Brenchel Flashback: Gameplay

Brendon and Rachel talk game from Seasons 12 and 13

Brenchel Flashback: Gameplay

Last week it was JeJo Flashback Week, and this week and next, we’ll be sharing exclusive footage of Brenchel!

Today’s video is a compilation of  SuperPass footage from Big Brother seasons 12 and 13. Now we get to compare Rachel and Brendon from before they ever stepped a foot into the Big Brother house to Rachel’s Season 13 post-win in the house backyard.

Pre-season 12 Rachel said she planned to play the game in a bikini and she did. So she stuck to her word. Obvi. Post-season 13 Rachel mentioned how much she evolved as a player. But thankfully for some, she stuck to her bikini rule. Obvi.

“I wasn’t the same Rachel from last year,” she said in the SuperPass backyard interview.”I wasn’t so aggressive … I was playing a social game … a smart game.”

She also talks about adjusting to the BB13 game after Brendon and Jeff  were evicted and it was just herself and Jordan left in the veterans alliance.

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Brendon and Rachel talk Gameplay on Big Brother 12 & 13 from RealityNation on Vimeo.

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  • Cameronc1996

    i love rachel:)

  • Rkm602

    i love her rack

  • TaniK

    I love Brenchel i know SP only keeps Flashback for two seasons but They really need to keep BB12 up since love her or hate her Rachel we should all be able to access Flashback.Since i have kept kept my subscritption up since BB11 i think us Brenchel fans should be able to catch up whenever we want.