Janelle Wants Drama in The House

Big Brother Live Feed Highlight

Janelle Wants Drama in The House

In seasons 6 and 7 Janelle provided plenty of drama in the Big Brother house and even though she's not in the real game this season (yet!), she still wants some drama in the house.

Check out this clip from SuperPass where Janelle tells a group of players in the HOH room that things haven't spiced up enough yet. She tells Willie that they need to set up a tie this week so that Willie can bust out a surprise Frank eviction. Janelle wants DRAMA.

“It would be such good television,” she says in near hysterics.

She then tells the story of how she blind-sided Boogie during All-Stars and sent Dr. Will packing.

“Can we please do that again? Please?” She asks. “Just to see Boogie's face.”

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