DR Leak: Audio Problems Cause Controversy

Joe hears about Dan's Final 3 deal with Frank and Boogie?

DR Leak: Audio Problems Cause Controversy

Lots of controversy inside the Big Brother 14 house today. It seems there was a bit of a “leak” this morning involving the DR – and Dan.

“Dan, please come to the Diary Room.”

It all started on the Live Feeds at 10:08 am BBT - CAM 3. Joe, Ian and Boogie are in the Kicks bedroom lounging when a BB voice comes over the sound system and pipes into the room. The audio is directly from the Diary Room where Dan is set to give a DR session.

This is what can be heard on the live feeds:

[BBVoice] 10:09:19 – Cam 3: “Dude.”
[Ian] “Oh no.”
[BB Voice] 10:09:23 “Dan, hey so…”
[Ian] “Okay…whoa, whoa, whoa! DR!!!”

BB14 DR Leaks

We see Boogie beeline for what is most likely the Diary Room door then the sound cuts off for feeders and the cameras go to fish.

Big Brother 14 DR Leak

At 10:15 am BBT, Camera 3, Boogie and Dan head to the storage room to talk game (and about the leaked DR) and are shocked to find Joe is in the room by himself. It’s almost as though he was waiting for them! They rummage around in the fridge trying to make it seem like they came in there for food, and it’s hilarious watching them scramble. They all leave the room and head to the kitchen. Joe is right at their heels.

“After I heard his DR this morning we had to talk.” Joe says to Frank and Boogie, who just keep walking. Then Joe cattily says to Dan, “That’s quite the DR you had this morning there, Dan.” All we hear come out of Dan’s mouth is, “Wh…” and the feeds go to the dreaded fish, again. Once the feeds resume at 10:18, everyone is stone cold silent and Joe is nowhere to be found.

At 10:24 am (Cam 1), Boogie complains to Jenn, Frank, Wil and Joe that Big Brother is “blasting the DR sessions.” Clearly he is not happy. Then we get fish again.

It seems to me that CBS is having audio issues, not only because of the DR session being put on blast, but because later as the HGs were in the HOH lockdown BB was piping the Big Brother theme song into their room. Working on the audio issues in the house and cranking the music so the HGs don’t hear anything this time around? One thing is for certain. This leaked DR nonsense has certainly added fuel to the BB14 conspiracy theories.

UPDATE: Boogie confirmed that a guy named “Jordan” was heard saying in the DR, ”Hey buddy, so, it’s the silent six!”

What are your thoughts on this mess?

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  • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

    Thank you for explaining this! People on Twitter suck at telling stories. Haha. Oh, 140 characters how I hate thee!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.mehus Jordan Mehus


  • http://twitter.com/therocprince Cory ✌


  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.mehus Jordan Mehus

    go figure BB trying to save janelle i would walk out

  • Shannon Mulcahy

    Thanks for the info! I only caught parts of it this morning.

    I’m pretty sure they have played the BB theme music in the HOH every Thursday this season.

    • http://twitter.com/trevwoh Trevwoh

      they have

    • http://twitter.com/spoiledmom SpoiledMom™

      The BB theme has been played during HOH lockdown on Thursdays for many seasons. It was definitely louder last Thursday than I can ever recall. On another note, the feeds and audio this year is horrible. Especially the audio. The first night and first few days of feeds, it was almost impossible to follow a convo. Coupled along with the DR leaks, its clearly evident there are some “newbies” in A/V & control room.

  • Kyle W

    I must know more!

  • Rnaboking

    Julie Chen: “Houseguests, due to the unfortunate situation with the leaked diary room audio this morning, in order to be fair to everyone, Big Brother has decided to reset this week and all players will be playing for HOH tonight. There will be a triple eviction next week, Good Luck!

    • kat

      this would be awesome, then get booger and frank out of there, together!!!!!!

    • Aaron_T2002

      That would only further screw over the people who outplayed and outworked Janelle this week. I’m not interested in that. Everybody’s kind of ignoring that she hasn’t played a smart game this summer. Maybe CBS should finally take an opportunity to create new stars on the show rather than relying on past ones.

    • Amberbaml

      Oh god I hope not Janelle needs to go!!

    • Bval1498

      If they pull that ba I’m not watching anymore. If this leak is true, it’s crap. They play the game and janelle should go home. It’s not really a game if production is deciding who will stay and who will go.

  • tgrfan42069

    sad part is..now joe has heard it..but they the dr doesnt want joe to talk about it.

  • Tashagirl01

    i think they should get ried of frank and boogie because there the couach bigs comptions:)

    • Tigeranglaurie


    • Skid Rock


    • Bobdk


  • Shadow

    And people really think production doesn’t manipulate this game so people who should go miraculously stay? If Janelle stays, I guarantee she will win HOH. Just like Dani did last year and Matt the year before and I am really wondering why I spend so much time watching a rigged game

    • Nicole22xx

      Dani winning HOH had nothing to do with rigging. On the other hand, Rachel winning had everything to do with rigging. Blatant rigging. They didn’t even try to hide it.

      • EB

        not true

      • Shadow

        So you missed the conversation that Britney had in the DR that confirmed production picks the competitions based on what’s going on in the house? You KNOW they rig it for certain people to win and last year Dani was all but out the door and she “miraculously” wins HOH. They have ratings to maintain and do everything they can to keep people that should have never been brought back in the first place unless it’s an All Star season

    • Nicole22xx

      Frank should have been evicted when he was on the block. They never said there wasn’t going to be an eviction. To me, that is rigging.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.budzikwilson Michelle Budzik-Wilson

    I am tried of not being able to be in the chat rooms without having to scroll up and read what people are typing superpass you need to refund some money for us who have paid and had issues. Also the pictures on the cams are not clear and I keep getting booted out of the chat rooms. I want to fix the chat room where I don’t have to keep scrolling up every sec to read what people are saying FIX YOUR CRAP WE ARE PAYING AND YOUR NOT SHOWING US CUSTOMERS RESPECT BY GIVING US SOMETHING FOR OUR TROUBLES………..ALL THE MONEY YOUR MAKING FROM LIVE FEEDS COME ON………………FIX THIS CRAP………..

    • boogiefan in chat

      AMEN…this is my first time on feeds and I am VERY disappointed with the feeds as well as chats……I most likely WON”T sign up next year at all.

    • Willowlynn

      The feeds are the WORST this year! FREEZE FREEZE FREEZE!!!! And why no BBlite?!?!?!?

    • bbfan

      its all on your end-get a better computer Or i have an idea get internet service that ISNT the lowest speed, maybe that will help. everyone elses feeds are fine.

      • George_McC

        NO,..I’ve got an Intel i7 maxed out rig, 20MB/s bandwith… Yes the feeds suck this year. possibly cause half the crew bailed n went to “The Glass House”.

  • Lori

    Do people really think this game is fair? Production is always manipulating the outcome. Told Danielle she had to redo her Goodbye message because she left a nice one, no eviction last week when the production couldn’t change anyone’s vote. Now telling HG they are not allowed to tell Janelle who they are voting for when they have always done that? I’m not sure I can stomach watching the rest of this show.

    • JustAFan

      Boogie started the “We can’t tell our votes” because he didn’t want Jani to find out. He first told Dan and it spread from there. They are now using it as an easy excuse.

      • Willowlynn

        They told Janelle that…wouldn’t she just ask the DR if it were true?

        • Sumtinwiccan

          Do you think they would be honest? Really they have to save the washed up pro wrestlers lil boy…

    • http://twitter.com/ebtravel Erin E Brennan

      then don’t no one is making you.

    • bbfan

      production has no control over what the houseguests do. the houseguests control this game and there is in no way any “fixing the game” for ratings can be done. noone told danielle to change her goodbye message she LIED about that as she admitted to dan in a later feed.
      production is simply there to edit and promote a show about people locked in a house for our amusement, the job is hard enuf to make these people look good and hope we care about them. remember the houseguests control this show.

      • Yahoo

        Wow, you are really in the dark aren’t you?

      • Wolfdust

        Oh My God – Have you ever watched this show? Everyone knows that production and the DR are players in the game and have been since season 5. A miniscule amount of research will yield almost a decade of producer manipulation for the sake of ratings and preferred outcomes. Pandora’s Box, Coup D’ Etat, Diamond POV’s, ect…..are all tools that are used to guarantee the outcome that production wants. It’s the least cared about, worst kept secret in all of reality television. The fact that they refiled the show as an “entertainment” program from it’s original “game show” title releases them from following the strict set of rules and guidelines set forth for game shows. They can manipulate in the name of entertainment as much as they want and they are totally covered. The only thing they cannot change or manipulate are the phone and text votes that they charge for. Those are regulated by strict rules and regulations and cannot be tampered with because of the monetary issue.

      • venus-mars

        You’re as delusional as AG is if you believe this load!

      • dlc

        Well u must not watch the feeds because I cant tell u how many times that the dr has said shit to the hg ,they go into the dr with one thing in there head and come out with 5 .I seen them come out thereself and bitch about it

        • Susieclemons

          dlc you are SO correct on this one. This is my 1st year to even watch the feeds, and I was really disappointed to hear how many times a HG will come out of the DR saying that they had to change a comment they they had made, or asked to say something else. Production has a big influence on how things go on the show. I had no clue.

  • JustAFan

    The BB music is piped into the HOH every Thurday during the HOH lockdown. So that has nothing to do with the DR leak.

    • Jandksplend

      That’s not what the DR leak was. Joe heard DR talking to Dan

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hilliard John Hilliard

    Yes, I am sure all of this was a “technical issue.” Give me a break!! CBS will do ANYTHING to try and save their CASH COW Janelle!!! So pathetic…

    • Oceans62

      COW is RIGHT

      • http://twitter.com/PeaceInTheDark Jonathan Bickford

        Wow really? Making fun of a woman who just had a baby a little over 6 months ago. Thats pretty low.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Dizzyd500 Devon Gherasim

          Know what’s even worse? A mother leaving her new born baby to go on a tv show. I am pretty sure her kid is more important…

          • courtybee

            YEAH leaving her child with its FATHER?! I don’t hear you bitching about boogie!

            I am SO sick of hearing this load of trash about Janelle leaving her baby. A baby so young it won’t remember and is plenty well taken care of. You people act like she left the baby with a bum jesus christ.

        • Tina

          I think Janelle is perfect, she has the prettiest face you ever want to look at!
          Everyone else besides Boogie is as dull as dish water! Come on people you have to admit Janelle is a perfect reality star.

          • Anonymous

            It’s plastic surgery. Look at her lips and Michael Jackson nose….seriously

    • Oceans62

      COW is RIGHT

    • bbfan

      dont worry she is gone forever now

  • Genevieve Gonzalez

    Save Janelle!

    • Tina

      I agree, Save Janelle, she is the only reason I am watching the show. She is so entertaining!
      Everyone else bores me to no end. So what if she is vain and not up on her game this year. I love her and if she goes, I’m not watching the show the rest of the season.

      • Janie Fan

        I agree with Tina. Save Janelle or lose a lot of viewers. Who cares about crazy Danielle or nasty Frank and Boogie. I might be saving some money tomorrow if I cancel Showtime. LoL.

        • Aaron_T2002

          So much whining and begging from Janelle fans. If she played a better game you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this. It’s like saying you wouldn’t watch baseball again because your favorite player struckout and the mean baseball umpires wouldn’t give him another chance.



    • EB

      NO let her leave she is only trouble

    • Team Janelle

      Ditto! Team Janelle!

  • Juiceman370

    Janelle still needs to go this week! She is a power seeker, and only goes to who ever has the power for that week, she is a big mouth and I cannot stand her, if she is not evictd tonight, then it proves to me this show is fixed. Really disgusting when the producers can’t let the houseguests decide who goes and who stays. So happy I didn’t pay for live feeds. Of course the producers want Janelle “the amazon” to stay, because she causes drama and keeps people watching, just like her supposed nip slip on After Dark, iff that wasn’t done on purpose nothing was. She is a nasty plastic surgery nightmare who needs to go home this week!

  • GamblingRancher

    If Frank gets booted, he should hire a lawyer. Frank could have Allison Grodner eating out of dumpsters.

    • Yahoo

      Yeah, because Frank’s cancelled eviction last week was so fair. What the hell are you even talking about? This guy should’ve been out last week!

    • Wolfdust

      Frank was OUT THE DOOR last week but was saved by the “very” rigged reset which did not/should not have had anything to do with the eviction ceremony. Grodner saved him. Also, with BB being listed as an “entertainment” program rather than a “game show or reality” program, they can do whatever they want without fear of lawsuit. House guest contracts also stipulate that production can change/remove/add/alter any outcome as wanted/needed and house guests have no option for recourse. Don’t you read or research things before speaking?

  • Roni

    Production can do whatever they want as long as they save Janelle!!!!!! Team Janelle! Danielle is DELUSIONAL!

    • Rod

      Just makes the show more intriguing! I love it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiffanie.howe.1 Tiffanie Howe

    lol, lol, LOL,. LOOOLLLLL, HA HA HA, LAUGH.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=717866607 Tracy Murphy Neiman

    the one problem I have is neither Dan nor Boogie should be in the house to begin with.. Since Production knew they would be entering the game, how could they put in two people who already won the damn thing. It looks to me, like since Boogie has an eleven year relationship with a person in production, he calls his mentor, that they are going to make sure he wins again. just sayin

    • http://twitter.com/ebtravel Erin E Brennan


      They put 2 huge targets in so let the house get them out! It’s a GAME!

      • bbfan

        once again production has no control over this (GAME) the 4 coaches in the game gave the new houseguests 4 really ripe and ready to pick targets. If the house dont get them out and they win- then they deserve to WIN this GAME. If I was in the house this year and they dropped 4 coaches in my way to winning, they would be my targets.

        • Get real

          How do you know this? Are you on the production crew?

    • Oceans62

      boogie,,,, did not want the game reset,,, the other three wanted it and hit the reset , he was fine with trying to win 100,000 the other three are greety, 1 in 4 chance instead of now 1 in 12

      • Janie Fan

        They should have sent Boogie home when he didn’t want to get into the game like the other coaches.

      • venus-mars

        Seriously? You really think he didn’t know someone else was going to hit the button?? COME ON!

  • http://twitter.com/ebtravel Erin E Brennan

    Really that is all you have?

  • Heather

    This show is rigged!! I don’t like Jani and I want her to go. I dont like Frank either but think she needs to go before him. Willie should still be in the house. BB U suck thisYear

  • Santabarbarapalmer

    Honestly I think it was just a mistake. There have been plenty of technical issues this year, and the fact is that a DR leak couldn’t save Janelle. Only 5 people don’t know about the Silent 6, Joe, Janelle, Wil, Jenn, and Ashley (Ian DOES know.) With Janelle on the block that means only 4 votes, not enough to save Janelle.

    If they were going to save her, just give her a diamond veto.


      Yes but tonight they all can play for HOH, so Janelle could win I believe.

  • Mum_41

    I believe the writing is on the House Wall….the end is near for BB, after this hellish season. Been a fan forever and this is most likely my last season!!!

  • Judysweetfunny

    Production does not want Janelle to leave……they want to OUT Dan and Boogie! Its a sham! AG is a mess, she just can’t let the House Guests play the game, she has to be the pawn master!

  • LM

    Has there ever been a disgruntled member of the production staff leak what goes on behind the scenes. With all the weird random stuff that can happen it is really easy to believe it is all an elaborate conspiracy. Certain preplanned twists definitely seem like manipulation attempts

  • Lola

    They have been playing the BB theme music in the HOH lock down all season so this is nothing new. As far as I know the HOH can not tell who they are nominating however houseguests can tell a nom that they will vote to keep them…..I think this may be something one of the coaches came Up with to throw off the newbies.

  • Jack

    Wait what did Dan’s DR say? What am I missing? What got exposed?

  • Shannon Mulcahy

    I think some people may be inferring what happened rather then actually knowing what happened. I am not a avid watcher of the feeds, but I do have them and I “flash-backed” to when this all occurred. The feeds were cut so fast it is hard to know what really happened, and nobody knows for sure. I heard what Joe and Boogie said, and Joe has been an instigator all season they both seemed to be somewhat jokingly mentioning it. I couldn’t find the part about “The Silent Six”. I have been listening to the feeds on and off all day and haven’t heard anyone else mention it. When Willie was ejected it’s all the HGs talked about for days, they still talk about it now. I agree that production on this show intervenes a lot and changes the rules so that it’s not even a fair game anymore at this point,
    I just feel like maybe we are all reading into this a little too much. Also, its a TV show so lets try to not let it ruin or day/week/lives.

  • Krushr88

    This just adds to the suspense of another great season of BB

  • bbfan

    I almost want to say it was accident if Dr wanted to try&save Janelle they would have let Brittney tell her she is leaving for whatever reason this reason all of a sudden production dont want guests to do that/I have never seen a season where this was enforced so hard.

    So it dont make sense to me that they are trying to save Janie with dr leak when all they could have easliy let a guest tell her she was in danger& let her have time to fight harder to stay

    Is way I see it for now

  • DiamondPOV

    Doubt this will help Janelle stay

  • Tkarcher


    • r u foe real

      Team gag – so glad she’s gone.

  • Miami Sunset

    It was probably a case of someone hitting the wrong button, but that sort of mistake could be seen as influencing the game, which could get the producers into legal trouble.

    I don’t think it’s any secret that if Janelle goes, her team will soon follow. And she’s the one who started the rumor that Frank was dangerous when he really isn’t.

    • DiamondPOV

      Sure was a good time to happen “accidently” when it is Dans DR Session talking about his final 3 with Boogie/Frank on the day Janelle is suppose to be evicted. Timing seems awkward.

  • EvilJanice

    Houseguest,you are not allowed to talk about production But we can blast your DR session all over the house.I found it suspect that we only heard productions side of the conversation. As if they hit the button to allow what THEY wanted heard to be leaked. Then you have the balls to ask the public to sign up for the live feeds if they really want to hear what’s happening in the house when you know damn well when the good stuff is going downt,all you show is FISH . Quit ripping ppl off. We are not morans,we know ppl are behind the walls.

    • EvilJanice

      Correction ,we are not MORONS. I can spell but I can’t type. You get the point. LOL

  • JanelleAllTheWay

    Is this for real? Did Julie Chen really say that Big Brother will be reset again tonight?

  • Ran2rab

    I think it sucks if they reset again it only makes 2 yes 2 HOHs that have been useless and if they do this I may have to cxl my feeds and not watch anymore

  • sickofjulie

    I dont understand the purpose of paying for premium content, and it seems you get fish and bunk when the show should be interesting. I guess this show is past ready for cancellation. Back to USA & AMC channels for me.

  • Don Alejandro de la Vega

    Get it? The words “SILENT SIX” was broadcasted throughout the house. Now, if this was accidental, then it was complete irony. They’ll have to change their name to the “Outed Six” now Hehehe, this should help the clueless floaters.

  • Mags

    its no longer Big Brother its Big Frank and Boogie ,thanks to the house guests who have no inds of their own

  • Marion Morrison

    Look at all the posts across the blogoshpere blaming BB for Janelle going home, when, if anything, this DR fiasco should have helped her. Open up your eyes, folks.

    And look at some of the other posts where people are just plain fed up with BB’s ratings meddling. Well I don’t know what the big whoop is all about, they do this almost every week of every season (my favorite was when they let Evel Dick get away with, at the least, 4 major rule violations). This year I’ve chosen Frank to win, but if and when he does get twisted out (remember: expect the expected), I’ll just choose another knucklehead.

  • Dmckcoop

    I would love to see next year with JUST NEW PEOPLE no more oldies not fare to these people if it wasn’t for that cheater boogy that everyone in the DR loves so much Frank would have been gone.Also hes the only coach that gets to take anyone he wants with him in the dr why is that? Probably has some Boyfriends in there to. In any case Ian needs to win HOH and put his MB out on his ass