Exclusive Interview with Janelle Pierzina

The BB legend tells us how she feels about being evicted

Exclusive Interview with Janelle Pierzina

We just got off the phone with Jedi Janie, here’s what she had to say about her eviction, Mike “Boogie”, and who she’s hoping will win Big Brother 14!

What is your theory behind why Mike is always only looking out for the fellas?

I think that Mike is seriously in love with Frank to a whole ‘nother level. Like he was with Will in All-Stars. They have the strongest bro-mance ever. I don’t know if Frank loves Boogie back, but Boogie is definitely in love with Frank.

When did you realize you were likely to be evicted?

When I was nominated. I pretty much knew, there were signs. Britney coming out of the diary room, crying. Dan gave me definite hints that I was leaving.

Which eviction message annoyed you the most?

Oh Boogie, he’s a complete douchlord.

Who do you see winning this game?

I really hope that Dan wins it, but I could see Frank winning it for sure. They should have gotten rid of him this week, he’s going to go really far in this game.

Who do you see as next out?

Probably Wil or Joe.

What newbies do you anticipate remaining friends with after the season is over?

Ummm, probably Joe for sure. And I guess maybe Wil, but not that good of friends.

How does the Frank/Boogie alliance stack up to Chilltown?

I think that they are very similar. It’s going to be the same type of scenario, they are taking out all the women, and it will be a bunch of dudes left. I don’t think that’s very wise for Britney’s gameplay, but whatever she wants to do, it’s her game I guess.

Will you go back and watch any highlights?

I’ll be on Twitter and Facebook immediately, checking things out.

How happy are you to get back to the hubby and baby?

I’m so excited! The day could not be short enough until I get home!

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  • Holly

    What…..wait……I thought there was going to be a big announcement?

  • guest

    massive love Janelle.

  • http://twitter.com/shaunte7139 shaunte bradley

    janelle i Love you, forget those loser it there lose. well at least u dont have to set in jury u get to see hubby and ur beauty baby girl!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/tangledhearts Callie

    Ugh miss you Janie. I will be praying for Boogie’s eviction and hope your honor is avenged!

  • crayons

    Love you, Janie. I wanted you to stay, but am happy you are out of that toxic house.

  • Jcarroll


  • Trisha

    Janelle, I was sad all week for you. CBS screwed you by saving Frank the week the coaches came in. That was BS and no reason whatsoever not to have an eviction. I felt the biggest betrayal came from Brit who really instigated the whole thing. She along with Dani made a great team of “Mean girls”. You get the last laugh as you get to go home to your family and had to put in the least amount of time for salary. And I’m sure you’ll win Americas Favorite this year.

    • Handymike

      she can’t !!! thankfully…good riddens

      • trisha

        Yes she can…its no longer Americas Favorite Juror but Americas Favorite Player so kiss my Canadian Bacon

    • quack-pack fan

      Britney did not instigate Janelle’s eviction – it was Boogie. Britney couldn’t do much because she was in the quack-pack alliance and would have to go against them. Jani let her down week two so I don’t see the motivation for Britney to give up her standing in the alliance to stand up with Janelle who didn’t have the votes anyway.

      • Passion8leader

        No. Janelle already had PROVED that she had their backs. Brit was just naive to Boogie and his BS. She bought into it. Brit`s one of my favorites and is USUALLY pretty on-top of stuff but boy, did she blow it agreeing to get rid of Janelle and allowing Boogie to get everything HE wanted. She could have campaigned to the rest of the house to keep her. The fact is, Britney caved. She totally screwed up. She just showed me that she has no leadership qualities. She`s more of a follower. It bums me out though. I`m so disappointed in her cuz I really like her.

  • tuxxy

    Love you Janelle! Take it as a compliment that Boogie didn’t want you in the Jury House! He knew you would have America’s Favorite again! He is a loser and so jealous of you its actually funny how pathetic he looks!

  • TiramiSue

    Janie your fans are so proud of how you kept it classy til the end. All your old chat room fans know you’re the same Janie just with the addition of now being mom and wife. Glad you’re out of the house of delusional and bitter bitches.

  • HonestJo

    I don’t want to watch now, I haven’t been watching much even though I have feeds. I loved Janelle she was a bad ass before this season but some people have said she was not so cool like she was the other two years. I am glad I didn’t watch much because I consider janelle the best and my favorite player from big brother and I can’t stand boogie.

  • http://twitter.com/FamilyGuy1428 Shawn Payer

    My favourite Big Brother player! She is way to nice to be in the house this season. As for Wil, I’d be surprised to see a friendship come out of that, he talked so much shit about her on the live feeds it’s not funny.

  • Araskren

    Your still America’s favorite house guest and the best BB player of all time! I couldn’t believe Britney, she screwed her game up as Boogie already said yesterday they need to get her out, Frank didn’t like the idea very well! But if “as Janelle said” “douchlord Boogie” get’s his way she will be gone this week! I”m gonna miss watching you play Janie, almost don’t even want to watch, I’m rooting for Ian now!

  • Hidavesmom

    Well i was good with her going out, it is a game for a lot of money, and thats how the game is PLAYED.

  • R Eckhart1


  • Stopntrafic

    It’s how the game is played BUT I am so sorry Boogie the booger man could not have more class behind his azz! He takes credit for something that was simple common sense, Janie you are a strong player and they all knew it and made a choice. just sad Boogie had to try to pour salt on a wound and make his self look badly.

  • Tyler AP

    Janelle you are always going to be a big brother legend and one of the best players to ever play the game. Way to keep the class but on finale please call out Danielle for all of her insane lies!! Hope to see you again but if not enjoy time with the family and life outside the BB house. Just know that you have a ton of BB fans and a great reputation. PROUD OF YOU!

  • Josh A

    I love you, Janie!! Take comfort that Britney has already realized what a dumbass move was to turn against you. I can’t wait to see that bitch get her comeuppance. And Mike Boogie… there are no words to describe how much of an asshat he is. I hope there’s a vermin infestation at Geisha House and his fucking restaurant gets shut down.

  • Matison

    love you janie! the rest of the house is just jealous of you, not to mention the newbies are all kind of insane (danielle).
    anyway, america is proud of you and loves you no matter what.

  • Tuniciaa

    Thanks for returning to Big Brother Janie.

  • Handymike

    i’m surprised Janelle has 19 fans? wow…impressive!

  • Joy

    I can’t believe any of them listened to Boogie….It was as if none of them had a brain! Very stupid of Britney and Danielle. Danielle is a dumbbell….She wanted to do an ego power play instead she has cut her own throat. The show is not worth watching without Janelle in it! Except I can’t wait to see that vicious Boogie thrown out and Danielle! I’d love to see that on a double eviction.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003185450535 Ka Ri Ma Karima

    You’re still Big Brother all-time-favorite! They are all afraid to compete against you. Plz come back again! We’ll vote you in! Or come back another season!

    • Gingerrose16

      Love you Jedi-Janie. You have always been my all-time favorite too.That dumbass Danielle thinks she’s made such a great move but all she did was show how jelly she was over the most beautiful, strongest, & classiest BB player ever. Thanks for sharing so much of your self with us. You truely are he best.

  • Jonathan M

    I, unlike all these other crack heads, see you for the unclassy, conniving bitch that you are. They say you kept it classy at the end? How is someone calling someone a loser and a douche bag keeping it classy? It’s not. Boogie may have been a poor winner, but you were equally a sore loser. This will get thunbs downed by the blind followers but it doesn’t matter because it’s the truth. Also the “Jedi Janie” nickname is annoying and was coined by the most irritating houseguest in BB history, bar none, Howie. And speaking of “classy exits”…

    • Swertzham

      leaving hurtful remarks that are irrevelant and serve no purpose than to be degrading is hardly the behavior of someone who can grasp such concepts of “class.” Have fun being you, age is going to be a bitch.

      • Swertzham

        That was in reply to the Jonathan M mole up above, NOT the and not directed at the HUMAN BEING his comment was left to attack.

  • Passion8leader

    Missing Janelle more than ever. She was right about EVERYTHING! What was Brit thinking; letting Boogie run the show? She bought Boogie`s lies? Why?????? Anyway, Janelle DID have all of their backs. WTF was wrong with them??? Well, making Janelle leave was just plain stupid on all of their parts. NOW, they`ll have to deal with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.robinson.5473 Tony Robinson

    Sorry too see you go Janie. I was cheering for ya, but wish you would have let your team of floaters go and played with Frank, Dan, and Mike after you were in the game. Really wanted too see you in the final two this season. So glad Will is going home today for what he did to you and hope Ashley gets whats coming too her in the BB game as well.