Jeff and Jordan Update

Jeff and Jordan Update

What have Big Brother super couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd been up to lately?

Following their work building homes in Cambodia, the couple headed back to the United States on Feb. 15. Here’s a photo Jordan Tweeted of the two at the airport:

Jeff and Jordan are also still planning their move to Los Angeles. They’ll be calling the the city home some time in April, Jeff told the Rad Reality Show recently. He said he and Jordan just returned from Los Angeles where they were searching for places to live. He said they did decide on an area they want to call home, so look for them to be heading west some time in April.

The Rad Show also addressed everyone’s favorite topic: “When are you getting married?” Jeff’s reply: “We’re going to live together first and see how that goes.” Makes sense, since living in the Big Brother house together is not a good way to test how well a couple might live together in real life.

Have Jeff and Jordan been following Brendon and Rachel on The Amazing Race? Yes. Hear about that and more during their interview with the Rad Reality Show. Check it out:


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  • Gigi23

    Sweet Couple, I love them.

  • Jen

    I did like them until Jeff was a homophobic bully on last season on Big Brother.

    • Guest

      Jen I am going to be honest Jeff wasn’t a bully on Big Brother 13 that is your opinion and that is my opinion so that is kinda like being a “hater”. I have never met Jeff or Jordan but im sure they are REALLY REALLY NICE just like any kind of cleb. so if they were rude NOBODY would like them 2.

      • Kari

        Oh but he was a bully, and so was Brendon. All you had to do was watch the feeds to see that. The TV show however did not show that. CBS couldn’t show “their” golden couple in a bad light.

  • Agldybg

    Darling couple! I think thry’re great.

  • Judimax

    Just love love them and wish them the best !

  • Guest

    I love Jeff and Jordan and yes EVERYBODY does. And if they 2 were rude noone would like them 2 but I do they are sooo cute and funny:)) And I just wish them nothing but the best.

  • Jeanieschade

    omg i love jeff and jordan

  • Kathy Taylor

    I love this couple. They are the cutest! Please keep updates on them. Would love to see them on another tv show. Miss seeing them.

  • Briibrii Hampton


  • Joanna1358

    I love them! They fill like family!