Finale Party: Who Is The Most All Star Worthy?

Which BB14 HG do you see returning to the game?

Finale Party: Who Is The Most All Star Worthy?

The Big Brother 14 cast sure has spent enough time on the Live Feeds talking about the potential for the next installment of Big Brother All Stars, so now it’s your turn!

The Big Brother Finale Party is rapidly approaching and we’ve been asking you to vote on a number of awards that will be presented to the HouseGuests during the party. Today’s question is Which HouseGuest is the most All Star Worthy? So which HouseGuest do you think made enough moves and a big enough impression to be asked back to play the game? Pretty simple, eh?

Be sure to tune into SuperPass Thursday, Sept. 20 at 9pm BBT to watch the Big Brother 14 Finale Party live from Tru Hollywood! The awards ceremony is set to begin at 10pm BBT, so keep your eyes on the Live Feeds and see if your favorite HouseGuests win the awards you voted on.

Who is the most All Star Worthy? And the nominees are …

  • Frank: He won three HoH titles and three Veto titles. And let’s not forget that the weeks he wasn’t HoH he was nominated for eviction. He’s had a strong fan following and even Julie Chen seemed kind of down when he was evicted this week. Do you think Frank  has what it takes for an All Stars run?
  • Ian: The walking Big Brother encyclopedia has also proven himself as a good game player. He made some big moves, one resulting in the eviction of Big Brother All Stars winner Mike Boogie. He’s also got three HoH wins and two vetoes under his belt. Not to shabby for a young guy many would call a geek. Do you think he has a shot at another invitation into the BB house?
  • Wil: He might not have won any competitions, but he was definitely a show-man. He was never happy that he didn’t get to play his own game, so maybe a second shot in the house would be just what he needs to become a Big Brother All Star.

Oh, and to keep it suspenseful, we’re keeping the poll results a secret. So just be sure to tune in on Thursday, Sept. 20 to find out who wins what on SuperPass!

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  • Spicy

    All THREE!

  • Julie Severt Cohn

    All Three, but FOR SURE FRANK!!!

  • Chris

    Can I write in a vote for Danielle?

    • BBfan

      They are dragging Danielle to the end with her kicking and screaming!! She will never be All Star material. She is playing the same game that Brit played in season 12.

      • Mattiam

        For a BB fan, you aren’t very in tune with what is going on. She is not playing Britney’s game at all. In fact, Danielle has THREE SOLID final 2 deals; something Britney never had. Whether she wins or not, Danielle has played the best game thus far.

    • Cyninbend

      Did you see Danielle’s face when Dan and Ian began talking to her about coming back for All Stars. They were all down for it and then Dan started talking about Jani returning, and Dani’s face fell…Dan never knew about those lies Dani told trashing Jani, and her reputation, saying she bullied and threatened her…etc etc etc. Dan said Rachel would come back and Brit and they’d all play together..a girls’ team! Dani looked sick and said repeatedly they’d be after her…but Dan didn’t get it and kept going. LOL It was great! We know Jani does not want to return, but Dani is really scared, deservedly so. Guilty conscience. Dostoyevsky got it right so long ago. ;)

  • Alosey1987

    Frank by far

  • Gary

    FRANK Hands Down!

  • Dianna Kostick

    frank for sure is the most competitive so my vote goes for frank

  • Dianna Kostick

    Frank is the most competitive by far so my vote goes for him

  • Terrikey54

    Frank, Frank and Frank!!!

    • Cyninbend

      3 times the body odor but still no brains or gameplay!

  • Rick

    Ian for sure! How would he play a different game? Whereas Frank & Will would both play the same game they played this season.

  • Sideout2121

    Are you Frankaholics crazy? Yes, he’s powerful in the the comps but he’s brain dead! If it weren’t for Boogie, he would have been gone his first trip on the block. Ian would be a great one to watch matching wits with BB alum.

  • Lynda Perky

    All three great to watch. Ian is top choice, he just keeps getting better. If he wises up to Dan and gets him ou that would be amazing. Back away from the mist.

  • Marley Star

    I imagine all THREE will get asked back, but I have only have heart-space for Frank! #teamfrank

  • Deborah

    Frank totally. Jeff just interviewed him on and asked him if he would come back for all stars and Frank said yes. Then Jeff said how much he respected him and that he played an honest game a game like he played and that Frank was his favorite. He said if BB asked him he would love to come back and play all stars with Frank. Jeff didn’t say that to any of the others he interviewed. I would love to see Jeff and Frank in all stars together! That would be really good.

  • Secret3191

    Ian hands down. He’s proven to have the competition skills and sweet people skills. Frank lets his ego get in the way which rubs people the wrong way.

    • Cyninbend

      Totally agree! Hulks like Frank are a dime a dozen, but Ian’s smarts are so special and rare–he belongs in All Stars and it would be a crime not to have him back. He’d be a little older and more mature, more wise to the ways of liars and manipulators. I can’t wait!

    • Crazyysmileshan

      But Ian’s ego has also got in the way. His ego of wanting to be known as a renegade and being in the best alliance ever which lets be realistic QP isn’t even close, made him keep Dan when he could have got him out. Even Dan has said he’s tired of hearing Ian talking about how great he is at Big Brother.

  • Andrew Sloan

    why can’t we choose from the whole cast… like where the hell is mega superstar Jodi

    • Mon


      • DewyRose

        1,000 times lol…who? :)

    • Mo

      I Love Jodi !!

  • peruseido

    Please let me never see carrot top ..ever ever again!

  • Donald55

    Dan and Ian were by far the best players of this season. People love Frank, but Shane has won nearly as many competitions as Frank, and both of them are just as horrible when it comes to a social game. And don’t forget that Shane successfully had Frank out of the house early in the game, and the only reason he stayed was because production changed the rules and made Shane’s entire week as HOH worthless (and made them have to do 2 double-evictions to make up the time). People keep forgetting that wining Big Brother is not about winning competitions. It’s about winning when you have to, but playing a good enough social game that you don’t have to win too often so you can stay under the radar. Dan has done the best at this, and Ian comes in second.

  • Mo

    Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!
    Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.
    I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance to Frank on his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank hand only to betray the value and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36 — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for this?!

    • Mo

      Oh wait– let me put on my ‘anti- misting’ cloak on before you answer that …

  • Sid



  • Charlie Toft

    My guess would be Ian. A bonus is that if you put Ian in all-stars, he probably takes the spot they would have tried to give to that creep Ronnie instead.

    • Chance

      Ronnie should be the one pre jury boot that make it between him and Captain Kosher but id go with Ronnie

  • Mo

    Hahahahah!! I would LOVE to see Frank return to the house — AND return for a All Star Season! YES!!

  • James

    “Not to shabby for a young guy many would call a geek.”

    You getting paid too write?

  • Enilda Rivera

    Frank is the only one I want see return to Big Brother. An AllStars season for sure. Even Jeff said he would love to work with Frank because he’s a class act. He did not say that about anyone else.

  • omayra fontanez

    Frank all the way!!!He deserves it the most, he was a target from day one!The only times he was safe was when he was HOH or won POV. The last time he played HOH it was 6 against 1. And he smoked them all. That was amazing! Ian is just Dan’s puppet, and the only reason shane won another comp, is because frank ain’t there anymore. Please Vote Frank! I would love to see him play with Jeff in Allstars! He’s a great player! Frank is the man!

  • Mo

    Frank the Tank, and his sidekick Teddy B!! Hands Down!!

  • Deesigner1025

    Frank and Wil and even Ian. For me it would have to be an all veteran returning cast. No more mixing it up with newbies and vets. Also i want peoplle that did not win before or who never got the chance to hardly play at all “The evicted to soon vets”. Now that would be of interest to me.

  • Paigers1793

    All Frank did was win competitions. He had horrible gameplay, strategy and social game. IAN ALL THE WAY!

  • Shelby H. Ginsberg


  • Cyninbend

    Ian. Ian. Ian! My favorite player in years! Ian is the most interesting since Brit 1st played. His knowledge is fascinating. He had nerve double-crossing 5 times the poundage of himself. He rocks comps when stronger guys are crying like babies. Frank got suckered repeatedly! Nothing but hair, muscles, ego and b.o. Bleech! Ian all the way!

  • Cyninbend

    Frank had to be saved by the producers or he’d have been gone the night of the coach’s twist! For no reason and for the 1st time in BB history, they simply canceled the eviction that the house had agreed upon. The guy has watched the show for years and yet has no game. He’s got the deepset wrinkles of a 40 year old on his forehead, yet the resume of an 18 year old. They call people like him “losers!” Not All Stars!

  • Lisa L Payton Raikes

    frank and ian should be all stars

  • Boo Bissett

    The live feeds are 4 hours behind my time zone and I was in bed when the party started. Will it be showing again on super pass?