Exclusive Interview with Dominic Briones

Exclusive Interview with Dominic Briones

Check out our interview with Dominic Briones, the fourth person evicted from Big Brother 13. Tweet us your questions @BigBroLiveFeeds for the next evicted house guests and we’ll post the interview here next week!





No, I agreed to a deal, I was 100% in the deal and I had no thought of going back on the deal or the alliance I was in at the time.





I was a big threat and me and Dani together were definitely their biggest threat. He knew from day one that I was one of the only ones that wanted to split the couples up, so he was coming after me.




Cassi and me were always friends and just had a connection through the game. You can never say never with Dani, but you never really know people while you are in the game in terms of how true and honest they are.




I think Rachel will go far – think they are targeting Brendon so I think Rachel will get by since she isn’t target #1.

I think Jordan will go far, for the same, they will target Jeff before they target her. And she is much smarter than she appears.

I think Kalia will go far because she is a floater and plays both sides of the house, right now she is flying under the radar and isn’t a threat in competitions.

I think Dani will go far because she is the best player in the house in my opinion. She knows how to manipulate and compete and she isn’t afraid of anyone in there.




No, me and Adam together made a big target and until the backdoor plan backfired I definitely have a better social game than Adam and was safe until that moment. He will have his time when he is better in competitions.





No, I don’t think any of the newbies in there have a chance at winning and with the game they are playing right now, they should not win either. They are not playing a game that deserves to be on the winning side.





I wanted to play on one side of the house and didn’t want to be a floater. Jeff really wanted me to come with them and wanted me to play against the newbie side, the whole time I was trying to stick to one side and not play both sides. I was honest with him, and didn’t have a fear of him. I wasn’t intimidated by the veterans and always wanted to go against them. I made a mistake doing that in that the newbies never really had my back.

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  • Karl

    LOL. He wanted to go against the vets, yet he aligned with the best vet player. Dom is a clown.

  • Chris

    No, Karl. Dominic is saying “vets” as the name of the alliance that is comprised of vets. Danielle left the vets to play with the newbies. Not hard to understand.

  • Lee

    IMO, Dom gave one of the best farewell speeches in BB history. He called it as he saw it and how most of America sees it. The problem with this season is that the newbies were NEVER given enough time to get to know eachother, trust eachother, and work together. unlike the vets who are only bullying the newbies around. But the newbies should’ve done something instead of letting the vets walk all over them like spineless jellyfish. I think Shelly is an idiot. She really thinks Jeff and Jordan are going to carry her to the end. Get real. They’ll cut her as soon as they find she’s of no use to them. Same goes for Portia with Brenchel. One of the reasons why this is one of the worst seasons of BB is because it has the most floaters, such as Porsche, Shelly, Kalia, Lawon, Adam. The only one who had any backbone were the ones who walked out the door the past two weeks: Dominic and Cassi. I was rooting for Jeff but not anymore. There’s no way I want a bully to win. Where does Jeff get off dictating to Dominic, “Who’s side are you on=-mine and Jordan’s or Brendon and Rachel’s? Dom should’ve told him he didn’t know that they had sides.

    • Cord

      You’re spot on Lee.

    • T

      I agree with Lee. Dominic’s speech will go down in history! Dominic actually had the balls to stand up against they bullies. Can’t stand to hear or see Rachel anymore! She is the most irritating person ever on Big Brother and Brendon is a close 2nd to baby her every move. Congrats to Dani! Her back was against the wall and pretty much the entire house was against her. I just wished Dominic was there to witness her win & enjoy her HOH with her. We will never watch Big Brother again if they pull this crap with bringing couples against newbies, so unfair! The newbies should get a re-do on another season now. So disappointed with them because of this! So sick of Jeff too! Don’t know who he thinks he is, but he has lied as much as Brendon & Rachel and he expected Dominic to come forth with info, what an ass. Sick of Shelly too! She is the biggest butt-kisser we’ve ever seen!

  • Smartjack

    I think he just got stuck in a bad spot from day 1 trying to rally the newbies against the vets. Someone had to do it while others float through (shelly, Porsche, Adam, Lawon)……Unfortunately it put a huge target on his back which eventually cost him.

    I do find it interesting his answer to the romantic feelings question. It seems like there might be something there with Dani, potentially after the show, if she was being honest with her feelings during the game. Interesting.

  • KK

    Going to miss him….the feeds are so boring now :(

  • dar

    you are all wrong. Jeff and Jordan are the nicest ones there. The “newbies” one in paticular that has her head up who know who right now NEEDS TO GO. Please don’t play the black card. You are all equal. Not one person put her down for the color of her skin. She has no backbone. And danny why don’t you try talking to your father outside this game. One day he will be gone and the only thing you can say is ” oh I played the game with him and talked to him because I had to” You are just as evil and will live a life worth of regrets.

  • Linds

    I don’t think it’s any of Dar’s business as to why Dani doesn’t talk with her dad. There could be issues far beyond BB that may be difficult to get through. Personally I love Dom and Dani! I wish he could have stayed in the game longer do the two of them could go to the finals. I hope BB13 redeems itself with it’s twists this season and gas America vote for a former contestant (Dom) to come back!! As for Rachel, Brenduh, Jeff and Jordan… They all came into this season with big heads!! No surprise for Brenchal (good competitive players, horrible socially) but Jeff and Jordan really suprised me! Dani is by far the best competitive/social player in the house as it stands. And I hope they send Rachel home if it’s between her and Brendan because people underestimate how good she is and I wouldn’t want American making the mistake to vote for her because of how good her competitive game play is. Brendan without Rachel is a definite floater!! I can’t stand them. Shelly either!! She’s a pushover and a follower if I’ve ever seen one!! That’s all :)

  • Keisha Tingey

    Just want to say have been staying up til two every night rewatching my DVR’d episodes of After Dark, just to see you and your interaction with the other house guests. Want to say that I am proud of you for the way in which you accepted being on the block and handling all the fall out with Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel. You went from a newbie to being someone alot of us cared about. If you ever look back at the tweets, you will notice, you probably got the least amount of hate. Trust me, so that says something about you as a person and contestant.
    Watching you and Danielle together was the most fun. Gave us something to fast forward to if people were untolerable or whinning. Even if it was something only in the house, she had your back and you made a smart move hanging with her. You did what was asked of you. Even when you were throwing the veto comp., Brendon was still upset you spelled a word containing too many letters! Rachel should of trusted her instincts and kept you safe.
    So sad that I can’t, for now, look forward to seeing you in the house. You made a great impression on America in the short time you were living in the BB house! Thanks for making this season one I will remember for a long time.
    Also, just a side note. Can’t wait til I just happen to flip through some magazine or scroll through and see a picture of Dani and you together! I hope at least you will both be friends outside the house.
    Take Care.

  • http://RN Michele

    Just wanted to say how great you are and now that you are no longer there the show is a big yawn fest. I hope they bring you back. That is the only way it would be worth the money spent for the live feeds:-)

    Great game player and great guy,


  • Susan

    Rachel & Jordan are the true dynamic duo! I have had more fun wathcing them grow together. It’s about time we had two women show that girls are not always each others worst enemy. I hope they make it to the final two, with Rachel taking the prize. Go Team Jorchel

    • Blitzyb

      Rachel fuckin’ sucks BALLS literally Team DANI RULES!!!!!!!! HBIC

  • Tagapagtanggol Ng Naapi

    Team Dani Forever… Greatest Player in BB13… She is fearless and hot…