Janelle Pierzina Attends BB 14 Casting Call in PA

Watch her interview on KDKA!

Janelle Pierzina Attends BB 14 Casting Call in PA

One of the most beloved Big Brother house guests of all time, Janelle Pierzina, attended the Big Brother 14 casting calls in Pittsburgh a few days ago and was on the local news promoting the event.

Appearing on CBS’ KDKA, Pierzina talked about her time in the Big Brother house to a host who didn’t exactly seem familiar with the show – AT ALL – and had the most annoying voice I think I’ve ever heard come out of a news anchor’s mouth. Is it just me? They must be hard up for anchors in PA.

Janelle was asked about what it is like being in a house where there are cameras on you 24/7, how she survived without any communication from the outside world and what advice she has for those Big Brother 14 hopefuls looking to secure a spot on the show. This interview is kinda hilarious, only because I find the host to be…ummmm….well, you decide.

HOST: “Do you have any advice for…well, first of all explain what do you do at the audition?”

JANELLE: “They’re looking or people 21 and up, they’re looking for outgoing people, people that are competitive, that love the show, that want to win the $500,000.”

HOST: “Will they ask you questions or do you just kind of stand and give a monologue of why you want to be on the show?”

JANELLE: “Yeah, they’re going to ask you why you want to be on the show, how are you going to play the game. So, those are pretty much the basic questions.”

HOST: “You said they’re looking for big personalities, is [being]over the top too much?”

JANELLE: “You just gotta be yourself. If you’re a person that loves rock n’ roll then be the rocker, if you are a mother then be the mother, if you’re a single girl looking for a boyfriend then, you know, that’s who you are.”

HOST: “You said you gotta have some sort of strategy to win or some game play…?”

JANELLE: “Well you should. Most people do that . . . they have a strategy how they are going to play the game and win the $500,000.”

HOST: “Uh huh.” (Doesn’t she sound thrilled?)

As for Janelle’s advice for playing the game, she says backstab, bitches! Oh, and lie!

“You’re going to have to lie at some point. You can not lie for quite awhile in the game, but eventually when there’s only a few people, you’re going to have to backstab someone.”

Watch the video of Janelle on KDKA here. Afterwards, you tell me if Big Brother should throw the KDKA host into the BB14 house and watch her get eaten alive. I’m game!


  • http://twitter.com/pepsiRiCh Rich

    That lady wouldnt last 1 week in the house. Pretty bad interview but Janelle looks great :)

  • http://twitter.com/spicypants Celebrity Smack

    Haha, my thoughts exactly. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003185450535 Ka Ri Ma Karima

    Any chance we get to see Janelle is great! I paid no attention to the host. I was excited to see Janelle working with Big Brother again.
    Please do another Allstars with previous HG’s only! Not Vets vs. Newbies.