Fan Recap Week One Episode Three

There's a new HOH in the Big Brother house and a new host on our Friday Fan Recap!

Fan Recap Week One Episode Three

Happy Friday, <

em>Big Brother fans!

Let's meet our Friday Fan Recap host, Alan! He describes himself as the “ultimate Big Brother fan” and his favorite season (other than this one) is All Stars. Alan is a big Janelle fan!

Now about last night …

What We've Learned

  • Kara made a classy exit, but she was flying too far under the radar
  • Keeping Frank in the house was a slam at Willie, who has been antagonizing the whole house
  • Several HGs seemed to throw the HOH competition, including Ian, Danielle and possibly Shane
  • Wil is a hot commodity among the coaches

Now, let's get to the Flashbacks:

FB 1 07-19 7-11PM

Flashback #1: Alan thought it was cute when Wil and Janelle sat on the couch giggling like kids over what crazy thing Willie might do next. Check it out!

FB 2 07-19 7-43PM

Flashback #2: Britney was really annoyed with Willie, and she let him know it!

FB 3 07-19 8-20PM

Flashback #3: Frank delivers a classic line about being painted as the “white knight” of the season.

FB 5 07-19 9-53PM

Flashback #4: Janelle, Frank, Wil, Jenn and Joe talk about Willie and how they want to throw Froot Loops at him when he leaves the house!

FB 6 07-19  10-28PM

Flashback #5: Willie, Shane and JoJo sitting outside — crickets! Willie is stone silent for a change!

FB 7 07-19  11-27PM

Flashback #6: Everyone goes up to check out the HOH room. Fun to see the pictures and see Frank's eyes light up when he saw what he got! A nice moment, worth checking out.

FB 8 07-19  12-38AM

Flashback #7: Willie was complaining about how there are no “real” people in the house. Frank was standing up to him. Dan said he wished he could have taken a punch from Willie so Willie would go home.

Needs Improvement

  • If Willie comes to his senses and listens to his coach and apologizes, he could have a chance. Right now he's playing the game too fast and is ruining his game.

MVP This Week

  • Alan thinks Janelle is the best coach
  • Ian just edges out Wil as his pick for MVP of the week

One Bold Prediction

“I think Willie will be able to save someone next week. He will take someone off the block.”

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