Britney Haynes Is Pregnant!

Big Brother alum makes announcement on Twitter

Britney Haynes Is Pregnant!

It’s a girl for Big Brother fan favorite Britney Haynes!

The Big Brother seasons 12 and 14 alum announced on Twitter that she and her husband Ryan are expecting their first child in July.

“Halfway there and it’s definitely a GIRL!! She arrives in July; couldn’t be happier!” Britney Tweeted, along with the photo above.

As many of you know, babies were often a topic among Britney and Janelle in the Big Brother house. Britney had said she planned to start trying for a baby as soon as she left the house last season. Looks like that talk got to both Britney and Janelle.

Congratulations to Britney! Leave your congratulatory messages for Britney in the comments below!



  • guest

    you mean rapist Lane isn’t the father!!!!!!!

  • Cory Patrick ✌⚡

    Congrats to my favorite Big Brother female alum! Janelle’s new baby and Baby Brit will be future BB players!

  • Renee

    Whoa.. she literally got pregnant RIGHT away.. Good for her, that’s awesome!! Congrats, Brit!

  • Vallery Gier Dietrich

    Congratulations Brit and Ryan. How exciting for both of you!! And of course we your fans!

  • Brenda


  • Cat (BB Archive)

    Congrats Britney! This is going to be one adorably pretty baby girl!

  • Aaron Guaraldi

    CONGRATULATIONS Britney and Ryan Godwin!!!!! :D

  • Alex Cruz

    So happy for Britney and Ryan! This new girl will have awesome parents!

  • Erika

    Ahhhh so happy for Brit! :) She’s going to make a great mom!

  • Pynedeb

    I am as excited for you , as I was for myself (. Back in the day) Congratulations to the happy parents to be!!! Good timing too during those late night feedings ! You can be entertained by those new house guests!!! IF YOU EVEN CARE that is LOL!!!

  • Veto

    Excellent news! Congrats to them

  • mazey

    Britney, Congrats to u & ryan. God has made you wishes come true, what a blessing , a sweet Baby.

  • Tracy Price

    congrats brit!! soo happy for u. enjoy every moment!

  • Mikian

    Congrats Brit!!!

  • Imckk

    Congrats Brittany, from one of your Canadian fans

  • Lynda Perky

    So happy for you Brit. I was hoping all would go well and obviously it did. The kicking is awesome isn’t it? Have fun and enjoy. Wishing you a great delivery.

  • Johnny8876

    I bet its a fake story, anyone else notice she is having her baby in “July”? Thats when BB starts…

    All stars 2 anyone?

  • Connie Thurman

    well hot damn U did it!! Congrats hon!

  • Kodollmkr

    Loved you Brit! Congratulations she will really be spoiled I’m sure (but thats ok) I just gave a baby shower last Sat. (alice in wonderland theme) it was a blast people could not believe all the trouble
    I went too to make it so special! Let us know when she arrives!

  • Guest

    Ryan should had taken one for the team and gotten a vasectomy.

  • Dena

    CONGRATS BRIT AND RYAN !!! :) Big fan of you Brit !!


  • Val tassin

    Enjoyed watching you on both seasons of Big Brother. Congrats on your expected baby girl. Best wishes for you and Ryan!

  • sd

    please everyone go on facebook to pray for tilly brit and ryans baby girl she has cancer and needs all of our prayers