Exclusive Interview with Kara Monaco from BB14

Kara talks about Boogie, Willie, and Joe's goodbye message

Exclusive Interview with Kara Monaco from BB14

We recently had the chance to ask evicted houseguest Kara a few questions over email, here were her responses!

Do you think Willie's outburst cost you votes?

Yes. Although I ended up getting Shane and JoJo's votes because of it, it definitely cost me some votes. People wanted Frank to stay because they think Frank can take out Willie.

If you had it to do over again, would you change anything?

I wouldn't change anything. I don't have any regrets.

Who do you think the most formidable player in the game is?

Willie – he just has a short temper. People felt scared of him and bullied. He is a loose cannon.

Did Joe's goodbye message irk you?

Yeah, it made me mad.

Who do you think you'll remain pals with outside the house?

I think I will remain pals with Dan, Danielle, Wil and Ashley.

Talk about the difficulty level of the coin washer competition.

That was tough. It was hard because you had to run and get the coins fast but the hardest part was getting the coins in the coin slot. You had to have a lot of accuracy. I was playing with my goggles at first and I could not see well. When I finally took them off I could see better.

Did any of the guys interest you show-mantically?

No. Not enough for a showmance. I wasn't really there to have a showmance, though.

If you had to pick another coach who wasn't Dan, who would you go with?

I would probably go with Janelle because she is a good player. She's smart and she really was invested in her players.

Would it be fair to say you weren't into Boogie's bday dinner invite?

Yes. That would be fair to say.

Did you ever get to try slop?

Yeah – I tried it. It wasn't that bad. Joe definitely helped too with that. He would make different variations of it.

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  • Cheese

    Sheesh. She got booted, and still doesnt get it.

  • Liiiiikk

    I Love her! sad to see her go. would love to see her get a chance to come back and since this was answered by email i think she does have a chance to go back

  • Ksteeves19

    love her!

  • YungWeezy

    I felt so bad for her.

  • Kk_gardner

    Does anyone think Willie bullied people?? I dont and its sad that everyone is talking shit about brits team when 72 hours ago Janies team wanted Frank out!!

  • Big Balls

    Milk that 15 mins honey! LOL

  • sandyk

    I don;t get it , she stated that she would be pals with Danielle outside the house, but didn’t she knock her every chance she got? Maybe I heard it wrong.

  • Kara’s daddy

    Kara Monaco was the most insignificant player in BB history…just there for her 15 mins. Watch..she’ll try to pop up on another reality show. Her “modeling career” is at a dead end and she has to live at the Playboy Mansion b/c she’s prob broke. LOL She should just find a rich drummer to leach off of but I think she’s too proud for that.