Big Brother Coming to Canada!

First-ever Canadian installment will be produced

Big Brother Coming to Canada!

The wait is over, northern neighbors! Big Brother Canada has been greenlit and will air on Slice during the 2012-2013 broadcast season!

Endemol and Shaw Media have teamed up with Insight Productions to produce the first-ever Canadian installment of the popular reality sensation.

Big Brother has become a worldwide phenomenon and we’re proud to team up with Endemol and Insight Productions to launch the fan favourite format in Canada,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media. “The production of this format is hugely exciting as it takes us into unchartered territory, filming live around-the-clock and enabling fans to interact with the series in ways we’ve never explored before.”

Just like the U.S. format, Big Brother Canada will pick a diverse group of contestants, film their every move and send them home one by one until one is crowned winner. There will also be live streaming and fans will be allowed to impact decisions made in the Big Brother house.

“All of us at Insight are so excited about Big Brother Canada,” said John Brunton, Chairman & CEO of Insight Productions and Executive Producer of Big Brother Canada. “Like Captain Kirk said – Boldly go where no man has gone before – we’ve never produced a show that shoots 24/7.  Casting this program is going to be a blast.”

Brunton said the response since the initial announcement has been major.

“What’s amazing we’ve just had the most bizarrely aggressive response since that press release went out yesterday,” Brunton said. “I think I’ve had 10 emails already from people that want to host the show, some known and others who have been in the news lately, and we’ve got hundreds of emails from people that want to be in the show.

“People have been sending photos in. Weird photos. I know Canadians are considered to be shy, but we definitely aren’t seeing that.”

Are you excited about Big Brother Canada?


  • Jana Hilliary

    Hope we in the US will be able to see it . Will they have live feeds?

  • Dustin Palmer

    Sign me up

  • ~சஜிதா மூர்த்தி~


  • jenny ⚓

    No big deal… only been waiting over a decade for this!!!!!

    • Bill Howes

      I agree, no big deal.. Only 10 years to late… Same with Survivor and other shows that have only allowed American contestants.

      • Corndogger

        CBS doesn’t allow Canadians on Survivor, BB and TAR because of rights issues. In other words, don’t blame CBS.

  • Bbgurl2010

    WOO HOO!!! damn right! about time!! This will be interesting for sure

  • Frogdiva74

    Do you have info on how to apply?

  • Bill Howes

    It’s a joke and hope it fails.. Other countries have hosted popular American reality TV shows such as Survivor, The Apprentice (UK, Ireland and Australia) and Big Brother Sweden which is in season 8 and just aired episode 86 this week and still going strong.

    Global TV holds the rights to these shows and outright refuses to bring them to Canada or even release the DVD sales in Canada. Then they wonder why viewer levels drop.

    • TweetsRide

      Your dreams need more unicorns in them!!

    • Conniefahey

      man there is enough of the world to go around and share the spotlight of tv. if you don’t want to watch other countries then don’t .. but dont look for canada’s help or any other countries for that matter when your;s is in need,,. it is just to bad that all counties couldn’t have had the oppurtunity to play together and changed it from place to plcae every year. me and you could have been on same season and i would have have whipped your mouth right to eviction..

  • Jeannie Richards

    Where do you apply?

  • Rdouvillier

    Will it be more like US or UK version?

    • Corndogger

      Exactly like the U.S. version.

  • Melissa Zeigler

    This has me very happy for all the Canadian BB fans!

  • DaBa

    This is a dream come true! I can’t wait for my application to be rejected by the producers!

  • Ksteeves19

    how am i gonna livefeed both candian version and american version! hahaa

  • Kaytee Young ♥bbfan♥


  • Admiral50

    where can you apply?

  • Angel Chanty

    Were to apply and were will the show will be at?

  • Dr Will Canada


  • Chellelynn

    I look forward to a Canadain version of BB! I hope it has all the drama of the US version and a really great host is chosen to keep the shows interesting!

  • Dueck22

    Oohhh exciting!!! Pick me pick me!!! Lol

  • Joanne

    HOLLYYYY!!! I have never been so excited :) Can’t wait for Big Brother Canada

  • Grad2009

    How do I apply? I have watched every season, every eposided. I’m so in love with this show and would love to be able to apply.

  • Babygirl0712

    How do you audition?!? I have been wanting to be on that show for years! Always said that if it came to canada i HAD to audition!!

  • Colter Hahn

    Im gonna be on this show, remember this name people!

  • Gss150

    How do you apply?

  • helenzz


  • Pookie247ca

    where do I sign up :)

  • Stacie Martins


  • N Pieszak

    how do i get on!!!

  • Snowflakefamily

    where when and how do we apply

  • Sarebear Sch

    I have been wanting it to come to Canada for years! How do you sign up?

  • Amanda Servais

    yes how does one audition?!?!? so excited!!

  • jeremy

    I so want to do this !

  • Shorty 898

    How do you audition????

  • Darebear

    OMG I LOVE BB!!! I WANT ON THIS SHOW. ITS A MUST!!!! Where do you sign up????

  • Nicktyrelchaulk

    were and how do i get on the show this is something i wanted to do for years loves the show been nwatching since season 1 episode 1 this is really good news for a fan like me if i could get on the show it would really be a dream come true

  • Angelofabove82

    yeah where do you apply

  • Hockeyking1

    how old do you need to be ?

  • Somersguy70

    call me, im in!

  • jackie smith

    omg i wanna go sign me up

  • Mgroenke47

    how to get on big brother in canadian applicatin form. i wanted be on big brother

  • Skatinfrog

    OMG sign me up!!!!!!!
    I’ll Win!!!!!!

  • scottrigley