Finale Party: Who is the Unsinkable HG of BB14?

Vote for the BB14 HG most deserving of this award!

Finale Party: Who is the Unsinkable HG of BB14?

Floaters grab your life vests because one of you is about to win the award for the Most Unsinkable HouseGuest of Big Brother 14!

It seems like the majority of the houseguests were careful to not make waves, instead choosing to gently float their way to the end without getting blood on their hands. But who was the biggest floater of them all?

  • Joe: He made it until that dreaded second double eviction night and would have been perfectly happy with winning second place. But hey, he did survive a few Hantz headbutts, so…
  • Jenn: Where we sit now, this girl might make it to the end – but she’ll never win. Her “big move” may have cost her the game and everyone else’s if Dan wins. Funny thing is, she thinks it was her idea. Heh.
  • Danielle: Sure, she won some competitions, but she hasn’t done anything to deserve a “W”. She’s generally more concerned about what people think of her than winning the game. (But OMG, that might happen by accident!!!)

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On 9/20 we’ll also be live streaming from the Finale Party which is set to kick off at 9pm BBT and we’ll begin the awards ceremony at 10pm.

Tune in to see who wins!


  • Sunshine Girl

    I am praying Dan and Ian vote out Danielle. I can’t take one more second of her.

    • Causewaychaos

      Dan is keeping her for F2 because he knows he will beat her. Ian is a guarantee win no matter who he faces, no one will take Ian to F2. He needs to get there himself.

    • murlut

      I hope her and all the Sybil personalities and lies walk out of the house in 3rd place. She will get NOTHING. Anyone who has to resort to lying about her personal life (abuse, kidney probs, radiation, chemotherapy, car accidents, a broken or injured back and all the other tramatic ficticious lies deserves to walk out with nothing. I think she will be shocked at how disliked she is. No your not protrayed as Americas sweetheart

  • Texas Boy

    I am praying that Dan gets evicted on Thursday!!!

  • Lynda Perky

    Joe was like a pinball bouncing around inside the machine. He kept saying he was loyal yet blabbed his mouth to everyone and changed that “loyalty” about every 7 days or so. He did try to talk strategy and tried really hard at comps but was unsuccessful. Joe Did have the funniest silent plea to be saved and was the classiest exit so far.

  • Morgant94

    I would vote for Danielle but then once she got this all she would talk about would be how she wasn’t a floater……

  • Sid

    sitting in the sun, eating, napping, sleeping and getting pissed off = FLOATER

  • Peregrin Took

    Of the 3, I’d have to say Danielle. She has a very good chance of riding Dan’s coattails all the way to the final 2.

  • Jun Song

    I think Joe’s the ultimate floater and swing vote. Danielle became a swing vote at one point in the season but she’s been pretty true to Dan and Shane for most of the game. Jenn was just on a free vacation but was more lost than floating. I voted Joe. :)

  • Myaslis23cal

    i don’t think danielle is a floater because she played a better social game then Shane did. every time he would win she would tell him what to do, taking control of his hoh or veto!

  • holly m lehman

    i voted for dani because she would hate to be called a floater.i have a feeling she will get 2place which i feel she does not even deserve that.she should have stuck to the dating

  • Shortgirl

    I hope Dan gets the boot thursday

  • Danille Fan

    Who are you to think Danielle is lying?
    Do you know her personally?
    Dan rode on her HOH’s HER Vetoes.
    She had a social game,maybe not the blatant lie game or bullying.
    She is respecting her parents wishes and has more morals than any of you.More American young ladies could learn from her!
    YAYA,it’s a game,blah blah blah.I’d never go in there.75 days of deceit for MAYBE 500k.
    not worth my soul.
    A good game for Reverend Evil.

    • teshiedoll


  • Sultry95640

    is there anywhere to watch the after party if u dont have super pass?

  • Handymike

    Danielle is the Star of the season for me, I loved defending her honor! Beautiful girl and my Wonder Woman!