Exclusive Interview with JoJo Spatafora

Could there be a future for JoJo and Shane?

Exclusive Interview with JoJo Spatafora

JoJo, the most recent evicted HouseGuest from BB14, dishes on her two weeks in the house! Find out who her least favorite HouseGuest is, and why we didn’t see make-out sessions with Shane on The Big Brother 14 Live Feeds.

When did you realize people might be against Willie?

A little too late… About two days before he blew up. I don’t know why I didn’t see it. He just had me, Shane and Britney fooled. He had us manipulated and fooled. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about but he definitely played too hard too fast.

If you had it to do over again, would you change anything?

Yes. I would have made myself heard more the first week when we were up in HOH. I did speak but Willie was not listening too me but he was so stubborn. I don’t think I would have worked with Willie even though we had the same Coach. People felt like we had to work with the people that had the same coach as us but that isn’t true. We could work with who ever we wanted. People were just too scared to go against their coach.

Who do you think the most formidable player in the game is?

That would have been Willie and also Janelle a little bit. As much as she tried to tell me that she had nothing to do with me being evicted I know she had a lot to do with it. Willie was a bully but he did it out front and in people’s faces Janelle was a secret bully.

Was Shane ducking make-out time? 

I was just joking around. I think people sometimes took me too serious. You get bored in there and sometimes need something to do. He just wanted to be smart about it. It was just for fun.

Who do you think you’ll remain friends with outside the house?

Definitely Shane because he is real like me. Jenn. I don’t like the way she played the game but she is cool. And, Ashely. We got along well. She is genuine and sweet. It is a shame she felt forced to do what Janelle wanted her to do. Also, Britney! Of course.

How many minutes away were you from winning the veto competition?

I don’t know. I came in third. It was pretty close. As soon as I heard Shane, Ian was pretty close and I was right behind.

If you had to pick another coach who wasn’t Britney, who would you go with?

Definitely not Janelle. I’m the type of person… I like to still do my own thing and I like to be trusted to play my own game. Probably Boogie. I don’t necessarily agree with the type of person he is and what he did on season 7, but he is a fighter and I know he would win coaches competitions. We have a similar personality. We don’t take any shit and are strong minded individuals.

Who is your least favorite houseguest right now?

So many to choose from… Janelle, because she is so fake. A big part of why I was evicted was because of her.

Once Shane won veto, did you think you might be in trouble?

I knew I was. They wanted either me or Shane out because he was the biggest of the male threats and after Kara left I was the biggest female in the house. Plus, Willie’s antics did not help the situation.

If you had to, how long could you pull off a southern accent?

Not that long. I’m not used to it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/tmwalkerm Michelle Walker

    So unbelievably glad she’s gone, ranks right up there with Michelle Costa as the most self-serving, ego-inflated players, second only to Jessie. She was obviously threatened by Janelle, jealousy is such an ugly trait in a player…

    • Faceones

      your nuts i know michelle costa as being a great person so u need to think before u type

      • http://www.facebook.com/tmwalkerm Michelle Walker

        I call it as I see it, I don’t give a shit what she’s like, I hated her in the game.

    • Gmags

      Wow ! Blah blah blah! More haters , hate on! SHE LOVES IT!

  • Auggie

    Good lord! Janelle, Janelle, Janelle! I wish someone would tell that stupid girl that everything she THOUGHT Janelle did were figments of Britney’s flat out lies about Janelle. It’s sickening how often Britney says Janelle’s name, playing the poor little victim to big, bad Janelle. Janie never bullied anyone into doing anything, in fact her team does their own thing and she just advises them, the way a coach SHOULD. Ugh!

    • Cypher Raige

      You have to admit that Janelle’s flip-flop to abandon Team Britney, which allowed Frank to stay in the game last week, was a crucial mistake. She feared a one-dimensional Willie more than a conniving Boogie. Now she’ll lose a player next Thursday because of Boogie and Frank, but see Shane as her immediate threat. Janelle seems to play week-by-week so she’d have to be damn lucky if she gonna win.

    • Gmags

      That’s b.s . Because janelle made up tons of lies about Josephine, accusing of if things she didn’t do, she put thoughts in her teams head, and jojo was a strong competitor , it b.s she got evicted, and now this week janelle is being fake to the next hoh! Gime a break , Brit and shane see right through her!

  • http://twitter.com/DanielleRkelley Danielle Kelley

    All about Janelle.. jealousy?

    • Geemar12585

      Ugh! Did u watch the feeds!!! It’s janelles fake face and b s lies that got Jo out! Ugh I can’t stand all the b s lies!

  • http://twitter.com/mathiasmiles Mathias Miles

    Anyone else get the sense JoJo didn’t really understand the meaning of the word formidable?

  • Wildinvegas

    i didn’t realize just how much a ‘coach’ can control the game. Afterall, they have no votes and can’t go to jury, but yet they seem to have the most impact on most decisions choices witchhunts excuses etc.
    The dynamics of the game this season makes my head spin. And i’m really enjoying it!

  • benny berger

    Janelle is such a loser, It was obvious she was Jealous of Kara and JoJo. Janelle look 45 instead of 32. sorry have to see her license, she lying of course. She admits lying and tells her team to lie, So it easy to see why people are gullible and naive. JoJo. When you start to believe your own lies. f course people will get mad, but get over yourself. Take off Janelles extensions and her other face will show. She is def. spoiled. no one likes or trust Janelle. So WTG JOJO . Its so glad the truth is allowed to be said . KUDOS Infinite JOJO

    • Gmags

      Yes! Your awesome! Ima make sure she sees that!

  • arualulul

    Obssesed with Janelle much? The girl had no social game and her coach is the main reason Willie is out and the main reason she is out. Britney tells the next person that walks in everything the last person says. She has absolutely no loyalty and screws her own team by feeding their paranoia. Jojo should know that the person that got her out of the house was her own coach. Britney cannot stop be a hater to save her big brother life.

  • Cypher Raige

    When is CBS going to tell the house guests about the relationship between two players? TMZ is reporting that Janelle was 16 years old when she abandoned Ashley at birth (can you see the resemblance?), and now neither knows who the other is. Since Ashley is 26 that would make Janelle actually 42. Wow, she looks pretty good for her age.

  • Gmags

    Awe that’s my girl! So proud of u Josey! See u soon!

  • http://twitter.com/EhJayAych DaBa

    She doesn’t agree with what Boogie did in Season 7, yet she admitted on the feeds she does the exact same thing to men in her personal life. Please send this girl back to the Staten Island dump where she belongs.