Big Brother Canada New Promo Commercial

Canada's new season begins in just days!

Big Brother Canada New Promo Commercial

Not only has Big Brother Canada announced their entire cast for their inaugural season, but they’ve also begun airing a new commercial to promote the show.

The BB Canada cast sing “The More We Get Together, The Happier We’ll Be,” which we all know is NEVER the case inside ANY Big Brother house, hence the burning wick.

The new season of Big Brother Canada begins next Wednesday, February 27, 2013 on SLICE in Canada only. (Keep your eyes and ears open on Twitter, U.S. folks, I’m sure our Canadian friends will stream for us!) Make sure you are using the Twitter hashtag #BBCan for updates, they finally confirmed that that will be the new hashtag of the show.

Also, stay tuned on Reality Nation for some BBCan snark as Branden and I both give you our first impressions of the new cast later today!



  • AnnieO

    That commercial is soooo annoying, hating that song.

  • Kourtneyjames

    I can’t stand the commercial!! It’s annoying, I either change the channel (which surprise it’s on there too) or I mute it completely!

  • Leafsgirl73

    the promo is so incredibly annoying that i doubt i’m even going to watch it tonight. it just put me right off!