Finale Party: BB14′s Best Storyteller

Joe, Britney or Wil...who was the best?

Finale Party: BB14′s Best Storyteller

It’s not what they said, but HOW they said it! Okay, I lie, it’s a combination of both, but these three Big Brother 14 houseguests had us in stitches on the live feeds this summer and we need help deciding which one of them is worthy of the BEST STORYTELLER award!

Here are the nominees:

Joe: Joe’s stories might be loud, but they are fascinating. His stories are all larger than life and he’s what we like to call a bullshitter. Bullshitters are great at parties, and equally great on the live feeds!

Britney: She has such a snarky, matter-of-fact way of telling stories. She’s good at making faces and acting out her stories. Whether you are Team Britney or not – you have to admit, she tells some great ones!

Wil: Y’all know how much I love Wil. His silly voices, his flair for the dramatic, his priceless expressions…I could listen to him all night long!

Tune into SuperPass Thursday, September 20 at 9pm BBT, where we’ll be broadcasting LIVE from the Big Brother 14 Finale Party at Tru Hollywood. We’ll be announcing the winners during the awards ceremony later that night, so watch and see who FANS CHOSE to win!


  • Lynda Perky

    Wil because of his trilogy.
    Brit is old news
    Joe, too loud

    • AGrodner

      Wil’s trilogy is crappy aside from his impressions of Jen/Ian/Dan. He doesn’t even have a very good Wil impression.

  • Andrew Sloan

    why is danielle not on this list… her stories were ridiculous. We should be able to vote for more than 3 people :D

  • Shelby H. Ginsberg


  • Lee

    Britney by far

  • Dsgf

    death or dishonor
    and brit’s story about joe jerkin it, omg dying

  • Big Brother Fan 2014

    My thoughts exactly Andrew Sloan…danielle is one the biggest storytellers in the house.

    • Darcille

      there is a big difference between a storyteller and a pathological liar!

  • Sunshine Girl

    Could listen to Britney 24 hrs. a day. Love you and miss you Britney.

  • April


  • Phillip Stanford

    Does anybody really care, seriously, this was torture for BB and producers should be ashamed of BB14 and i dont count this season as a real one, sorry BB please try again next year

    • Mon

      yah it’s fun watching former houseguests who won a ton of money and of course the pick of the litter, a PMOY, models, and all that stuff…I’m over it, put people who are not known and NEED money next time

    • Nardtothe

      Phillip Stanford
      Shut up. We don’t care what you think

  • Debra Dutton23

    danielle is the girl next door the one i would like to be honest .loyal trusted vip

    • AGrodner

      you must be new here

  • Jennifer Peck

    Boogie can just talk I was SO happy to see him back and if iAN wins SO DOES HE he was his coach and SAVED HIM WEEK 1

  • Brit Brit

    Yes, Brit’s story about Joe rubbing one off. It will change your life….okay? Ready?