See Chef Joe in Action

And by in action we mean cooking after using the bathroom and not washing his hands

See Chef Joe in Action

Last night Chef Joe promised Shane a Big Brother 14 Head of Household breakfast like no other. And it looks like he meant it.

This morning Joe is up getting ready to make Shane’s breakfast and he heads off to the bathroom. Cut to Live Feeds Flashback 8:29 AM BBT and you’ll see Joe leave the bathroom, pass up the sink head to the kitchen and start handling and chopping food. And of course, Shane won’t be the only person enjoying breakfast. Nice one, Joe.

Twitter users noticed Joe forgetting to wash his hands before handling the food and made sure we knew all about it.  What do you think of Joe’s move this morning? Would you want to eat his food or do you think he uses the bathroom completely hands-free? Haha.

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  • Schonna0831

    I have seen him do this consistently. I have never seen him wash his hands after using the bathroom.

  • T Phord

    Eeeewwww This is how disease spreads besides being GROSS–Avoid any place he cooks after BB14! …and too many TV “chefs” sweat –what the h*ll happened to hats and bandanas?

  • Dorethea Caver

    someone should infirm Joe about handwashing!!!!!

  • Mick1113

    He’s nasty! Drops ice cube on that dirty kitchen floor then picks it up and puts it in his glasse.. yuk

  • Mike Mora

    Must be a Kentucky thing.