Big Brother Producer Reacts To Leak Story

BB14 diary room leak: 'Nothing damning was heard,' he says

Big Brother Producer Reacts To Leak Story

Big Brother co-executive producer responded to a blog post yesterday that indicated the Diary Room leak was in some way a plot for producers to manipulate the outcome of Janelle’s pending eviction.

Reality Blurred suggested that when Dan’s DR session was leaked into the house, that it could result in a vote-changing outcome, resulting in Frank being evicted instead of Janelle. As we all know, that didn’t happen. But BB co-executive producer Jerry D’Alessandro decided to still speak out on the accusations.

“… you should get your facts straight before writing something down and stating it as fact,” he wrote to Reality Blurred. “This was nothing more that human error by a producer that was at the end of a 19 hour shift. Nothing damning was heard inside the house at all.”

“As one of the show’s Co-EP’s, I take offense to this entirely,” he continued. “I personally brought Joe and Dan into diary at separate times to find out exactly what they think they heard during the leak and watched the footage back with the entire executive staff.”

What do you think of his response?

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  • Chelsia Hart

    Jerry is a great guy – one of my favorite producers on Big Brother.

    • Eric

      But Chelsia- No Offense but since you were on BB and now work for superpass, Would you say anything except that he’s a great guy?

    • Duane

      Great guy or not, the show is straight up rigged now, and it gets worse every season. The Coup d’Jeff. The unannounced Pandora’s Box that changed the rules and saved Rachel and Jordan. This year they canceled an eviction to keep Chilltown 2.0 in the game. I fully expect another twist the next time Boogie and Frank are about to get outplayed. Production exhausted its credibility a couple seasons ago.

    • venus-mars

      No one is saying he’s not a great guy. Doesn’t mean he’s not blowing bullshit up our asses to cover his own! Come on Chels. You have GOT to agree the fish are worse than EVER this year. If not, you’re not watching the feeds enough. I’m done. They can blow smoke up their new fans asses! That is IF they are lucky enough to find any new ones that is. Hopefully they fall on their lying faces and they’re all looking for a new job next year. And let them take their dried up OLD HOUSEGUESTS WITH THEM! SICK OF IT!

  • jordguitar

    a 19 hour shift?!

    I think they should fix that.

    • Ka Ri Ma Karima

      So that’s why we get so much fish?!!
      The poor guy monitoring feeds for19 hours at a time needs a smoke break. Or a coffee break. And of course a bathroom break after the coffee break. Can’t forget the all-important lunch break–a man’s gotta eat. And if the shifts are 19 hours, he’s going to need a dinner break, too. He might need to make a phone call every now and again… I’m sure sometimes he needs to get up and walk around a bit… ya know, to keep his blood circulating and everything. I mean, can you imagine the awful leg cramps…sitting there for 19 hours a day. If he’s working 19 hour shifts, I wouldn’t begrudge him an occasional a cat nap every once and a while, either.

      Boy CBS, you run a tight camp there at the Big Brother House. You might want to consider hiring an assistant to help the poor guy out? And all this time we thought you had the money to cover these things. What, with all of the huge cash prizes and giveaways…. Guess not.

      • Ka Ri Ma Karima

        So I’m assuming we get fish every time this poor gentleman has to attend to his needs… If we are to believe the 19 hour shift situation. He’s only human, right? Heck, after 19 hours on the job, no wonder things are getting leaked. No wonder Dan was told he couldn’t tell Janelle how he was voting. And the other HG’s, too. This guy is so tired hes making up new rules as the hours go by.,… Because the HG’s always talk about their vote. They always promise their vote to one of the HG’s on the block. But this particular time: no dice. Janelle must not know.
        Never mind if the whole “blind-sided” thing is good for the story line.
        19 hours. Gottcha.

  • Rob

    Honestly, I wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. I don’t think they were trying to keep Janelle because Frank is their boy.

  • Araskren

    I don’t think BB tries to change the way people are evicted, if they did we all know they would of put it in Janelle’s mind that she was going home a lot sooner then the morning of eviction! On another note, I really think producers need to medical take out Ashley, but hey maybe this is part of her game and that’s why they are not. What a way to play the game, hey if I’m”Ashley’s” hurt they might keep me, alone with playing being dumb blond, might be a good game!!!! LOL

    • Patti

      I thought back in the first week, what if she is faking the back thing. Would be a great way to get sympathy & stay in the house.

      • Grace

        I am finally done with BB and the Bull.. I will indeed find something more interesting and exciting to watch. The change up and no eviction crap did it for me. and Boogie.. sick of his attitude, it is not even funny any longer.

        • Jbjarbell

          Me too I am so done with Booger and production and CBS catering to him and letting he and frank set their own rules, worst cast ever and i hope ratings sink to the bottom, cause I am not watching BB any more and neither will I waste my money on the rip-off feeds

    • Duane

      The DR tried to keep Frank from even getting nominated last week. Button boy was slow on the draw and we heard them talking about DR interference before nominations. Both on and off the feeds former HGs have talked about how the DR tries to get them to go a certain way. It’s a well known fact that production interferes with the game.

  • dlc

    I think itd BS we all know how the Dr put things in the hg heads I”ve watch and had feeds so when I hear one of the hg come out and say wow the dr really has me thinking ,why the hell they didn’t they help Jannie is beyond me .We all know that its rigg u r u kidding they pick out who they want to mess with its sick

  • Sue

    If the producers are reading blogs, someone should write that the people with the feeds are REALLY getting tired of all the fish. Most times there is no reason for fish. Like this AM Frank saying BB wants the comp around 12 so be ready and we get fish. WHO CARES if we hear that. Many people in chats complain and are really tired of only seeing 12 hours of a 24/7 feed. This year has been the worse for fish and we are only 4 weeks in :(


      I agree with Sue…. All we get is fish… It is a complete rip off!

  • Jordan Mehus

    his response was BULLSHIT! if your gunna blame it on a 19 hour shift mistake give them shorter shifts if they cant handle pushing a button… its just ridiculous i used to love BB but have now lost alot of respect for it and may never watch it again since this season just seems rigged in way more ways then 1!!!!!

  • Jordan Mehus

    and ill never buy the feeds again all you see is FISH!!!!

    • Soapdocguard-mars

      AMEN!! That is my exact point as well! They cut feeds if someone passes gas FFS! No bueno AG. No bueno at all! If you’d allow us to actually SEE what is going on, we’d be able to back you. Since you continue to show fish for NO REASON (I have Showtime, too…And KNOW there is NO REASON to cut the feeds probably about 95% of the times Skippy sits on the button) so try giving us the promised 24/7 LIVE feeds and maybe you’d be able to sell your crap to us!

      For now, I am calling bull$hit!

    • guest

      this is the reason i have never one paid for the feeds. i would have last year but someone who had paid for the feeds in the past said it was a ripoff cause all you see is the fish for more than half the day

      • Leona Sinclair

        I use to by the feeds every year, but after last years fish I decided not to buy in this year; sounds like I made the right choice. Besides, I see more by watching the late nite part than by the feeds.

  • otta

    Hire more and better employees. 19 hour shift? Wow, I haven’t heard of that since my husband was doing his residency in surgery. Be kinder to the staff.

  • RoseDe1

    Umm, why would he say thta he brought Dan in to “hear what he heard”? It was Dan’s session that was leaked. And what about what we have heard today from Brittany about the negotiations for Janelle to have her baby in jury? I think that they either need to have all new people or AllStars and quit trying to ruin this show for those of us who like it.

    • Flowrpowr02

      I agree; enough of the mixing the old with the new. Let ALL of the new cast be NEWBIES! Let them figure out the way to play the game on their own. Let them have an entire season be ALL about them. I think it’s unfair to have to compete with so-called “VETERANS” when they didn’t sign up for that. Or…to go from being “coached” be someone that you trusted with your game secrets and whatever strategy you had planned, to being forced to play against them. All of these twists seem like desperate attempts to turn the game in favor to the powers that be.

  • QueenBeeyatch

    YouD think there would be some way to ensure that doesn’t happen. The DR audio shouldn’t be connected to the house speaker in any way. The producers can say all they want about not “fixing” things but it’s too obvious that they do.

  • Ditditdee

    I wanted you to save jani. I would not have complained! ;-)

  • Todd

    It was obviously leaked on purpose to the house–How do accidentally ‘ PUSH’ a button? and a button that will leak a DR session into the house? come on BB..we are not idiots! we know u rig the game to play out the way AG wants it to go..

  • patti

    As for the fish, I had the feeds last year and I agree it is worse this year, but sometimes I think we do get the fish because they are talking to the houseguests. Possibly, they are talking to Ashley?

  • Shyla

    I don’t think the leak was on purpose to keep jani, I think it was accidental, We have all heard several DR leaks over the years of BB. I think this should be fixed so it doesn’t happen again. Like someone else suggested it shouldn’t be connected to the house speakers. However i think the real problem is the Fish.. Alot of the time the feeds are cut for no apparent reason. Not to mention the theme song being on for hours in the background or where you cant hear the house guests because it is so loud. Also getting the trivia for hours at a time maybe have a screen that says the house guests are having a private party or doing a comp so we don’t think someone fell asleep and forgot to take the fish/trivia/theme song off

  • indy_mike

    I don’t think there was a conspiracy – and I didn’t think Joe heard anything – if you watch the clip he seemed to sleep through most of it and I think his comments to Dan were just little jabs at him for the leak. Andy @ Reality Blurred seems to not be watching the show and instead gathering his info from other sites – he should have done some serious flashback watching and checking more than one site before he made the statements – then again Jerry shouldn’t have been so worried about what Reality Blurred wrote – he just gave that site a lot more attention (see this article as an example).

  • Jennifer Soontob Mayville

    i think the leak was on purpose … and it was done because Dan told the HG’s that the DR told him not to tell Janelle she was the target. Truth is, DR never said that … so they purposely asked him that question knowing the mic was on … what they weren’t expecting was such a fast reaction

  • Shari

    Total BS they fix the show for the outcome of the game Explain how many times can Frank be saved yet again They want Frank and Boogie to the Final2 and watch and see that happen I could see it when they showcased Franks family the week the coaches came in then guess what NO eviction cause Frank was going out the door he was on his way out this past week and Bam Boogie throws a fit about being thrown in the game and Janelle is given the boot instead of Frank again When Frank is in danger of leaving again if HIM and Boogie Both are on the block they will whip out the Diamond Power of Veto and pull Both off the Block Totally fixed Will never buy live feeds again or watch the show

  • Shari

    As a Viewer I take offense of you acting as if we the viewers are to stupid to see what goes on you can only make people keep their mouths shut so much and you can’t always cut to fish fast enough before the crap is out and if you didn’t have anything to hide you wouldn’t be cutting to fish all the time, and don’t say it’s because they are singing or some BS like that cause I watch and see and when they start to talk about what the DR told them to do we get fish WE ARE NOT STUPID

  • Cassandra Lotus

    For a show that’s in it’s 14th season–not to mention the fact that there are many different versions of the Big Brother show internationally for us to learn from–something as simple as an audio error shouldn’t be happening now. If Julie Chen can remember to hit her little button to unmute herself and remute herself from the houseguests during the live shows, an exec should be able to work a soundboard.

  • Cassandra Lotus

    For a show that’s in it’s 14th season–not to mention the fact that there are many different versions of the Big Brother show internationally for us to learn from–something as simple as an audio error shouldn’t be happening now. If Julie Chen can remember to hit her little button to unmute herself and remute herself from the houseguests during the live shows, an exec should be able to work a soundboard.

    • Dennybacon

      Yes but in all fairness Julie Chen is in fact a robot. Lol! In all seriousness though, I don’t watch the feeds anymore. Live 24/7 is so far from the truth its not even funny.

  • Suzanne

    I don’t think it affected the game at all and it didn’t bother me. I’m just thankful we HAVE the feeds and get to see the House Guests during the season. I’m willing to accept the fish or whatever. I don’t want to LOSE the feeds because so many people complain about the fish.

  • Heidi

    There’s DR leaks every year & someone jumps on the band wagon to insuate that it was done on puurpose…….. This wasn’t any different & agree with him, ‘human error’ & effected nothing……

  • Ginger Whetstine

    Hey, Producer guy, I’m cancelling because you never leave the hgs on for more than an hour without at least 15 minutes of fish…. I am not paying for this craptastic lie you tell every year. Every year there’s a longer list of what to ‘fish’ and when they hum your own theme do we need fish? when they say something we already know do we need fish? You can switch rooms on the feeds, but, you don’t switch you just block. It’s lazy and shows a lack of intelligence by the staff. Switch rooms even if it’s to an empty room it’s better than those fish. Oh, and the people this year are horrible and Boogie? again? really? get over him, we all did years ago. He name drops and fish appear. He is the worst hg ever, more fish with Booger than any other hg ever. I have watched every year but I am cancelling feeds for the first time this year.

    • Elaine Ponti

      Boogie knows the rules, yet he continues to name drop. …to impress? Prehaps he should refund a portion of our fees! Let’s have a year with only newbies….who are NOT “celebrities” family members,,,,sons or brothers(lol).

  • Prettyplainjo

    I think there are about 50 other bigger problems with this season that this producer could have spent time responding to. For example: Overly cut feeds, all of the feeds issues with sound early in the season, misrepresenting Shane and Danielle AND Ashley and Ian, Flat out lying about their intention with this season’s twist, grossly misusing the word “twist,” turning our favorite summer show into some kind of inside joke between the producers that have left both fans and HGs scratching their heads, and many many many more items.

    • Prettyplainjo

      I’ll also add that horrible twitter account @CBSBIgBrother. I mean…who tweets for that? Whoever runs that account is so out of touch with Big Brother, its fans, and current time as we know it.

    • Duane

      The fake storylines they produce for the show are the worst. And the worst thing is they ignore actual gameplay in favor of these bogus storylines.

  • Lynda Perky

    Agree, with article but this is BB and the Fans will always see a conspiracy. I will stay on subject and comment that I believe human error. 19 Hour shift of listening to this stuff and for things they are not suppose to do and switch camera’s for interests sake? I’m tired just thinking of it…..Yes we bitch but thanks BB for a great show!

  • DenDen

    I am a little upset with the live feed……showing the fish,more and more…If the producers don,t want us to hear what they are saying..cut off the sound for a moment…but keep looking at the live feed…please no more fishes……please keep the feed on,but cut off the sound for a moment if you has to…..this is my live feed two years in a row…I loves it….now bad….not 24/7 no more….But I am a little guy who loves the show…but super pass only do what they want…..

    • venus-mars

      Just so you know where to place blame, it’s not Superpass’ fault for the fish. It’s 100% CBS that controls what we see. Superpass just brings what CBS puts out there. I am mad as hell too, but we can’t blame Superpass, it’s just not their fault. Honest :)

      • DenDen

        Yes I know ,that cbs had 100% controls what we see…But thank you…I am a little off when its stay on the fishes…..I loves the big brother feed…..I wish big brother is on in the winter and summer…….thank you soapdocguard-mars

  • venus-mars

    Perhaps if they didn’t keep cutting the feeds for things like this, we’d be able to KNOW the truth rather than have to listen to those that “fix” things at BB. I don’t believe ANYTHING ANY OF THEM SAY. There is WAY too much BS going on for me to ever believe their lies. Nice try though. Go sell your crap to a new audience, I am done.

  • Jomamma

    What are they supposed to day? You caught us?

  • Melmack761

    Your better off doing the free trial…. every 3 days. at least its free then

  • Pony10721

    the only way we can fix. this is pick a day and time and we all need to cancell at the same time.24/7 live feeds

  • Brandy

    Why weren’t you on damage control and explaining the situation first? You have no right to criticize fans for drawing conclusions when you didn’t explain the situation and blocked the feeds. Proactive, not reactive! And what’s up with 19 hour shifts! Seriously? Of course people are going to make mistakes after 19 hours on the job.

  • Elizabeth

    All good things must come to an end. For so many reasons, including this one, IMO it is time for a curtain call for BB…time to move on…

  • Alice Jacks

    Haha, what a joke from this producer. Since when has CBS been an organization that “got their facts straight” before reporting on a story?

  • Ginger Whetstine

    He called them in, but, if you pay attention he did not tell us what the result was….. did they hear anything or not. he doesn’t say. But since he’s so clever and witty and blames others, he doesn’t actually answer the question of it effecting the game, he just stopped at e talked to them, that doesn’t tell us anything at all.

  • Rachael1956

    I agree with what everyone else is saying about how bad this year and last year BB has been played out. I too think it’s all rigged and BB knows who they want to see sitting in the finals and will do everything they have too make sure it is going to be that way. I might not be convinced that the DR leak was on purpose but I do question the remark “This was nothing more that human error by a producer that was at the end of a 19 hour shift. Nothing damning was heard inside the house at all.” AG i question why anybody would be working over 19 hours a day as well as why do you think BB watchers would be stupid enough to know this is the lamiest excuse to every come out of anyone’s mouth. I too have canceled my SuperPass due to all the bullshit that has gone on in the past 2 years. It’s to bad AG got so greedy she lost focus on the original BB show. Ratings were dropping so she had to get creative and add so much BS to make it unrealistic. It is not SuperPass’ fault but if we get enough people to cancel SuperPass due to poor production and false advertising (24/7 live feeds) then I hope SuperPass has more power than the fans do with CBS. I refuse to pay to watch Mike degrade/bully other players and not to mention that they allow someone in the house to continue putting other guests at risk by not washing his hands after using the washroom and cooking food for other houseguests. Where are you morals CBS? It’s all about the $$$.

    • Elaine Ponti

      I haven’t seen any of them use hot water and SOAP when they rinse their dishes. I would have to actually wash a “clean” dish before I used it….so gross!

  • pk

    First year in all the seasons I did not subscribe to live feeds. It is such a rip off!!!

  • Jordan Mehus

    just save your money next year dont get the feeds ans subscribe to showetime instead so you get 3 hours in onr day more then the feeds will give ya lol but thats the only way theyll fix it is if they see that ppl aint buying it anymore so i hope ppl dont buy the 4/7 big bro feeds ans that stands for 4 hours a day and 7 days a week… can you say RIPOFF!!!

  • Mmjynr

    Oh please… why would we not think it was done purposely with all the controlling the production does on the outcome of the game? Nice try! They should really read the responses/comments for one as they are just continuing to ruin the show each year! It is getting to the point that Production should just play the friggin game and get rid of the houseguests. We dont need Boogie back every friggin year to get it going. How about you focus on getting the right houseguests instead of boring scared personalities!! The Glass House is looking better and better!

  • Shell

    I like how they say live 24/7 feeds, see what no one else does, BS. we pretty much see what is shown on TV. rest of time fish.I think we should be able to watch the comps on line after all is’nt that what we are paying for. If I want to watch fish I will go to the pet store. Last night while Dani and Wil were talking every other word out of her mouth went straight to fish. Really this is BS. does anyone know a email address for Alison (producer) Maybe if everyone called her or emailed something would change, Yeah probably not.. When it first came out and was free we seen more, now we pay more see less. I will cancel, not worth wasting my money to see fish. CBS your such a disapointment.

  • Dachiecrazy

    Cancelled my subscription to 24/7 feeds today. I have been a loyal subscriber every year and things have progressively gotten worse! I have noticed since around season 5 production seems to be getting more and more involved and telling houseguests when they can color hair, cut hair and trying to coax them or suggest to them things they would like for them to do. I want it back to the way it was in the beginning with real people, not wannabe actors,wrestlers, playboy bunnies, party girls, models etc.This will be my last year watching, recording it now and watch when I dont have anything else to watch, use be ready and waiting for show to start and had feeds running 24/7. Never more, Never more!

  • wesa

    why would you have someone work 19 hours?? is CBS that cheap they can’t hire more staff? That’s absurd to have someone work that long!

  • Knoteegrl2

    I think the response is bull too. As in other years the producers do try to influence the show and when they can’t they bring things in the Kutatah, however you spell it :) . That changed Chima’s entire game and was totally unfair.

    But past House Guests have let it leak they were influenced in the Diary Room.

    We should get our money back or a portion of it. They say there is 24/7 of viewing the Feeds but like others have said the feed is cut every few minutes it seems. If the cast keep saying things they are not suppose to or keep singing, doc their pay after two times and I bet they will stop but don’t cheat us viewers.

  • Ricnme90

    I think all the live feed subscribers should start a petition for a FULL refund of our money for the entire season. Tonite we had fish every other min and they would run as long as 5 mins for NOTHING! CBS has dropped the ball this year. They wonder why the ratings are slipping? Im done, this will be my last year as a feed subscriber that much I can assure them. It should be illegal since they say 24 hrs uncut uncensored 7 days a week. by the tme u add fishy time ur lucky you get a full 10 hrs a day.

  • Goldie

    If the producers are reading the blogs they know that the clued in fans are aware of the blatant rigging that has gone on in recent seasons, and the blatant racist casting that has gone on in every season.

  • Debi

    Big Brother is NOT a ‘REALITY SHOW” It is scripted, even Jen got heard saying they where mad in the diary room because she couldn’t remember her lines. Last summer I cancelled the live feed because I was so upset about this show having no integrity. I wouldn’t even sign up this summer, never will. I haven’t watched the past 2 episodes either, DONE. This show is scripted, the diary room has been instrumental in how the evictions go, in many ways in fact. I read online about the statement Mike Bully made “BB producer Don Wollman has been a mentor of his for 11 years” How nice, he won the game twice! How convenient winning over a million dollars & all that free advertising for his restaurant all because for 11 years one of the producers has been ‘MENTORING’ him! Even though he has NO GAME. Doesn’t know what a competitor is, has no social skills. I could go on. All he is A BULLY! When his boy Frank should have been evicted BB decided at that point they couldn’t have anyone but their suck ass Boogie win so THEY did away with that eviction! How freaken convenient. The reason Janelle was back doored was because Frank was allowed to stay. I hope Janelle sues their butts! Now this liar is on here talking about some guy working a 19 hour shift YOU CAN’T BELIEVE A WORD THAT THESE PEOPLE SAY. There are unions in Hollywood that would never allow it. Besides, no ONE person would be left running the entire show alone for any TV show, that is such a blatant lie. Well what do you expect, the SHOW IS FIXED, HAS BEEN FOR SEVERAL YEARS!

    • Jennifer Sakowski

      Boogie won once. He only got 8th place season 2. Do your homework moron.

  • spankie

    I generally don’t react to stories but….

    This time I will hold exception…this season is a messsssss! The only real game play is due to the HG you want to win. and that changes every hour.

    And to all the live feeders like myself…..suck it up btches! leave a good comment or f*** off!. for real!

  • Elaine Wilson

    I personally don’t care what his response was, or that it leaked in the first place. I don’t care that they cut to fish, and I don’t care that they don’t always show the best stuff on the live aired shows…it’s a program on TV. It’s entertainment and I love it. I’ve watched EVERY season, and I have no problems with this one. Why can’t you all just watch the show and enjoy? Why do you think that ranting that it’s rigged and what not will make it better? Make you feel better? Make whatever better. If you have enough time in your day to watch how many times the fish come on….I don’t envy your life. Just relax people, it’s a tv show…..worry about politics, education, hunger or your damn lives for five minutes. So tired of all the negative comments and feed back. I miss the days of I love BB messages rather than “get over it” “I want more” “this is enough” “This is a rip off” “They rigged it” good lord.

  • Jennifer Sakowski

    19 hour shift? WTF BB? Way to treat your producers, at least now we know they really DO fall asleep on the Fish button!

  • Lorelei

    Funny no fish today during live feeds when Frank told Boogie production fixed the POV pick by having him cup the “houseguest choice” chip. Loved this game but am now realizing how rigged it is!!!

  • catsy

    unrestricted access on feeds is NOT 24/7. HG talk about the diary room so we know they are manipulating the players. cheating went on..what cheating, alas BB pulled them feeds. they decide the pecking order not the HG, we all know who they selected to win this season. BB pulls the strings & plays on the HGs emotions. course, they have no choice since BB pays them to do as they want for ratings. did i waste money buying the feeds?? i say not because i now see BB is a show where people are manipulated by production for so their will be power shifts to increase ratings. your golden boy is no longer golden since all feeders know he is your fav. BB just rusted!!

  • catsy

    unrestricted access on feeds is NOT 24/7. HG talk about the diary room so we know they are manipulating the players. cheating went on..what cheating, alas BB pulled them feeds. they decide the pecking order not the HG, we all know who they selected to win this season. BB pulls the strings & plays on the HGs emotions. course, they have no choice since BB pays them to do as they want for ratings. did i waste money buying the feeds?? i say not because i now see BB is a show where people are manipulated by production for so their will be power shifts to increase ratings. your golden boy is no longer golden since all feeders know he is your fav. BB just rusted!!

  • ianfan

    I have gotten live feeds for 1 month this year because had an inkling producers had their hand in the game, and i was right. frank and boogie were saved with americas vote to keep coaches in (actually BBs choice) so frank was saved. Heard ian telling dan that DR said not to use his veto one wk and get closer to frank. franks and boogie both cheated this season but producers didnt care. The HG are paid puppets of AG & are to do as they say and must keep DR private from the others. that is where the reality part comes in and people play off emotions. producers already have their choice of whom are in the finals, so if frank is saved once again then he can thank BB yet again and not his game play, which by the way stinks. dan says BB likes powershifts for ratings so Joe should be shining soon. this is my last season of BB, tried of reality shows being scripted

  • ianfan

    Fri Aug 17,2012
    7:59 PM BBT – Shane starts to explain to Danielle that production tried to sway him from nominating Frank and Boogie when he was putting the keys in the block. Feeds cut away. So now you know for sure, production directly attempts to influence noms. (I think we all already knew that.)

    hence why do you think game was reset…to save frank and boogie, we feeders arent stupid

  • john

    meh all these shows are scripted anyways so no big deal

  • Kevin

    They should rename big brother’ the FRANKIE show. because of this I will no longer watch!!!