Big Brother Canada Nudity Soon?

Who will be the first to get naked?

Big Brother Canada Nudity Soon?

You just know SOMEONE is going to get caught with their pants down – or their boobs out – on the new season of Big Brother Canada, but who will it be?

We’re only a couple/few days into the show and already fans are searching for a little Big Brother Canada nudity. You pervs.

Every season at least one houseguest is caught, either accidentally or intentionally, with a nip slip, a naked shower shot, a dong peek, a nude butt shot….or they just streak through the house covering their bits with a hat, like Big Brother Season 14′s Ian. (We’ll NEVER forget that one!) Pretty soon the screenshots will be pouring in with the first snap of someone nude, and we just hope it’s not Pete.

If you were to put money on who the first Big Brother Canada houseguest to be caught nude or naked was, who would it be?

My money is on Andrew. He’s just DYING to unzip his pants. Please, no. But with Topaz and Alec looking like they might hook-up, it could be one of them as well. And Danielle? I bet a few drinks in her and she’s dancing topless on the tables, flipping that blonde hair around. Send in more booze Big Brother!

Let’s call it, which Big Brother Canada houseguest will be caught nude first?


  • HoH8

    JokersUpdate said that Talla flashed her “Vag” on camera today 3/1 at 11:17am but the Feeds cut right away and u couldnt see any more of it, lol….i doubt someone caught a screencap of it….there’s no flashback on the slice feeds….☺….

  • Safki

    Tom was caught naked and there is a pic on the Internet since a few days. He was out of the shower.

  • Coby

    Jillian and Emmett already had sex on after dark day 6

  • Shae

    There’s Emmett’s penis if you google it and I hear Jillian had a boob slip today!