Finale Party: Which BB14 HG Most Likely to Cause Fish?

Does Britney, Frank or Boogie cause the most FOH?

Finale Party: Which BB14 HG Most Likely to Cause Fish?

There’s less than 3 weeks left of Big Brother 14 and already we are prepping for the epic Finale Party on September 20, which will broadcast LIVE on SuperPass beginning at 9pm BBT from Tru Hollywood.

At the Finale Party we will be handing out  awards to the BB14 HGs, and all winners will be selected by YOU, the fans!

Up for grabs today is the “Most Likely to Cause FOH” award. This award is for the house guest who can’t keep their trap closed about things like production or people who have not signed waivers. Our nominees are Britney, Frank and Boogie.

Both Britney and Boogie lead the pack in FOH moments, mostly because they are “coaches” aka returning players who love to talk about their seasons and explain production to the newbies. Frank, on the other hand, likes to sing and has a hard time not spittin’ lyrics to his fave songs. Which HG caused the most fish this season? Sound off!

All results will be kept hidden until the winner is announced LIVE on SuperPass, September 20th at 10pm BBT, so make sure you tune in for the hot mess that’s about to go down! Preesh!


  • Lynda Perky

    Great idea for a HG award. Hate the fishies!!!

  • Bdillon

    wish bb would dock their stipend for every time they sing we as feeders get tired of fish for no real reason when they know better

    • Andy Smith

      Oh, exactly! That is what they SHOULD do, but it seems like a free-for-all and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

  • Phillip Stanford

    Never got why they “punish” the ppl who pay them, when the ppl they pay break the rules.

  • Ka Ri Ma Karima

    Please ask the HG’s this question at the Season Finale Party:

    1. Why (or How) did you continue to eat food prepared by Joe, knowing that he didn’t wash his hands first?
    2. And why didn’t anyone simply give him a friendly reminder? Would it have been bad for your game to do so?

    • Mon

      I would no doubt avoid his cooking. I have such an issue with that it’s not even funny…..Some of these houseguests barely put soap on their hands so really, anyones cooking would gross me out….

  • Mo

    Joe and his lack of hand washing after his jobbies is disturbing – How does he expect anyone to take his dreams of being a chef seriously when such bad personal habits contaminate food others eat?
    Seriously — it’s disgusting.
    Joe as a Celebrity Chef — he will never see it.

    • Cyninbend

      they say the food is greasey, buttery or something–he may not know people outside the south don’t eat like that, with high fat…no wonder he has such issues with high blood pressure! The success eluding him may be resolved by putting in lighter food choices! And wearing conspicuous plastic gloves!

  • Shelby H. Ginsberg