Danielle And Shane Celebrate

Following that crazy endurance comp win, Danielle gets Shane's attention

Danielle And Shane Celebrate

He might have told Julie Chen and half of America that he is not interested in Danielle showmance, but Shane sure planted one hell of a kiss on her after she won Thursday night’s three-hour Big Brother 14 endurance competition win on the Live Feeds.

So now you can go back to calling them Shanielle. Just not around me.

OK, so Shane was encouraged by Dan to plant the kiss on her, but he didn’t have to follow through. And why did he do it? Heat of the moment? Does he like leading her on? Or was it strictly game play? Making out with the HOH is pretty much the easiest way to get on their good side. That is if they’re bunny-boiler obsessed with you.

Following the competition (and the kiss), the two have a little meeting in the arcade room and are talking about how happy they are that Danielle won HOH. And Shane does what I think be a little more gameplay by pretending to be interested in her. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Is he playing her? Do you care?

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  • Ashley

    I like Danielle, and feel bad for her that he is leading her on.
    He needs to say hey I don’t like you..

  • Allen Burt

    Coming to Shane’s defense, he denied her advances 50 time the other night. Shane truly doesn’t want a showmance. Danielle is such a sweetheart but she was raised by 2 strict Marine’s. So she will get it together, she’s only 23 or 24. I see great things in their future but just not together.

  • marsha

    he has said in the diary room he does like her so you all hush

  • IrishCogs

    Anybody know what time this was on flashback?