Jeff and Jordan Get Show on CBSi

Super couple to star in web series together

Jeff and Jordan Get Show on CBSi

Big Brother fan favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd have started filming their own reality show on CBSi.

Jeff tweeted the news today. “Excited for me & Jordan to start filming our new show today for CBSi,” he said. “Already having a blast!! More info to come…”

He also included the above photo in the tweet.

Jeff and Jordan recently moved to Los Angeles together so Jeff could pursue such outlets. Jordan had previously said she was done with reality TV for a bit, but it looks like CBS tossed an offer at the Big Brother sweethearts she just could refuse.

“Just left chicago, about to start our new adventure w/CBS interactive,” Jordan tweeted today.

So what’s CBSi? “CBS Interactive is the premier online content network for information and entertainment” according to the website. “Our brands dive deep into the things people care most about across news, sports, entertainment, technology and business. With hundreds of millions of unique visitors from around the world each month, CBS Interactive is a global top 10 web property and the largest premium content network online.”

There’s no further information on the web series at this time. But as soon as we know the details on what the show will be about and where and when you can watch, we’ll keep you updated.




  • me

    Love them but hate the nickname JeJo.

  • Mar00601

    i can’t wait to watch them…Love them

  • guest

    What nickname would you rather?

  • Guest

    Nicknames way better than the gag-inducing JEJO nickname: JJ, Jordeff, the Js, or Jeff and Jordan

  • Tlcfn_99

    How bout the dipsh*t duo? These two make me sick. So do the catladies who worship the ground they walk on.

    • rose

      Same thing I said up above MOVE on with your life stop following them would make your day a lot better!!

    • Pabz

      Nothing wrong with keeping it real. Another cliche nick and jessica simpson duo. Except I’m pretty sure this one is a CBS put on anyway. Take the ken and barbie bull and shove it.

  • Sandy Mcmullen

    yea cant wait

  • Kim Gayheart

    Tlcfn_99Collapse jealous much you’re probably a past BB house guest!!!

    • Icalltheshots

      Oh please, not everyone worships the ground these two knuckleheads walk on. Jeff is a homophobe bully who CBS gives the hero edit to. Even though I’m also not a Brenchel fan, I’m actually ecstatic they’ve made it WAY further on TAR than Dumb and Dumber. Have a good night, cat ladies!

      • rose

        It People like You Why I do not want to Watch Big Brother any more. If You hate a house guess so much why take time out of your day to come write mean things about them?
        MOVE ON do not follow them and do not click on any links with there names on it. I do it all the time for all the other BB people

    • Tlcfn_99

      I love getting the Jeff and Jordan fans all riled up. In fact, doing that was one of the few things that made last season enjoyable. I knew that one comment on twitter would provide hours of enjoyment. Sometimes, all it would take is mentioning that I was rooting for Daniele and the cat ladies would be out in full force.
      Having said that, I must clear up the misconceptions you have of me. First, I am not a past houseguest. (Come on, seriously?!?!?) And second, I am not jealous. (Although the “you’re jealous” comeback is always hysterical to me.) There is absolutely nothing to be jealous of. As the person below me stated, he’s a homophobic bully who got a great edit last season and she is nothing but an empty headed twit. In fact, a piece of lint has a higher IQ than these two combined. It is not just their stupidity though. It was also Jordan’s constant bitching about how she didn’t want to be there, as well as both of them talking about how wonderful they were and how much better they were than everyone else in the house.
      So, let me say it again, just so we are perfectly clear. I am not a past houseguest and I am most certainly not jealous of these two. But thanks for suggesting these things, I needed a good laugh. :-)

      • TruthTeller

        Hmmmm , I predict u are either Trashy ,NO Talent Michele Noonan or “Still hiding in the closet”, pathetic Ronnie , either way , You have ALOT to be jealous of when it comes to J/J , so I understand your bitterness toward J/J , SINCE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU DON’T , i.e Fan’s , popularity , personality , and a new show to boot. Hahahaha u should GET OVER IT and just except that u are a loser and alway’s will be. You’d be much happier .

      • guest

        well for someone that is dumb as lint she managed to win 500,000 jeff has won americas favorite x2 they have landed spots on amazing race bb 11 and 13 and ATWFF along with numerous guest appearances and now a show with CBSI yup sounds like a couple of dummies to me…Get real…you must have been watching a different show then the rest of us…i have never seen jordan be anything but kind to people…hmmm she gave up a phone call from home so a mother could talk to her young daughter and husband..again sounds like a selfish person…jeff supported everyone that was on his team…and they backstabbed him,but he sounds like a full of himself jerk…no i would say you are not jealous at all..your a closet douchebag who needs to get in touch with reality!!! as i am sure you will reply…save your dime !!! noone cares go back to sucking on mommys breast milk…wait whats that oh no jealousy is not a good color on you!

      • Pabz

        The extremes people will go through. “You’re a past house guest”.. really? … Can’t a normal person just NOT LIKE this stage couple. It’s pretty obvious how many die hard fans they created with it, they’re going to exploit all your “hopeless romantic” dreams and get them to make a show together…$$$

  • Andrew Sloan

    “…but it looks like CBS tossed an offer at the Big Brother sweethearts she just could refuse.”
    I think you mean “could NOT refuse” :O

  • Ekb6060

    They are not just watchable but so real, sincere, fun, and loveable to many–when they met, their worlds and our worlds exploded. I’ve sat with them for hours of casual talk, and planning–then traveled the world with them and their ever-expanding group of friends. I’ll always be there for my J’s–they are the Best.

  • swizzle

    Jeff is a nasty homophobe and anyone who watches the live feeds would realize that he isn’t the sweetheart that the CBS episodes make him out to be.

  • herbsforevernda

    I am exciting about Jeff and Jordan new show about Route 66!!

  • Melissa

    Any show that has Jeff on it I’m watching! Can we have a clip or 2 of him working out, or lying by the pool please? man I miss those days! lol ;) But in all honesty I am thrilled for them! Can’t wait to watch them!

  • honestJo

    I had the live feeds. I love jordan because she is a sweety with a great heart and is kind. I put up with Jeff because Jordan love him and it looks like their going to be partners but the reason why I don’t like him is because he is against gays or against gays teaching kids it sounded like to me and he doesn’t treat Jordan well sometimes. He has called her names before and I know he told her in a mean voice a few times I think it was to shutup. He is very lucky to have her and hopefully he will see that someday. so I root for them because of Jordan :)

    • guest

      i have never heard jeff call jordan any names…in frustration he may have told her to shut up…but jordan seems to understand…hey show me a perfect couple and i will be amazzed..i think they have deep love and respect for each other…and jeff always has her back….as for jeff being against gay people…i do not believe that for a second…people took a couple of things that jeff said out of context and ran with it..obviously he is not homophobic as one of his best friends is an openly gay male..people should think before they speak its not like any of us are perfect and we have all said and done things at one point and time that we regret…obviously they are together because they love each other its been almost three years now.

  • Tiffany Dawson

    Omg!!! You were in OKC, OK last night and took a pic with one of my great friends!!!! She sent me the pic, and I have never been so envious!!! Love you guys bunches!!!! Will be watching for more to come!!! XOXOX!

  • Rachel

    Dumb & Dumber Redux

  • AndyB

    “CBS Interactive is the premier online content network for information and entertainment…”

    So how much will CBS be charging for this “content?”

  • Ronaldgayheart

    don’t understand why people want to call people that like Jeff and Jordan’s fans cat ladies i hate cats i have a very productive life. i have a wonderful life i’m not poor or stupid.what i like about these 2 people is that they are real and not fake .I love how people try to make out like Jeff is against gays he’s not one of his best friends (Bob Merrick) is gay but what if he was this is a free country i’m not against them either by the way .people like to judge way to much this day and time Jeff is a little high strung yes he would get loud and say things to Jordan but they were playing a game and sometimes she would say things she shouldn’t and by that i mean talk to much.back to the gay comment befoe i get bashed as long as jeff doesn’t do anything to harm the person he has the right to feel hoe he does we as humans sometime can’t help it but he doesn’t feel this way but because he said something the wrong way you guys take it and run!! Jordan not dumb just young and doesn’t think before she speeks because when she would think about it she would be like oh yeah.

  • Bebbymcq

    Jeff and Jordan are the best. Who cares what the jealous dumb people say. They know nothing about Jeff or Jordan life, the people making all the rude comments don’t know anything bad about them, just making up and saying bad things, because they are so jealous of them. Jeff and Jordan have MANY fans who love them, and no one will change our views.

  • 5ellisfam

    OMG! I’m so excited about Jeff & Jordans new CBSi show:-) I will be watching…

  • herbsforevernda

    So… when does the Route 66 show start??

  • abc

    i just love watching them!!! so sweet,,,,so cute

  • Markwo299

    I love it, the sensitive gays vs women who I guess like cats….lmfao! I guess there’s a lot more women who like house cats than there are gays because these 2 are extremely popular. I have to admit that even though I have nothing against gays, I enjoy seeing the gays get all riled up at jejo’s success. haha

  • Dianne Ariondo

    can never ever get enough of them they are by far the best reality couple ever and believe me ive seen them all such real people so sweet together

  • boricua_ponce48

    i feel like i want to throw up!!!!

    • Emily

      Don’t be J!

  • Joycie

    When does it start?

  • jerri

    I think the only reason people like to bash Jeff and Jordan is because too many folks out there live for the negative junk that happens way too often for my taste, Jeff and Jordan are a breath of fresh air, something new and positive to watch, they’re just so adorable, anyone who feels the need to bash them are just miserable humans who hate on everything…lots of Debbie Downers out there. I love being around people who make you feel good about life and who cares what their IQ is, I doubt you will ever win the nobel peace prize…unless they give them out for being self important, insecure, insignificant, and hateful, then I think you might be in the running…..tlcfn_99, peace out have a nice day!

  • Babygirltiffyboo

    cant wait

  • Jeannie Lin

    i am flabbergasted people are fans of theirs.. still.

    she’s sweet but dumber than rocks and jeff? mid 30′s and UNEMPLOYED!

    give me a break…

  • Dmayleritchie

    Let me start by sayimg I do not care what other people think of Jeff and Jordan .To each there own and we know for sure the jealous factor is what it is all about.So I am a55 year old marrird with one child who is 18 now we are the middle amercian family life is good but I have a diease called scleromda have had it since the night my son was born it activated the diease so there sometimes days where I can not get out of bed and some days I am fine so what I am trying to say keeping up with Jeff and Jordan make my bad days much better they give people something to beleive in the are loving funny loyal and just good people thats why so many of us relate to them through good and bad we will be there for them they opened there lives to us and brought some of us thru dark days and nights so we are giving back they deserve it.So to all the haters find something else to do because nothing you can say will ever change how Jeff and Jordan fans feel we are not the crazy fans we good people that pay it forward like they do.

  • Nancy ARMITAGE

    When is there going to be more episodes of Jeff and Jordan do AMERICA?? We are waiting so very preciously all summer!! They are so funny and so very entertaining!! I know there has got to be so much more footage of their travels thru route 66 from chicago to Santa Monica! Route 66 is so historic and interesting stuff and jeff and jordan make it fun, show us!! It is such an appropriate fun show to watch while the Olympics are airing too, Jeff and Jordan are so American and traveling thru America…it just makes sense. GO AMERICA Thanks

  • Lori Leeth

    PLEASE stop combining names! It is so annoying…I love Jeff and Jordan but JeJo is a STUPID name!

  • Lindah_o

    wait wanna watch jeff and jordan move across america how do i do it?

  • Kathys10chvy

    does anyone know what time and when this will be on tv

  • Risa Stewart

    I love them! Usually when it comes to celebrity couples, I’m not just not into it & could care less. But these two are so sweet & what every couple longs to be like. I just love them.