Brendon & Rachel Wedding: Must-See TV

Brenchel wedding closes out season of My Fair Wedding: Unveiled

Brendon & Rachel Wedding: Must-See TV

How would you like to watch an entire season of Big Brother-like Brenchel drama all rolled into one hour? Right? Me too! Well we can do just that this Saturday, Dec. 15, at 9 pm/8C on WE tv!

Yes, it’s finally here. The highly anticipated season finale of My Fair Wedding: Unveiled that features Brendon and Rachel’s over-the-top Los Angeles wedding. You can see all the drama around the wedding planning and the Brenchel bash itself, which includes Rachel arriving to the ceremony via helicopter.

It looks like we’ve got all the kind of stuff we’d expect from this made-for-TV bride. “I’m Rachel f@&*ing Reilly and this is my day,” she says in the promo below. It seriously has the feel of an episode of Big Brother. I’m actually going to check the credits to make sure Allison Grodner isn’t an executive producer.

Oh, and there might not be a crying bush, but there does seem to be a crying corner:

Brenchel wedding Rachel crying

In all seriousness, it looks like a great episode and Rachel looks stunning during the main event. And so does Brendon! He’s looking way hot in his tuxedo. I also may or may not be crossing my fingers for a reality show starring Rachel, her mom and sister.


  • kungfuwomn

    OMG i laughed during the promo that i saw on the show on saturday night when David said my bride is passed out under the table or something like that.Cant wait to watch the show and i would love to see a reality show with Rachel!

  • Cat van Zyl

    “I’m actually going to check the credits to make sure Allison Grodner isn’t an executive producer.” – Hahaha – totally! I am recording it…because I have come to love Rachel. (Confession.)

    • JO

      I adore it and when she says thats my man and all that stuff they gave her things to say like that people. thats what she is known for. even ragan who couldn’t stand her on the bb show loves her now

  • Bethtravelstead

    I would rather chew my brother-inlaws nasty toenails than watch that red headed wretch cry again.

  • Joe

    The same music used in BB was in the sneak peak…that was hilarious.

  • gma

    Would that not be a trio from hell to have to deal with???? OMG!!!

  • Kathleen Elliott

    When is this on…I have to watch this….how does it compair to the trashy wedding on BB with the garbage bags hahahaha. Is it available to us Canadians????

  • TruthTeller

    They are both such bad actors!
    This just isn’t worth my time!

    • JO

      um their not actors, reality stars are not actors.

      • TruthTeller

        Exactly! They are not actors! You know it and I know it. If only they would realize it & stop trying to ‘act’ in front of the camera all the time.

  • JO

    I think it is so funny the people who don’t like them which is less then the people who love them. all the polls show it. I adore rachel, people can’t stand her laugh, I don’t care what it sounds like. I don’t care if she gets upset and cries. most people that don’t like them didn’t get live feed of what she really is nice anc caring to people and they show different things on the cbs shows. I wish they had their own reality series. the people that hate them don’t have to watch! love ya brenchel!

    • Dvmdaniels

      are you dillusional? the feeds showed a crazy ass trouble maker…and then the amazing race made her look even worse if at all possible…most felt sorry for brenden putting up with that crazy drama queen……polls do not show that by the way….glad you love her but dont put out false facts