All-Time!

From Monday, May 14th through June we are going to throw daily bracket “play-offs” at you, and this is how it will work. Every weekday we'll be featuring two male and two female Big Brother house guests and YOU the fans will vote on who you think is the better player. By the end of it all we will have one girl and one guy standing. Those two will then face off in a final vote and we will crown our first annual Big Brother Best Player winner! Remember, this is the BEST BB Player, not the most popular.

The Reality Nation/SuperPass team has created a top secret, formulated algorithm (with some help from the Zing Bot) much like that of Google. It calculated which Big Brother players would face off against one another in each duel. The final bracket chart has been met with mixed results from our team who feel strongly, one way or another, that it's either spot on – or is a complete hot mess. The differing opinions have brought forth some bad juju into our offices resulting in certain team members settling their disagreements rather unusually. Drunken late night arm wrestling matches, spontaneous, vicious outbreaks of office chicken fighting and outright cubicle warfare. It's not been pretty. We hope you don't take it as seriously as we did.

Have fun with it, discuss it, trash it, do as you wish, but just remember, only you, the Big Brother fans, can help decide which house guest comes out on top.


layer-bracket-kristen-vs-april-d-60677/”>Kristen vs. April D.

  • Michelle vs. Chima
  • Mike Boogie vs. Marcellas
  • Lane vs. Jase
  • Erika L. vs. Jen J.
  • James Z. vs. Kevin Campbell
  • Shelly vs. Jen D.
  • Jeff vs. Adam
  • Dani vs. Renny
  • Will vs. Brendon
  • Janelle vs. Alison
  • Eric vs. Ragan
  • Cassi vs. Britney
  • Matt vs. Dan
  • Libra vs. Jordan
  • Howie vs. Hayden
  • Keesha vs. Jun
  • Dick vs. Dominic
  • Rachel vs. Natalie C.
  • Memphis vs. James
  • Natalie M. vs. April D.
  • Mike Boogie vs. Lane
  • Michelle C. vs Erika
  • Hayden vs. Dan
  • Jun vs. Jordan
  • Dick vs. James R.
  • Rachel vs. Natalie M.
  • Dr. Will vs. Dan
  • Janelle vs. Jordan
  • Dick vs. Jeff
  • Rachel vs. Dani
  • Dan vs. Jeff
  • Jordan vs. Rachel
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    • BigBrotherGame

      What a great idea… LOVE IT!

      • leadjtorie

        the thing is dumb . game is played different every year. all this is who do you like the most. we can fight for days. everyone goes on line and votes for them self. i as one i do not like 12 ,when every seat around did not a think. the players in big brother 1- 9 did not have the things as the others had.

    • Matthew Calder

      My final four prediction is: Dr. Will v. Jeff and Rachel v. Jun

    • Melissa Zeigler

      Matt it is way to early for a final 4! But what I can say is you are so wrong!

    • Kc Campbell

      How do I file a complaint? Kevin against Crazy James?! BB Bracket conspiracy!

      • TruthTeller

        You get my vote anyday and everyday over Crazy James.

    • Michelle Williams Falk

      This should be interesting. Will game play win out over popularity? And Kevin, you have my vote!

      • tony the tiger

        Game play SHOULD win out over popularity, but it probably won’t. Sad!

        • Corndogger

          So far you’re bang on! Danielle Reyes losing to Jordan. Porsche to Cassi who was part of the worst alliance in BB history. Maggie who probably was the best player ever if you can remain objective losing to Keesha (I love Keesha but she was no where near the player Maggie was). And these matchups are crazy. Dr. Will vs. Lawon? Anyone who thinks Lawon was a better player than Dr. Will either has serious problems or doesn’t understand the game.

    • Melissa Zeigler

      @ Kc Campbell already claiming conspiracy? Crazy James might have something to say about this!! Good Luck!!

    • Kiersten Steeves

      what about sharon obermuller? she survived like four consecutive evictions remaining almost completely honest throughout the whole thing !!

    • Adam Poch

      Kevin – you think you got it bad, I am against Big Jeff! (who by the way played twice, and did not get further than I did!)

      • TruthTeller

        Key word is “PLAYED” , Jeff actually played the game where as you didn’t. You were carried along , made no moves , won no comps, FLOATED to the power. Jeff stayed loyal to ONE side , won comps , and made big moves. You stayed longer because you were absolutely NO threat to anyone and they all knew they could very easily pick you off in the end. So basically , you were CARRIED to the end because you were not a threat. Sorry to burst your bubble , but that is the truth.

        • Julie C.

          Sorry to bust your bubble truthteller, but “floating” is playing the game! And the real truth telling of it all is the fact that Adam made it to 3rd place where as Jeff did not! (who by the way, played twice, and yet still couldn’t figure out that “floating” is an extremely important element of this game). Beside… Jeff and Jordan worshiping is so 2009! Get over yourself!!!

          • TruthTeller

            That is your opinion. There are some of us BB fans that don’t like floaters , and by floaters , I mean weak ppl who can’t win comps or make any moves , now if you’re using being a floater as your “strategy” but you are playing the game and all the hg’s by using this strategy , then go for it !! Adam , however , was the “floater” that floated because he wasn’t good at playing the game , sorry not trying to be mean but it’s just the truth.

          • Dan

            Remember!!! Jeff may have TRIED To float BUT Jordan knew how to get it done

            • Dan

              Sorry got cut off on last post,end all is If your going to be a ‘floater’better be one that evryone loves

          • Mattymattman13

            BB winners who successfully employed floating as strategy, GOOD STRATEGY: Lisa (bb3) Jun (bb4) Jordan (bb11), and i even think that rachel floated to a degree last season.

            there is definitely a difference between floating and flopping though. some hgs just bum around and suck up to whoever’s in power. the smart one’s actually know when to make a move and when and how long they should keep their loyalties.

            and julie, as far as im concerned JeJo is a thing of the past, i’ve been over them since jeff was evicted his first time.

        • Waywardirish

          Thank you. More appreciation to those that have some kind of strategy. Even threatening your jury vote didn’t work out. Nice.

      • Mindy Stephens

        Sorry Adam love ya and all but this response to the responders btw. The ONLY reason Jeff didnt make it to the final 3 or 2 whatever is because EVERYONE knew he was a HUGE threat. He didnt have a chance in hell the 2nd time he played because from the second he walked in the door he had a target on his back. They shoudl have saved the vets for an all stars.

        • Corndogger

          At the start of last season ED and Dani had way bigger targets on their backs then Jeff did. Jeff is vastly overrated as a player. Middle of the road when it comes to comps and he’s far from being a decent strategic player.

          • Waywardirish

            and where does Adam fit in this equation? Yup, absolutely nowhere. Poor player.

            • Corndogger

              Adam did a lot better than Jeff and he didn’t have the producers helping him.

            • TruthTeller

              Agreed Corndogger! Jeff had everything going for him except the brain power to pull it all together.

            • NoLifeVestsAllowed

              The only reason not to vote for Adam is because he gave his voted in the end to Porsche and not to Rachel who deserved it much more. As much as Adam was a “big” fan of the game, his vote did not show it.

        • Mattymattman13

          the only thing jeff has going for him is his muscles. there was never enough brain power there to get him to the end. if he were smart, he wouldn’t have made it so clear that he was so strong in the competitions, and would’ve played a much better social game

    • Dirty Mike and the boys

      Dirty Mike and the boys

      Final Four…ladies, Janelle v Rachel…and for the gents, Dr Will(AKA small EGO) v either Jeff or Evil Richard (AKA The DICK) that’s how i see sorry Adam. Good luck to all this should be fun to see. Does the winner get a prize or is this just for glory and bragging rights.

    • Dirty Mike and the boys

      But hell, I may be crazy too because I think the LA Kings are going to win the Stanly cup this year. I guess we’ll see how the votes come out. This going to fun to watch….

    • Celebrity Smack

      This is going to be fun to watch!

    • TruthTeller

      My predictions for the winners , which i’m sure are everyone’s predictions….Will & Janie.

      • Leb123isme

        yep- final two is mostly likely will and janelle, and i bet will wins

    • Julie

      Why is Chima S. included in this?? She is a slap-in-the-face to every big brother fan and house guest! Purposely getting herself kicked out of the game, means that she does not not represent Big Brother!

      • Guest

        Totally agree. Chima is not part of big brother so why include her? Once again Michelle Costa gets the shaft! Conspiracy for sure!

        • Zmacisaac

          Nakomis should be included instead!

    • Mlc0038mlc

      I cant choose between Russell and Regan!

      • Mattymattman13

        they both sucked

    • Joe Arnold

      Crazy James will always get my vote,so sorry KC still will always love ya too !

    • Joe Arnold

      Would you endrose the winner’s for a BB all-stars show in the winter on cable ?

    • Guest

      What about a classiest player category? My vote would be CASSI.

    • Celestep05


      • Leb123isme

        I’m not a big fan of brenchel…

    • Rachel <3

      Love it!!!! But I’m a little confused how they are matched up either way Im all for a good voting, as long as we can’t evicted from the bracket! :) hehe xo

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    • Dan

      Jokers udates has been doing this poll for awhile,matter of fact they are on their second one ….first being J/J won everything this time their doing without and pairings are MUCH MUCH better

    • Leb123isme

      my final 4 guess is will, jeff, janelle and britney (WILL!!!!)

    • Micki4q

      Why bother with this. Dr. Will will win as always Janelle will be second. The problem with the rest of this is that it’s a popularity contest not a who is a better player.

      • GageGuerra76

        this is why jordan might win it… it’s absurd how people vote for their favorite instead of the best!

        • DirtyMikeAndTheBoys

          You were both right Jordan won.

    • Melissa Zeigler

      Tell us your final 4 prediction! I think it will be Will-Dick vs Jani-Rachel

      • Andrew Sloan

        Alright, i think you may be right Missy, but I’m going to go with Janelle-Rachel, like you said, but then I’m going to go with Will-Jeff for the guys.

    • Sandra

      So you put Jordan, a winner & 4th place finisher, up against Danielle, a player that came in 2nd & was an allstar yet you put up most great players with excellent placement up against people they could clearly beat. Either you guys weren’t thinking when you made this bracket or you were thinking it would be the only way to try and oust ever popular Jordan.

    • Mindy Stephens

      I dont get these mash ups? seriously??? I could name so many that dont make sense but i dont have htat much time as its MOST OF THEM. who chose the match ups????

    • Kara Malinczak

      I’m just wondering why every player who ever played is not on this list, but then you have Annie Whittington who was voted out week 1. Seems kind of unfair, no? Either have everyone who ever played on here or start at a certain eviction week. And why is Chima included? She was thrown off the show.

    • Sandra

      You forgot to add Jordan beating out Danielle on the master list.

    • Justin Evans4

      Adam, love you bro but Jeff played better…. not always the better people make it farther

    • Official Cody Allen

      Porsche should have beaten Cassi and Danielle should have beaten Jordan.

    • Nick

      I wanna do something exactly like this bracket. I wanna do it for Springsteen songs and have people vote on the best song. I have no idea where to begin though. If you could help I would greatly apprecitate it. Thanks.

    • Andrew Sloan

      Could you guys do like an update article so this goes to the front and we could see and updated version of the bracket. Just so we (or maybe just I- i’m not sure) don’t have to scroll back here to see the bracket. That would be awesome :D

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    • 2scoops

      Why isn’t Lisa from BB3 in this??? Not saying she is the best player but deserving to be in these brackets over a lot of these players. Also where is Nicole from BB2???

    • Adam Alamillo

      Next time a Best BB Player of ALL TIME bracket is made (next year??) Be sure to include more than just one pre-All Stars player. I mean, at least the winners, you know?

    • GageGuerra76

      this is ridiculous… i am a big fan of Jordan and Jeff and a big fan of their season as well but how is Jordan in the final 8? She should not have even gotten passed the first round. Danielle Reyes? The best player to not win the game? Do not see how Jordan is better than her. She rode Jeff’s back in BB11 and won the last HOH, other than that she did not do much.

    • Mike

      I’ve given up with this bracket. It makes no sense for Rachel, Jordan and Jeff to be voted as better players than Janelle, Dani, and Dick. As much as I am a fan of Jordan, Jeff and Rachel, I find this ridiculous. Well, since there’s no going back now…I hope Dr. Will wins it all.

      • Mattymattman13

        dani janie and dick are without a doubt the best players of all time. im not against rachel being up there, but jj…just, no.

    • Mattymattman13

      no one will ever admit that jeff and jordan are only POPULAR. not the best players by far.

    • wildinvegas

      Holy Otev! did Jeff n Jordan win by a clowns nose? or wait… nevermind.