Big Brother Canada Spoilers: A New HOH?

The Live Feeds return earlier than previously reported

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: A New HOH?

Despite what Big Brother Canada officials tweeted earlier about the Live Feeds being down until tomorrow, they returned at about 7:30 p.m PST/10:30p.m. EST Friday night and fans quickly learned there’s also a new Head of Household.

You can expect a lot of glitter in the Head of Household room because Gary has won the title. No word yet on what kind of competition it was, but it looks like production decided that Emmett’s win from Thursday night was not fair. It also seems that Emmett was not allowed to compete in the do-over competition.

Gary is Head of Household

Fans are currently at war on Twitter over the situation, in true Big Brother fan fashion. Half of the BBCAN fans are thrilled Emmett was ousted, some are even taking credit for the move. Others are bummed that The Quattro were removed from power and fear one of them will be the target tomorrow when Gary is set to make nominations for eviction.

But of course there is still a Veto competition to be had and as we’ve already learned with Big Brother Canada, anything can and will happen.

What do you think of the news? Are you happy Gary is the new HOH or should Emmett still be in power? Or should Emmett have at least been allowed to compete in the new contest?



  • The Goat

    Awesome news. From the Penthouse to the Outhouse for Emmett and hopefully he will be nominated and evicted.


      Why should he be nominated and evicted? Lol what has he done that’s so wrong?

      • Barry Okonoboh

        You don’t have to do anything wrong to be evicted. It is a game and everyone has a right to stay and everyone is also eligible for eviction. I suppose ‘The Goat’ is simply not an Emmett supporter.

        • PHILtheCANADIAN

          Of course you don’t have to do anything wrong, but he said “hopefully he will be nominated and evicted” so obviously he has some problem with Emmett

        • The Goat

          I am a Liza supporter (one of few) I like schemers and liars in the BB game and Emmett was planning on backdooring Liza. He is dull with no personality also.

          • Barry Okonoboh

            “I like schemers and liars in the BB game…”
            Dude, you are awesome! So do I. Dan Gheesling and Dr. Will are my favorites of all time; of course, these two are undoubtedly the best to ever play the game, so I don’t think my choice is special.

  • Richard D.

    I fault the comp. itself. It was one where it was very easy to accidentally forget the rules, as more than one person did. Which is why I suggested the UK type of punishment of putting the whole house on slop, with a warning that further digressions would come with a higher penalty. They couldn’t just ley it go, as the HG were already talking about trying to cheat on further tasks.

    • Barry Okonoboh

      Ignorance is not an excuse. Saying that the rules are easy to forget is the most ridiculous cop-out I have ever heard. If one cannot follow the rules—or even remember them—then one shouldn’t be on BB.

  • hernandayoleary

    Obviously it was sparked by people saying emmet cheated. Well so did half the house. So he is bared from the do over for cheating and winning, what kind of bull shit is that.

  • JO

    I don’t know how he cheated, I didn’t see it but I said before if he did he doesn’t get hoh and I approve of them not letting him compete in the do over hoh. I am glad Gary won because he might backdoor tom or just put him up

  • Lynda Perky

    All I heard was that the game was played over, not that Emmit was not allowed to play. That does not seem fair since others were openly caught carrying balls also. Maybe when they reviewed the full set of tapes it showed more evidence of scheming.

    I am thrilled Gary is HOH because he was great on the feeds that night. He was interviewing everyone individually. It was really great and funny. Those HG’s who thought they could BS Gary were hilarious then others just spewed information. That was brilliant and I have never seen that approach to gathering information. It was as if he got to brainstorm with them all thinking he cared about their view when in reality he was just listening to find out their true colors. I was sad we lost audio after Andrew’s interview. I missed Alec and Topaz together and then Topaz alone. Hopefully when feeds come back Gary will talk to live feeders and let us know what he thinks.

  • Whose Game Is It Anyway

    Seriously, the competitions have rules? Gary tied his shirt around the tree in an HOH competition where people were required to stand and hold on. Gary fills his shirt every time in a have not competition when the competitors were required to coat themselves and have it scraped off by other team members. Rules? Seriously, if carrying pollen in your hands was an act worthy of DQ then Talla and Gillian should have been DQ’d in the game and not just warned. This isn’t a game the house guests are playing it is a game outsiders and organizers are playing on the house guests

    • Naturally Healthy

      The rules that are stated at the beginning of the comp are the rules. Gary broke no rules. Emmett did – several times… just sayin… you don’t have to like the rules – you just have to follow them ;)

  • borgsev

    NO loss to see “TOM” evicted as Peter stupitiy can be cured, while “IGNORANCE” can’t . Tom you are the total meaning of a “BULLY”. I hope you get to see how HURTFUL and why Alec could not forgive you. Tom, Big Brother should of screen you out people like you don’t deserve to on such show Shame on BB for letting a “BULLY” in on this First ever show!!!

  • borgsev

    Emmet…Emmet, what are you thinking .. Liza, time to kick out all the “TRASH”

  • borgsev

    PETER….PETER… PETER….PETER….PETER….PETER he my hero he win Big Brother , with out muscles …but with strength of mind