Fan Recap Week Two Episode Four

Missy and Julie are here for your mid-week BB14 analysis!

Fan Recap Week Two Episode Four

First things first: Happy Birthday Julie! We’re so pleased you are spending part of your special day with US, your fellow Big Brother fans!

Now let’s get to the crazy past week on the Big Brother Live Feeds! Missy and Julie still have plenty to say about Willie’s untimely exit from the BB14 house. Julie says part of the blame should go to Big Brother, because she saw herself on several occasions that Willie tried to go into the Diary Room to let off some steam, but he was locked out every time.

Both Julie and Missy will miss him — do you agree?

Here’s another question: If Willie was expelled, why not Joe as well? They were both involved in the altercation … right?

We’ll let you ponder that while we get to the Flashbacks!


Flashback #1: Boogie tells Frank he would never have told Wil that Willie mocked him. As we know, that’s what started ALL of the drama, eventually leading to Willie being expelled from the house.


Flashback #2: Janelle wins the coaches competition. And we see the first peek of anger from Willie.


Flashback #3: Britney talks to Boogie and tries to get him to talk to Frank about putting up two of Janelle’s players. Julie: “I don’t think he’s going for it!”


Flashback #4: Finally, a little levity to the proceedings! Janelle, Britney, Danielle and Ashley have a little fun with their pig-tailed alter egos:  Trixie, Pixie, Dixie and Bixie. How cute!


Flashback #5: Shane makes a deal with Frank and Boogie. Is this a deal with the devil(s)? What do YOU think?

One Bold Prediction

Julie thinks Danielle is going on the block this week instead of Wil, and her eviction will trigger the big twist! Result? Dan gets the magic key to get in the game! Julie also is almost positive Kara is in sequester and Danielle will be joining her there soon.

What do you think? Agree or disagree? Need to watch this Fan Recap all over again?

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  • BitterBB

    I agree that BOTH should have been expelled from the game. CBS/ BB production has taken the “control” mechanism to an all-knew level. Yes Willie should have kept certain comments to himself and Joe should not have reiterated, but those working the DR should ALL be fired for allowing things to explode the way they did. Willie did try to get into the DR, but was never allowed UNTIL things blew out of hand. I think they both should have stayed in the game and BOTH lost their current amount of stipend or BOTH placed on the block this week. JMO

  • Eileen

    Bib Brother is totally to blame!! Joe and Janelle are disgusting for inciting the situation and Brittany was plain and simple, a bully! Interesting to me that everyone in that house keeps referring to Willie as a bully, when in fact they are the biggest bullies. Everyone, mainly Brittany, bullied that man beyond belief. He was totally ganged up on. Yes, he could have handled things better and kept a cooler head, but He was vulnerable and in a weakened state and he was exploited. He was completely iced out and isolated by everyone. A man can only go so long without completely losing it…and he did. Big Brother perpetuated the situation, all for the sake of ratings. Shame on everyone in that house and shame on Big Brother. You pushed the man until he broke and then crucified him for breaking. Anyone who watches the live feeds can see a TOTALLY different situation unfolding rather than the one Big Brother chose to show. And just for the record, Willie was not responsible for Shane and JoJo going on the block – Big Brother and their lame “Coaches” theme is. And can I also point out how totally disgusted I am by Janelle. She was salivating and actually excited to see Willie have a breakdown. On the live feeds you can see Janelle goading Joe into going down and confronting Willie when Joe states, “I’m going to go down there and try to get him to hit me”, followed by Janelle chanting “Do It, Do It, Do It!” I am so sickened by everything that happened. I think I am finished watching BB.

  • Linda

    Dan is the best player in the game, hands down, and a class act as well. Brittany and Janelle are bullies and Mike (it’s hard to even say his name…yuck) is just a washed up loser. This whole coach thing is ridiculous and ruining the game. If I was a contestant this year, I would be furious. Big Brother is not looking so hot this year with these decisions.

  • denise

    I think they both should have gone. Both were at fault.

  • Milton Waddams

    Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIE! Hope you liked the flowers.

    So Boogie told Frank he would never have told Wil that Willie mocked him. This just shows how clueless he really is. But watch, if his team does win, he’ll be bragging about how brilliant he was.

    I think Joe should stay in the game. He was only defending himself when Willie was pretending like he wanted to kick someone’s butt. Seriously, I can’t believe he runs all the way into the bathroom to yell “hit me.” For a minute there I thought he was going to ask Joe if he wanted to buy some Thin Mint cookies. hehehe

    I was routing for Team Britney until Willie thought he didn’t need a coach anymore. Plus, even though I’m sort of a Russell fan, I could see that Willie had no game when he confronted Frank, in the backyard.

    What was Britney supposed to do, babysit Willie and forget all about her two other players? He made his bed so I don’t blame her for cutting him lose. Hell, she would have had to have been a board certified psychologist in order to figure out what was going on in that Jambalaya melon of his. Mmm, Jambalaya melon, now I’m hungry…