Favorite HouseGuest in Week Five

Tell us who you're loving from BB14 this week

Favorite HouseGuest in Week Five

Last week’s poll winner was Janelle and now that she’s gone, it’s time to find out who you’re loving on Big Brother 14 this week. After a moment of silence for Janelle, of course.

Are you a fan of Britney and all the sex talk she leads on the Live Feeds? Or maybe you’re sad Wil will likely say goodbye Thursday night and want to throw him a bone? Or maybe you like your HGs a little on the loony side and are Team Danielle. We all  have our favorites and we all like being able to express that, so answer the poll below and tell us how you voted and why.

And if you insist, you can even comment on who you can’t stand. We know you’re going to anyway!

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  • Kalim13

    Mines still Janelle lmao

  • http://twitter.com/ObsessedwithBB ObsessedwithBB

    Ian needs to catch up to Britney!! Vote for Ian everybody!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Palmer/898110719 Tom Palmer

    I hope 25K goes to favorite Juror, because Janelle could win just based on residual populariy.

  • Patel

    CBS would be idiots to do Americas favorite and not allow jani to win. #teamjani