Favorite HouseGuest in Week Four

Tell us who you're loving this week

Favorite HouseGuest in Week Four

Are you Team Danielle or Janelle? Or  Maybe you’re leaning more toward Imitation Chill Town? Maybe not. Does Britney’s impersonations crack you up?

We’re curious to find out who you’re loving this week in the Big Brother 14 house and on the Live Feeds. A lot has gone down this week after the coaches entered the game, including one of them ending up on the block. Did Danielle’s bold move make you love her? Or do you give the credit to Dan? Or even Boogie. Or are you mad at them all and want your favorite girl to stick around?

Check out the poll below and let us know who your favorite HouseGuest in Week four is! Oh, and let us know why in our comments section!

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  • West Rome


    • Carly28

      Wow. Very classy.

  • Mirando_arrounin


  • Grandex

    Can’t believe my fav Janelle will go home :o (

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002344845569 Elizabeth Spinnato

    I am team Brittany!!!!

  • Blair

    I think Britney is hilarious and playing a great game. Danielle is starting to really get on my nerves!

  • Sohpfelcia

    Queen Janie!

  • Collegeguy_1991

    I was so excited to see Janelle come back and play. Ever since Allstars I was hoping she would get a third chance and I could root her on. She is my favorite player of all time. I also really liked Britney in her season and thought she was hilarious. Boogie annoys the hell out of me. Can’t stand how cocky he is. He thinks that he is the coolest person in the world. I have some advice for you Boogie. Other people decide if you are cool or not, not yourself. Still in shock that Janelle went home tonight. I guess all good things have to come to an end. I don’t like any of the new players. I would like to see Dan or Britney win it all.

  • http://twitter.com/EllesSacrifice Rob Alden

    Team Danielle =) Love her.

  • Mommylaw

    This Silent Six alliance was blessed by Dan. Stupid. He should go home. Boogie and Frank are already talking about getting Shane or Dan out. What fools. Danielle thinks with her thighs, and Shane is a lemming. Blah!

  • ladipuff

    love danielle and especially love how she squashed the queen bee.i know alot of ppl r hating her right now cus she got out”america’s favorite” but u know what, it was a smart move,at least now someone else has a chance to make it to 3rd place haha.

  • Don Diego de la Vega

    Did anyone notice how irritated Mrs. Chen gets when someone says she looks ravishing?

  • http://twitter.com/shaunte7139 shaunte bradley

    Janie u will be missed

  • Philstanford70

    Boogie pulled off one of the biggest house flips in BB history, how can he not be a favorite by BB fans if they are truly a fan of BB game play

  • Kanikadatt


  • Paisley

    Janelle, Britney, Ian are three of the worst. Luckily Janelle’s gone, she was phony & a liar. Britney’s a liar & paranoid. Ian was okay at first, now heavily getting on my nerves. He’s a snitch, so now I call him Sn(ian)tch. Basically everyone’s been lying (pointlessly) so far except Frank & surprisingly, so far, Boogie.