Happy Hour With BB14′s Ashley

Ashley Iocco dishes on Frank, dream boards and life after Big Brother

Happy Hour With BB14′s Ashley

Big Brother 14 HouseGuest Ashley Iocco checked into the SuperPass Studios to dish life after Big Brother with Spicy and Missy.

So What has Ashley been up to since leaving the Big Brother house? Well, aside from her new haircut and doing some spray-tanning, she’s been spending a lot of time just simply adjusting.

“As I went through the game, it gets crazy and I felt even crazier than I did before,” Ashley said. “I’m just getting back to normal.”

So the question on everyone’s mind was Frank. So is “Frashley” actually a thing?

“I wouldn’t say a couple,” Ashley said. “We’re just seeing how it goes. I think he might move out here. I don’t think we’re going to call each other a couple. Yet.”

But she does say she gets butterflies when she kisses Frank. She also talks about life in the jury house, how she played the game and what’s next for her.

If you weren’t able to catch the live airing of Happy Hour with Ashley, then stay tuned because it will be archived on SuperPass ASAP!

Giveaway! Hey Big Brother fans, if you tell us five items you’d put on your dream board, you’ll have the chance to win a T-Shirt autographed by past Big Brother HGs! Just post your dreamboard items in the comments below and you might be the lucky winner! Be sure to log in with a working e-mail address or Twitter!


  • http://twitter.com/kellyharwell1 kelly harwell

    1) Have Big Brother 4 times a year
    2) meet all the BB HG I can from 1-14
    3) I lost my left kidney in 2005 so I want my right kidney to keep working
    4) have money to move out of Tn and to Ca or Fl
    5) let my friends dad not have cancer no more

    • Guest

      I like this one the best NICE DREAM BOARD KELLY …p.s. is this Kelli from Tn ??

      • http://twitter.com/kellyharwell1 kelly harwell

        TYVM….yes it’s me

    • Weezy_anna

      U go girl

      • http://twitter.com/kellyharwell1 kelly harwell


    • kay

      ia really like this Dream board

      • http://twitter.com/kellyharwell1 kelly harwell


  • Aaron Guaraldi

    1. Big Brother in the Summer and Winter
    2. Meet all of my favorite Houseguests
    3. Keep all of my friends and family healthy
    4. Become a Reality TV Writer / Blogger
    5. & Win tickets to a Live episode of BB!

    That’s my dreamboard : )

  • vickie britton

    1) Healing for my sister who is fighting breast cancer
    2) Have my mom come for a long visit
    3) Take all of my family on vacation
    4) Get in great shape and be totally healed
    5) Win the lottery for me and my husband and to share with my family

  • http://twitter.com/Kimber_Gayle Kimberly BB SuperFan

    I DO have a dream board! 5 of my items on my board are:

    1. A pair of Prada black heels!
    2. Earn my Bachelors degree in Management, my Masters in business – and become a top level VP of Human Resources in the energy sector!
    3. To be a Big Brother Canada Houseguest
    4. Debt Free & Financial Freedom
    5. And a red camaro convertible! (I used to own a red camaro but had to sell it to buy something practical for our Canadian winters and now I want a new one!)

  • okkellyok

    i would have dr will kirby on my dream board!

  • Tylersbailey

    My 5 dreamboard items are:
    1. Graduate high school with honors.
    2. Attend college.
    3. Go on Big Brother during the Summer.
    4. Win Big Brother & meet all my favorite houseguests.
    5. Interview with Superpass and explain to them my super sophisticated and well-thought out strategy that assured my 500k success. :)

    • http://twitter.com/tylersbailey Tyler Bailey

      Oh by the way, that’s my comment but I didn’t login lol.

    • http://twitter.com/kellyharwell1 kelly harwell

      CONGRATS !!!!!!!

      • http://twitter.com/tylersbailey Tyler Bailey

        Thanks!!! :)

  • Jeremy

    On my dream board I would include, get above 90′s in all my classes this year, be on big brother on day, meet Rachel Reilly, win one of Ashley’s eBay items, and win this shirt, LOL.

  • http://twitter.com/MichelleF321 Michelle F

    1.cancer to never darken the door of anyone ever again.
    2. my grandchildren to grow up healthy and happy.
    3.no child to ever go hungry.
    4.veteran’s to be treated as humans not machines that can be tossed away after their duty is done.
    5.and for me a week in Venice

  • http://twitter.com/heathur22 Heather

    On my dreamboard I would have to win this shirt and to meet Ashley, Britney, and Ian one day!

  • Jd131

    the 5 items i want to list on my dream board are, Get an ipad,,,, Lose 25 pounds,,,,,Trip to Vegas,,,,,Own a nice Home,,,,, Win a Million Dollars

  • LLKirby

    1.for my husband to be the person he was before he went to Iraq & came back with PTSD
    2.My Rheumatoid Arthritis to be healed so I could work again.
    3.trip to Hawaii

  • Bren91955


  • Stark_martin

    My dream board: 5 items on it.
    1.A Big Brother season of all the former houseguests who were voted out first.
    2. Go to the Vegas Bash at least once.
    3. Improve my health.
    4. Make a difference in my community.
    5. Get more involved in politics and change the laws regarding GLBT marriage

  • Melissabez

    5 things on my dream board…. 1. Visit Disney world and have tea with the mad hatter 2. Interview a celebrity 3. Have my own web blog 4. Make someone really really happy and last but not least 5. GET A PHONE CALL FROM BBCA CASTING CREW TO BE ON BBCA!!!!!

    Melissa Delorme

  • http://twitter.com/TeamNzinga Nzinga Brooks

    My dream board:
    1. Become Debt-Free
    2. Find True Love
    3. Become a successful Event/Wedding Planner
    4. Be on Ellen Show

  • MelissaDelorme

    Follow me at @melissabez love you reality nation!!!

  • Dlfn83

    I will be a BB house guest , BB house guests will follow me on twitter , Dan will coach me, I will find love on BB, Ashley Ioco will help me get BB house guests to follow me

  • michelle

    1. For my autistic son to attend a day program now that he is done with school.
    2. For my husband and I to go on a vacation . We have never been on a real vacation together.
    3. My daughter to discover what she would be interested in for a career. And then attend college.

  • color23

    win the lottery so i can get myself and kids out of debt. build me a house. get new furniture. get new clothes, donate to 10 of my favorite charities

  • Angspur

    1- be the best mother I can to my Little Dude
    2- be financially able to volunteer more and Help more people
    3- go on a massive girls only vacation to France, shop drink and be merry!
    4- have another child- been trying for a year:)
    5- last but not least, make it on BB as I have tried many times:)

  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    Love your bangs Ashley, very gorgious and sexy.

  • http://twitter.com/bbjamie10 Jamie loves BB

    1) Meet Britney Haynes
    2) Be on Big Brother
    3) Win Big Brother
    4) Be on Big Brother All Stars
    5)Win Big Brother All Stars

    … so yeah. and if i could add another one… I would have Britney to follow me ! (: