Finale Party: Who’s The Comp King/Queen?

Which BB14 HouseGuest is the best at competitions?

Finale Party: Who’s The Comp King/Queen?

Big Brother 14 is starting to wind down and that means there will soon be a new (or old if Dan has anything to do with it) winner crowned. That also means it’s almost time for the Finale Party at Tru Hollywood!

This year’s party will have the addition of HouseGuest awards that you — the fans and readers — choose by voting on three nominees in a number of categories.

Be sure to tune into SuperPass Thursday, Sept. 20 at 9pm BBT to watch the Big Brother 14 Finale Party live from Tru Hollywood! The awards ceremony is set to begin at 10pm BBT, so keep your eyes on the Live Feeds and see your favorite HGs win the awards voted on by you.

Our next category is Competition King or Queen. And the nominees are …

  • Shane: With three veto wins and two Head of Household titles, this season, Shane has more accolades that some past winners. He may or may not have made all the right moves with those powers, but he proved one thing: he knows how to win them.
  • Frank: When Frank hasn’t been on the block, he’s been Head of Household. So that’s three HoH wins and three vetoes. He has one more win than Shane, but he also has a disqualification under his belt. Does that make him less of a competitor than Shane? You decide.
  • Danielle: There were a couple of times when Frank and Shane didn’t win everything and that’s when Danielle outlasted everyone in the first endurance competition of the season. She also has a Power of Veto under her belt.

We’re keeping the poll results under wraps for the whole element of suspense thing. We know you’ll understand. So just be sure to tune in on Thursday, Sept. 20 to find out who wins on SuperPass!

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  • BB Cory

    Danielle should definitely be crowned the comp queen. She already has in her head anyway. In fact Danielle should also be awarded a prize for most interesting psychosis of any hg.

  • Andrew Sloan


  • Ashley Gisselle

    We all know that Frank is the comp King, it so obvious. He is a BEAST!

  • downtorio

    Seconding Andrew Sloan. I guess it’s best that Shane, Frank and Danielle got her out early on ’cause Janelle would have dominated (again) if they had given her the chance.

  • Kaq42

    frank, shouldn’t get it because he is a big fat liar and thats just half of it. he also, cheated twice, which in my opinion is a scumbag.

  • Mo

    Frank deserves to win comp king hands down!! What a Beast!!

  • Guest

    Dan caused the FISH the MOST! Yet he wasn’t even listed…. MOST annoying OR Ugliest player: id vote him on that too

  • Shelby H. Ginsberg

    Is it even a contest? Frank!