Britney Haynes On Amazing Race?

Rumors flying that BB12 and BB14's Britney will be on TAR21

Britney Haynes On Amazing Race?

According to Twitter, hilarious former Big Brother contestant Britney Haynes could be filming The Amazing Race 22.

Several people have picked up on the rumor that Britney and an unknown partner started filming the next season of TAR on November 12. There’s been absolutely no confirmation at this point and it’s all speculation. As of now, the only proof we’ve got is that Britney hasn’t tweeted since the 12th. And we realize that’s not proof at all, but just enough of a “humph” to raise our eyebrows.

Britney, are you out there? Can you dispel this rumor? Or better yet, can someone confirm? Personally, I would LOVE to see Britney on The Amazing Race. Can you imagine how hilarious she’d be? I’d definitely be watching. Of course I don’t expect this rumor to be true no matter how much I want it to be. I just don’t really see Britney being interested in being on the show. We’ll keep you posted, one way or the other.

Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry says the rumors have no legs.

“Well, considering Brit and I texted each other on the 13th, not too likely she’s on TAR,” he Tweeted.

Britney finished fourth during Big Brother 12 and won the fan favorite award. She returned during Season 14 as a coach and later entered the game, finishing in 8th place.

UPDATE: Since this blog first posted, Britney has Tweeted about the rumors, and hilariously so. The Janelle in Greece reference was well-played. But the rumors don’t stop there. It’s already been suggested fellow Big Brother 12 contestant Matt Hoffman is tweeting for Britney. Take that rumor and run with it! Ha!


  • Zach (Nickel-Liss)


  • John

    Sadly she will not be on TAR

  • DryedMangoez

    Oh please please please no!

  • Allison


  • Betsy Fleming

    NO!!!! I couldn’t stand her whining and crying the entire race.

    • Mon

      I don’t understand the deal with this Negative Nancy attention-*&#&#. I never found her funny – however rather condescending. She would be pretty if she didn’t bitch so much.

  • HoH8

    Oh Yeah…Im praying they got Lane and Brit on TAR…..would LOVE seeing them together again…☺….

  • Andy

    Ah….. No, that would be terrible. Janelle on the other hand would be awesome

  • The Goat

    Season 21 is currently airing. Do you mean she is rumored for Season 22?

    • J3NN

      The Amazing Race is not live. As Season 21 is airing, Season 22 is being filmed. They run dual seasons per year.

  • bad2dabone

    Britt could be the next Vicki Lawerence, or Carrol Burnett. Love here stories and expressions.Love to see her doing comedy shows, movies.