Happy Hour Week Five Recap

Missy's on Team Janelle, but Ellen is on Team Frank. What about you?

Happy Hour Week Five Recap

Cheers to you, Big Brother fans! It’s Happy Hour time and Missy and Ellen are here to knock back a few and dish with you!

It’s Thursday, the most exciting day of the week: Eviction Day! Janelle is on the block and is she “pouting” or is she merely “thinking”? Missy and Ellen just can’t agree on this. See for yourself and let us know in the comments: What is Janie thinking?


So, the question of the hour: Is Janelle going home tonight or not? Ellen thinks YES. Missy is Team Janelle all the way, but she sees the writing on the wall. What do YOU think, BB fans?

Some quick notes on the other HGs this week before we take your calls:

  • Danielle had all the power this week. Missy thinks she’s getting pretty full of herself, but Ellen thinks no more than the usual HOH would.
  • Why is Frank such a powerful player? He has come off the block several times already. Is it the hair? Ellen thinks his bod is not bad at all…
  • Ellen likes Dan and she liked the game he’s playing. Speaking of Dan — please lay off the threats, fans. It’s not acceptable and we should leave the drama inside the BB14 house.
  • Boogie‘s cockiness is turning off Missy. Ellen loves it! Ellen thinks Janelle is just as  cocky!
  • Ellen thinks Ian is really cute in that dog’s outfit. She says no one else could pull off that dog suit like he could!

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  • Jim Fowler

    Sorry, since Chelsia has been dropped I havent watched the Happy Hour.

    I really question what market Reality Nation is pursuing.

    I also stopped watching the feeds this week. I read of a lot of people besides myself who are disappointed with Dan. No, not to the point of being mean. Just disappointed in some of his actions. He may have signed his own eviction order this last week. I had understood his desire to keep the other coaches as a buffer in front of himself. But when he bought the BS Boogie was selling him, it reversed that concept. He should have known with the houses dislike for Janelle it would have been easy to get her out at any time. And had he not been the driving force behind the change and had gone alone with voting Frank out, he would have crippled Boogie as well. And still had both Janelle and Boogie as a buffer. So no, it isnt a fact of being a “Dan Boy”. Is a fact of being disappointed in his actions.

    As far as Danielle, she has surpassed the HOHitis that has often happened. She has gone to the point of being vicious. Unmercifully attacking a HG who is down and on her way out. No need to continue beating a dead horse. And her lies know no bounds. Making the obvious attacks about what Janelle has “supposedly” been doing. In the eyes of many of the feed viewers that I read on the blogs the attitude has changed much as has mine. I dont know who the new person is with Missy, but reading about some of her perceptions I have questions if she is watching the live feeds or is a “TV Only”.

    Danielle in the eyes of many has already claimed the trophy Shelly won last season as the most disliked HG. Curious about the concern Danielle has about how she is viewed, and what impact it would have on her if she knew the perception we have. And from what she said about the goodbye message, I dont even care to really watch it. I didnt even watch the show last night because I didnt want to be subjected to the anticipated DRs of Boogie. Some enjoyed the antics of Chilltown, but Boogie without DrWill is not Chilltown as much as he might like to believe.

  • Don Diego de la Vega

    Janelle was thinking, “Why am I so clueless to why Danielle hates me–SQUIRREL…”