Jeff and Jordan Do America

CBS announces upcoming live video chat with couple

Jeff and Jordan Do America

Big Brother super couple Jeff and Jordan are about to do America, according to CBS. Actually, they’re just going to be doing a live chat that CBS has dubbed “Jeff and Jordan Do America.”

Insert dirty  jokes here.

CBS announced the live video chat with Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd on Facebook today. It’s set for Thursday, June 28, at 2 pm PT / 5:00pm ET at There’s not any more information at this time. No idea what this is about, but it could have something to do with their show on CBSi.

JeJo fans could care less what it’s about, they’re just excited to see the couple again.

“Thank you CBS!!” Facebook user Sue Strickland Bruce wrote. “You can’t go wrong … Jeff and Jordan are the Lucy and Ricky of today!!!”

Deena Jakes share her enthusiasm as well.

“Very excited!!!” She wrote. “Jeff and Jordan are entertainment Gold. Smart Move, CBS!!!”

CBS says a link to the page will be provided soon.

Will you be watching the live chat? Are you excited?



  • Kaczextra

    Can’t wait! Let them be themselves not scripted. Because they are at their best being them and that’s why we all love them.

    • Dan

      Fuck Yeah!!! The only two people to get on this game to win a Game!! and not to spend the rest of their lives ATTACHED to the BB family…Mad Respect for both of them!!!

      • Corndogger

        WTF?!!! If they don’t want to be attached to BB then why did they do BB13 after BB11? Why did Jordan do a SuperPass show that lasted for months? Why have they done countless other SuperPass shows? Your objectivity about them is sadly lacking.

        • rose

          Meaning that they do not get involved in all the post show stuff IE saying bad things about former house guest on twitter, in chats, podcasts. Their lives do not revolve around being on BB like so many former house guest

          • TheRealDeal

            That is so True , and noone can deny that !! Never heard them say a bad word about any former hg’s , even when their fans points out to them what past Hg are saying about them , they take the high road , which is commendable imo.

          • Dan

            Exactly what I was saying Rose and TRD.:)

  • guest

    Hell yea i’ll be watching, love them would watch anything they are on.

  • rose

    Love them!! can not wait 2 see them being themselves that is what people what 2 see

  • guest

    of course i will be watching….a huge jeff and jordan fan here and proud to admit it…what i really dont get is how reality nation/superpass takes every chance they can get to make a dig at the two of them but you seem to be very interested in what they are doing..Why because you and america know that these two are “GOLD” America loves them and they love their fans…Maybe reality nation/superpass should take more time in hiring people that actually have something nice to say and have a brain instead of having employees such as chelsia hart,and jun song

  • guest

    yeah i will be watching. don’t understand why you’re site is all the time making digs oh yeah i do some of you’re staff Jun and Chelsia are jealous no one likes them but the BB family .glad Jeff and Jordan moved on and they don’t live for everything BB

    • Corndogger

      I’m not sure about Jun, but Chelsia has never appeared jealous of Jeff and Jordan from what I’ve seen. She’s basically had nothing but good things to say about them. Where did you get this notion anyway?

      • Chelsia Hart

        Thanks, Corndogger! I love hanging with J&J!

    • Chelsia Hart

      Hey guest, I’m not jealous of J&J, I’m very happy for them. Everyone at RN & SP loves working with them, and they enjoy working with us – just ask them, they’ll tell you!

      • Faceones

        tell them Chelsia did not see anything she said was bad why dont u put your nic or name up there unless your all talk

    • Jim

      I find you wrong with your comments about Chelsia. Jun on the other hand seems to feel she has an image to uphold and appears to me to have nothing but negative comments about everyone. Reason I dont read any of her blogs anymore. And I’m sure after Jordan whooped her a$$ on the best player voting she will only get worse.

      • Dan

        I totally agree with that Jim.

  • gma

    Hey guest I don’t see them taking any jabs at Jeff and Jordan. I am a big J & J fan and it is people like you that give us fans a bad name.

  • HoustonTransplant

    In this day and age that we see so much garbage about young people, Jeff and Jordan are a well needed breathe of fresh air. So excited for them AND us.

  • Elizabeth

    Looks like great fun! They have a such a positive vibe about them! Looking forward to watching!!!

  • Shadow

    Jeff and Jordan are really refreshing to watch ..she is so sweet an innocent and he is strong an guides well..good combination…and both are easy on the eyes…this will be great

  • bebbymcq

    So happy for Jeff and Jordan, they are loved by many fans. You never hear negative things about them, like so many other BB fans. Thanks, CBS you made a great decision, now all we need is a Wedding for American Sweethearts on CBS.

  • Kelvin

    i can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really don’t care…Jeff & Jordan are great, but its just not for me

    • Dan

      haha What isnt for you? have you seen something the rest of us have not seen yet??

  • Joe

    “Will you be watching the live chat?” No
    “Are you excited?” No

  • Annemariecaggiano

    OH I CANT wait

  • Southernbama

    I love Jeff and Jordan. I am so happy you are giving them a show, I wish it were on primetime. They deserve it. Yes we need their wedding televised and paid for by CBS so Jordan can have everything she wants!

  • Yvonne Beatty-Salvatore

    I am so excited to be able see Jeff and Jordan again. For sure a good time and as we all know many smiles and laughter!!!! Always a healthy combination!!

  • Johanna42

    when will this show air?

  • tholencagg

    JUST enjoyed them so much very cute, & enjoyable hope they make more .It was fun seeing things I never saw before hope they do another series of them traveling & checking things out it would be a great show

  • HoH8

    I just saw all 10 episodes on….these 2 are the cutest ever…it was a joy watching them…☺…