Exclusive Interview With Britney of BB14!

Britney on her eviction, Dan and Ian

Exclusive Interview With Britney of BB14!

Oh Britney. We are definitely going to miss your hilarious diary room sessions, your twisted sense of humor and your story telling.

The third coach to be evicted from the game, Big Brother 14′s Britney Haynes will be missed. Her entertainment value alone makes the live feeds that much more interesting to watch. Britney was evicted Thursday night by a score of 4-1, with Ian being the only vote in her favor.

We had a chance to talk to M.C. Snowflake herself, and here’s what she had to say about her time inside the BB14 house.

Ian remained loyal to you until the end. What did the mean to you in the moment?
I do think that Ian was loyal to me and it meant a lot having Ian in the house, it helped me get by on a daily basis. He is a great guy and I know we will be friends forever.

If Dan had made the move, but then comforted you, would you have respected it more?
No, I would have respected him less if he had done that. That would have seemed so condescending and I wouldn’t have appreciated it. I would rather have had him argue with me.

You’re easily the funniest Big Brother houseguest in history. Who is in second?
Aw, thanks! I think Enzo was one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life, and in a completely different way.

Who do you think will be evicted next?
It’s a toss up between Frank or a floater like Joe or Jenn.

Who will you remain friends with outside of the house?
Probably mostly everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I probably won’t be rolling into their home towns, but I will at least be cordial.

How difficult was it to switch from coach to player mode?
Not difficult at all. I felt I had been playing the whole time anyway.

On a scale of 1-10, how much fun will you have with Ashley in the Jury House?
The level of intellectual conversations will be off the charts. I can’t wait to figure out how she built the Mars Rover “Curiosity”.

What is your fondest memory of the house?
When Shane won the veto and I dived into the guacamole. That was a total cloud nine moment.


  • Matisonlong

    love brit! i was so sad to see her go.

  • Hunter


  • Hunter


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1040069863 Vallery Gier Dietrich

    I will certainly miss Britt. Her humor is what kept me watching BBAD.

  • http://twitter.com/Malliecat88 Mallie

    Love Brit, the show and feeds are miserable and boring without her. Thank’s Brit for coming back to play BB again. The fans love you!

  • Brenda

    Love Brit, I really have lost a lot of interest in watching the feeds or Big Brother.

  • Trudy

    I think Brit made this season show. Now eith her gone it will be boring!!!! Brit. U will be missed and hope you and your husband have a wonderful future together.

  • Joyce

    Agree with the fans–BB live feeds are some boring without her. Brit added humor to what is now a very boring house.She is already missed.

  • bbfanjake

    What a spoiled selfish brat….The most hypocritical houseguest I have heard this year…

    So glad I don’t have to listen to her whine and complain about anything under the sun…so glad I don’t have to hear her be condescending to other houseguests…So glad I don’t have to hear her be completely negative most of the time….

    The general viewing audience may love her….but she made the feeds hell to watch aside from the occasionally funny comment and OK gameplay….

    I hope she goes back to her whipped husband and never sets foot on my television again….

    • http://twitter.com/Malliecat88 Mallie

      Weird, If you hate her so much why read an article about her? If having her on your tv was such a horror I would think one would avoid reading or seeing anything about said person…. I’m a feed watcher and absolutely loved her on them, so your take on it being “general viewing audience” and not feed watchers that like her is just false.

      • Rick

        Very well said, Mallie!! Thank you!!

    • Kaq42

      I think that your the brat

  • http://twitter.com/ZacharyNicolos Zach (Nickel-Liss)

    She’s my all time favorite. Hated to see her go out so early.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000146752159 Dawn-Sophie Sabrina Leder

    ive watched since day one of BB,,,,, this is the ultimate worst & boring BB ever! the ONLY one interesting was Brit….i will now just ck in thurs out of curiosity of who left… Im yawning as I type lol

  • Stargazerfromnc

    She’s been gone all of 24 hours and it is the most boring the feeds have been all year. Best of everything to you, Brit. Thank you for making my summer so much fun!!

  • Kaq42

    brittany, your going to missed

    • Leigh

      I miss her already. She made the feeds worth watching. Loved her stories.

  • Dani700

    I think Brit was fun to watch, but her game play was horrendous. She should have stuck to her loyalties….the QP. Her biggest mistake was to approve of getting rid of Dan with Frank. Dan is one of the greatest players in BB history, she should have known he would made a last ditch effort to save himself. Good luck Brit! I wish you the best and have lots of mini-Brits in the future.

  • izzy

    miss brit terribly, she was very entertaining and witty, love her diary room sessions and she doesn’t look at herself in the mirrors every waking moment, like someone else—

  • Elijah Price

    Shane, you dirty dog. If BB’s portrayal of how Joe would have done whatever he wanted him to do, then Shane could have saved his coach with a 3-2 vote. But what did he do? He chose to save the girl who has been playing him for a fool. Danielle’s loyalties are with herself, first, then Dan, and then Shane. I think he made a big mistake.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/N4KGUOHJSYIH2VGTEEDVYSABL4 wendy

      Shane put a pageant wanna be before Brit because he knew the stalker would fight dirty to keep him in the game.
      I don’t know this may come back to bite him in the ass any thoughts on how far Shane will go?

      • Elijah Price

        The way things change all the time, I’m not sure how far he’ll go. Right now, Frank, Dan and Ian are all determined, so it wouldn’t hurt if he started winning again after they get done duking it out.

        I have a feeling the final 2 will be Dan and either Frank, Danielle or Ian. I’m routing for Frank.

  • Pdenisemartin

    Brit is so funny she could have her own stand up or talk show. Leave BB to Dan.

  • Pat

    Loved Brittney she made the show fun to watch. It has really been boing in there since she left. Not the same show. Really miss that humor she has.

  • Wendyarb

    Poor Brit I think she was to paranoid this time around and she trusted Dan to much.
    May the best player win hope every one is having a nice summer.

    • Onthedl

      You are right about her paranoia. She had so many side deals going on, she was afraid she was going to be outed. Also ridiculously presumptuous – telling other houseguests to throw HOHs to her. Same w/ POVs. How about winning it yourself!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2W5SMXKPT2VHR7SM24SP4H5FS4 lizzie01

    I miss Brittney, wish she would have stayed.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2W5SMXKPT2VHR7SM24SP4H5FS4 lizzie01

    Frankly I don’t think Dan came up with this idea I think it was Big Brother, this has been a really boring season and they wanted to keep Dan around for rateings, but they let the wrong person go home because the real rateings came from Dan and Brittney, Frank is just a big head and I can’t stand his attitude like he is a Boggie Jr. And his hair drives me crazy not cute…

  • Kimburg

    Does anyone think that Brit has a chance of comming back in house. Like they did Brendon last year?

    • Mel

      i wish

  • tht19

    I honestly stopped watching the feeds after her ouster. I just read and find out who got nominated or won veto thats all. I like Dan but watching him alone in the feeds is kinda boring.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1094713001 Daisy Jane

    Love, love, love Britney! She is freaking hilarious! The live feeds are sooo boring now without her! BB should seriously consider either bringing her back or giving her some kind of co-host kinda job!! Her hilarious faces and sense of humor shouldn’t be wasted! Pure Gold!

    • Mel

      definately a good idea. awesome!! Would love to see Brit again

  • Dachapin56

    I am sorry to see Britney go, she and Wil were the only bright spots in the BBH. Their 2 takes of the other HG’s were hilarious. I don’t care if I watch the rest of the season. CBS needs to find a way to bring back Wil and Brit back into the house if not to play to narrate the rest of the game in their own special way. Come on CBS offer Wil and Britney their own show together….!!!!

  • Alexis

    Love that girl! She is somuch fun to watch on the feeds.

  • Mums-taxii

    Sad to see Brit gone. She should have made a case to stay and to heck with Dani. Dani knew she didn’t have to campaign. I hope the final two are Shane and Ian. I hope the players see that Dan has to go because he’ll use his funeral as a way to win the votes. He really hasn’t given up as much as the other houseguests. Since as a teacher he gets the summer off any ways and gets to go back to work after the show is over. Plus he has already won once, so what happened to all that money.

  • http://twitter.com/muddyml muddy

    does she know that after 3 days of phony moaning & crying on HER shoulder, that danielle stabbed her in the back without a 2nd thought?

  • Flo Tomsic

    Brit should win fan favorite. It should not be based on who remains in the house but who made it to jury + remained in house. She is a joy, full of life, and was helpful and honest to many players.

  • Porkpiejohnny

    Britney is sooooooooooo smoking hot………..she can definitely fart in my porridge anytime…….LOL! I do miss her but I do enjoy watching Ian as well.

    Jenn is truly a disgusting,gross,salmon licker. Her UGLY ass does not deserve to be in the top five……….she is such a piece of shit floater!!!! My wank wilts every-time she walks into the room.

  • Mon

    She’s ok but I could deal without the constant eyerolls and need for attention by ripping on people.

  • CameronBB15

    On a scale of 1-10, how much fun will you have with Ashley in the Jury House?
    The level of intellectual conversations will be off the charts. I can’t wait to figure out how she built the Mars Rover “Curiosity”.