Finale Party: Biggest Backstabber of BB14?

Does Ian, Ashley or Dan deserve the award?

Finale Party: Biggest Backstabber of BB14?

The Big Brother 14 finale is upon us, and the night after the show’s winner has been crowned, the finale party will be going down at Tru Hollywood!

We’ll be broadcasting all the action live starting at 8:00pm BBT (we’ll probably go live even before that, so be early!) and our Awards Show will kick off at 10:00pm BBT.  Tune into SuperPass Thursday, September 20 at 9pm BBT to watch the Big Brother 14 Finale Party live from Tru Hollywood as we interview (and party with) Big Brother houseguests past and present. It’s going to be a crazy hot mess as usual, so of course you won’t want to miss it. Today’s award up for grabs is the Biggest Backstabber Award. The nominees are:

Ian: He took out one of Big Brother’s most notorious player, Mike Boogie, and even fed him his own lines as he walked out of the house. “Get to steppin’!”

Ashley: She turned on Janelle, her temporary BFF, helping to evict her from the game.

Dan: Okay, this one is seriously a no brainer. If anyone has said one thing and done another, it’s Dan. He continues to lie to Danielle, who believes it every time.

Tune in to see the results at the awards ceremony, live from the BB14 Finale Party at TRU Hollywood!


  • Shelby H. Ginsberg


    • Freeonacloud

      nope, Dan’s the best ever in BB!!!

  • CatinTx

    Dan, by a mile.

  • Lynda Perky


  • Luke Foody

    Is this a serious question?

  • Avonmom82

    After really thinking about it, Ian.

  • Cheryl in San Diego

    Dan! But Ian runs a close 2nd .. Ashley who? lol

    • Mon

      they needed a third which should have been britney because she is a condescending tool

  • OZONE66


    • Dan

      Right on! CBS needs an ASSHOLE award to present during the finals.

  • Pijoycehb

    Dan needs to be Castrated just as Danieele promised she would. Here’s an Ass that would SWEAR on a Bible, his Marriage and his Deceased Grandfather’s “chain”, so many times!!! You can’t cross your you little stubby fingers on that, DAN!!! If the jury awards Dan a penny…I am TOTALLY BOYCOTTING BB NEXT YEAR and I can assume that the whole Jury is INSANE!!!

    • Mon

      I’m not gonna boycott but I will agree that swearing on s##t makes the s##t you are swearing on feel like s##t. Unless his wife is anything Danielle that is….I have a theory

      • Freeonacloud

        wanna share….

    • Freeonacloud

      aw get off your soap box, you sound like whinny fat azz Danelle. She is sooooo stupid, she seen how Dan operates yet is stupid enough to still believe him, looks good on all of them, especially when they the opputunity to evict him, and the stupid broad takes him off the block, that was soooo funnieeeeeee,we know it all scripted, but Dan is a hell of an actor, he dilevered it so perfect! I was against the coaches joining the game but now with how well Dan skated through with everyone approving his actions he sure does deserve to win! it’s a game remeber and lying and back stabbing is a part of it. Did any one see suvivors when Johnny said his Grandmother died to get pity at a challenge, it’s a game get with it. CBS has the control and calls the shots, when you people learn that maybe you’ll quit wasting your money voting for who goes in the game or who deserves money etc. they are already predetermined.

    • frostyreality

      Boycott away. I’m sure your oneness will make a difference. If you can’t appreciate a game for what it is, you shouldn’t be watching a reality game show. This season would have been incredibly boring without Dan’s antics. And, I can’t help but wonder about why you would think castration is the appropriate punishment for lying.

  • Myfxbonz

    Don’t invite Dan again. Shane was an honest player, that’s what got him screwed

    • Cyninbend

      Danielle may show up at his door like something in a reality horror movie….I hope his wife has a gun and can use it.

      • Janicering

        I also hope she dose too. That girl”"”"” needs some help very badley i have whatch bb ever since it started. She is the most dislike player they have ever casted.

        • Mon

          I place her in second – Michelle in BB10 was first in that category

    • Roxannis

      How easy it is to forget Shane lied to everyone he sent out promising they had his vote shaking their hand .. And twice he promised Frank he wasn’t putting him up and what did he do oh that’s right he out him up … Let’s not forget the lies first throwing Brit and then Dan Nader the bus for his Noms of Frank and Boogie .. Oh and telling everyone he was not interested in Dani but did want to be seen as the new Jeff and Jordan .. Yeah Shane the nice honest guy NOT

    • Freeonacloudhot

      It sounds like we were watching diffent BB because you are blind and deaf if you think Shane payed a honest game, he was another Dan just not as up front he hid behind Danelle and let her take the heat for his decisions and back stabbing.

  • JO

    lol this is a joke question?! Totally DAN

  • Janicering

    Shane what is your thoughts of Dan swearing on the bible to futher him self in the game.

  • Marty Huggins

    Ian stopped playing after Dan got Frank out (so he’s a poser).

    Ashley got Jenelle before Jenelle could get her (a competitive blonde thingy).

    Dan’s actions would be nothing if he wasn’t in the house this season (duh).

    So I give the backstabbing award to Frank for a classic, but overly used, reverse hari-kari maneuver.

    • Freeonacloud

      you give back stabbing to azzinine Frank!!?? uh I don’t see him in the finlals, lmao
      after Boogie left Frank didn’t any game play, he was about the dumbest most fowl mouthed person ever on BB. let him go back and collect rent off of his rentals he owns and back to bumming aroud on the beach with his drinking buddies..

  • tildenleif

    Dan lying to Danielle is actually for her benefit. He told her he would take her to the end as her coach. This is very important to Dan, knowing that his passion is for coaching and BB game play books. He was willing to take the heat for her, cover himself in blood for her, did Shane? NO. Dan told her (which makes him such a beast player) not to play emotionally. He knows that emotions is a weakness and leaves a player vulnerable. He was witnessing her playing this way by having her crush on Shane. He had to play and lie to her because she wouldn’t understand because she was deep in emotion with Shane. But this game is not about finding a boyfriend, it’s about 500k. Dan in my opinion should get mad kudos for sticking to his word to her and taking her to the F2 despite her gameplay.

    • Clynn2u

      so very well put! Thank you. You said what I was unable to properly express.

  • Dabbs53

    Dan of course! He was the puppet master of BB14. He deserves all the big titles and the $$. Brilliant and so much fun to watch.

  • Freeonacloud

    they weren’t allowed to talk to talk about the challenges on after dark so we had to with til tonight to get final resaults. I heard Danelle threw the first round and if she did ‘what a dum nuts’! If Dan don’t win this then CBS picked the wrong person to when. But there’s this nagging feeling that Ian might help her blind sight Dan, and then who is there to vote for, a swinging nut or a snot nosed whiner…
    and they have to give it to someone. I hope that nagging feeling is just gas!!

  • Diannaaguilo

    tildenleif, you are as ignorant as Danielle is.