Brendon and Rachel Are Married!

Brenchel ties the knot in wedding extravaganza

Brendon and Rachel Are Married!

“Do you promise to love, honor and never let anyone come between you and your man?”

If Twitter had its way, that would have been among the vows Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas exchanged during their Los Angeles wedding Saturday evening.

Yes, Big Brother fans took to Twitter to suggest #BrenchelVows Saturday, but before I get sidetracked, let’s get back to the news at hand.

Brendon and Rachel were married on Saturday atop the AT&T Center in Los Angeles. Rachel arrived to the ceremony by helicopter, making an entrance fit for TV. And speaking of TV, you can actually see the wedding when it is featured on WE TV’s My Fair Wedding: Unveiled on Dec. 15. at 9 pm.

“She wanted to arrive like a big celebrity,” host of My Fair Wedding David Tutera told People Magazine. “The guests will watch her arrive on live camera before she walks down the aisle, which to me is one of the most over the top processionals ever.”

Tutera told People that Rachel’s gown was not your typical white wedding dress. And luckily there were no trash bags involved. She opted for a silver floor-length sequined Missoni gown.

Rachel and Brendon were surrounded by their Big Brother family, including bridesmaid Chelsia Hart (Big Brother 9) and Matt Hoffman (Big Brother 12), who officiated the ceremony. Several other Big Brother alum were in attendance including other Big Brother super couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd.


  • Guest

    Of course they had to get their wed for free. Glad it doesn’t air until Dec. I will have forgotten about it by then.

    • Ivan Gatewood

      I think it’s time to put down your bottle of haterade!

      • Lynda Perky

        Seriously, she is one of the all time haters. She should be flattered people are, what does she say, being mean to her.

        • Mon

          She was playing a game and um Britney blasted people behind their backs but everyone still loves her so who cares – A GAME

          • Treefrog

            I can’t stand Britney… what a whiner…. depressed all the time… picking at her face all the time…. she has some haters too

        • JO

          LOL! actually if you watch the feeds rachel was one of the nicer ones. she didn’t usually get bitchy or call anyone names until they attacked her first then she did, actually she did more crying over her feelings being hurt by the people being mean to her before she was bitchy. Now Brit lol. She would be mean to anyone whether they did anything to or not, always talked down about their looks big times. That is why I never liked Brit, she was mean. OH my and the Cassie thing, Cassie thinking Rachel was jealous over her looks? She didn’t like the fact she was putting Porsche down who was one of her allies and why did everybody think cassie was hot because she was a model, lol porsche is better looking and could be a model if she wanted to and rachel was ok with her. If rachel was jealous over her looks then I guess its the eye of the beholder. I thought the other girls were way better looking maybe it was their personalities.

          • Lia

            Jo I agree with you on everything you’ve said. You’re the first BB fan who thinks about those particular houseguests the same way I do. How nice to read your comments.

        • Dennis Quinn

          u kidding god loves her more hated then hitler

    • Dennis Quinn

      get a life they are not that bad god whats wrong with you

  • Ivan Gatewood

    Congrats to Brenchel!

  • Rosemary

    She’s so desperate to be a celebrity. What an attention whore.

    • Mon

      She’s happy – who cares – they met on a big reality show, of course there will be attention on them in the big brother world. Hope they have a wonderful life together – they are adorable!

    • Em

      They are good together, Don’t be J!!!!

    • Dennis Quinn

      fuck you

  • Deborah

    They say that there is somebody out there for everyone. I’m glad they found their somebody and I hope they have a wonderful life together!

    • Dennis Quinn

      I bet god does not like you so full of hate

  • DewyRose

    I am so happy for them. Rachel was and is my fav. BB houseguest God bless them both I have marked the air date on my calendar. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!!!!

    • JO

      hey Dewy, Rachel is my favorite to and my girlfriends also. We even liked her on the first year when everyone hated her we just looked at each other and said they don’t get live feeds but she was hated on there as well too. don’t get it. She was wonderful as a teammate whomever she was with. winning the comp and her knowledge of the game whether with her man or with Jordan. I really don’ t like dani and I don’t blame them not trusting her and going the other two in their alliance and asking. phewww because she would of waited a couple of weeks and would of gotten rid of brenchel. I know she would of. Anyway I only watched this year for janelle and she got knocked out early she was my second fave. People don’t want to see them happy, I don’t understand that. I am so happy for them

  • Angee_marie

    Thank god! Two deserving annoyances of each other!

    • Dennis Quinn

      God loves you do not

  • Michelle King74

    YAY! I am so happy for them. God Bless!

  • Daniel Bond

    Now you can wear your I Love My Hubby T-shirt.

  • Angecour

    Love them and this news brought a tear to my eye. Yay for Brenchel!!!

  • Squarescent

    so glad to see it done! Congrats n do one more BB couple show B$ the babies come!

  • Nnstula

    Congrats to Brendon and Rachel I wish you a life filled with Love and Happiness…….

  • Sally DiDonato

    Where did they go for their honeymoon?

    • Lia


  • Tina Groover

    Who cares about that ugly red headed devil..soo ugly! He could do soooo much better!

    • guest

      She may be an ugly attention-seeking whore, but he’s a pathetic boy who’d rather follow her on her knees than be alone. As I see it, they’re one in the same, and by marrying each other they’re helping other desperados from commiting the mistake of ending up with either of them. A match made in barbie world. Ugh.

      • Dennis Quinn

        how about ur mother

    • JO

      ok ok, why do you guys think Rachel is ugly because you can’t stand her personality? have you watched the feeds? um everyone on there is a attention seeking whore, even the men or they wouldn’t be on there. If they offered the things Brenchel got offered they would of took AR in a second also. On the feeds the second year you saw it even more how nice she was to people. my god her and the dude on the first season are best friends in real life, I can’t think of his name begins with an R and he has a show on here, he is gay. Let them get married. If it doesn’t work out it doesn’t. I love to see how much they are giddy with each other right now and no matter what you think of Rachel she won that game and DESERVED to win it,won comps when she needed to. She took care of Jordan and got her out of there before she slapped the crap out of shelly. So brendon did not win it but she gave part of her Winnings to pay his school bills. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is. so yeah hate the girl, I dont hate anyone, i dislike brit a lot and adam a bit for going back on his promise but don’t hate but like I said hate her but she at least loves them and he has shown numerous time he loves her so I am happy for them and I hope it works out. sheesh I went through all of that and I forgot you can hate her but it must be her personality and her laugh some people hate because i think she is pretty. I love the color of her hair the length and she is funny and has a great smile. so like I said eye of the beholder

      • Lia

        Jo, Ragan is the guy you’re talking about. He treated Rachel horribly during season 12, but later he apologized for his behavior and she forgave him. They’re friends now like you’ve mentioned, and I think that is so wonderful of her. It really shows what a kind and loving heart she has, because that guy said some of the most heinous things about her, I’ve ever heard. She also follows Britney on Twitter, and Britney said they do speak. I don’t think they’re great friends, but I’m sure that’s due to Britney’s ugly heart…But regardless the fact that Rachel has reached out to her in friendship after the things she said in the BB house, again…tells you what kind of lady Rachel is. A sweetheart.

    • Lia

      Tina, Rachel isn’t ugly, but your soul is. Leave them alone if you can’t say anything nice. They don’t need to come here and read that. You wouldn’t want to either if it were you.

    • Dennis Quinn

      not ugly at all loser devil you need a life girl please get one

  • Lynda Perky

    Brendon, did you ever change your name to Brennon for Rachel since she doesn’t like Brendon?

    Rachel did you remember to use Brendon’s real name not Brennon?

    Brendon, during BB13 you kept telling America you were going to cure cancer. When are you going back to school so you can do that?

  • blackflies

    yay!!! i dont care whatchu say i love me a good ending and this is one SO FAR…WISHING ALL THE BEST :-)

  • Gaylab1

    Congratulations Brendon and Rachel !! It’s nice to see you CAN find love on other Reality Shows, unlike The Bachlorette, where most of them don’t even work out. Way To Go! Wishing you Much Happiness,
    Many Blessings, and a Lifetime of Love !!
    God Bless,
    Kevin & Gayla

  • JO

    It doesn’t say if Jordan was a bridesmaid, hmmm I think if she was they would of mentioned it. That dampens my mood. I want them to be very close friends forever

  • Lia

    Rachel, Brendon…Congratulations! Your supporters are THRILLED, and can’t wait to see you guys take vows in December. In the mean time we’ll pick up a copy of OK mag to check out the photos. I know you’re both gorgeous. I’ve loved the two of you since the beginning, and wish you nothing but much love and many blessings always. :)

  • Pam

    Now that they are married, I hope they completely stay out of the public eye. I thought I was going to scream if I saw them on one more reality TV show. Good luck to them and go away never to be seen again by the TV viewing public!!!!

    • Dennis Quinn

      pam get a life please

  • Alex

    I think Brachel meaning Rachel is suckiest and a brat