Janelle and JoJo Talk it Out

The two finally cut out the middle man on the Live Feeds

Janelle and JoJo Talk it Out

JoJo has spent half the week on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds campaigning for herself to avoid eviction and talking a lot of smack about people. But, hey, that’s what you do in the house.

Janelle got wind of some things JoJo said, like Janelle wants JoJo out of the house. Which she does, so I’m not sure why it’s an issue. Maybe had Janelle heard JoJo making fun of her nose, saying she should’ve had a nose job along with her other plastic surgery, then I might understand why Janelle would want to talk to JoJo.

But they do have their heart to heart, and each explains to the other where they’re coming from. Oh, and Britney is there to clear her name from any involvement. Then she takes off and leaves Janelle and JoJo to talk it out.

Ugh. Now I feel like a bitchy high school girl after typing all this.

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  • Jase

    you guys are hilarious you watch a Quirky dude video to see what happens on the live feeds and then try and get people to sign up for the live feeds…

  • TruthTeller

    Good job JoJo for not falling into Janelle’s catty-girl, little trap! Janelle doesn’t seem to have much imagination beyond playing the mean girl roll. “Three time looser”, is definitely in Janelle’s near future.