Jeff and Jordan: Wedding Bells on New Show?

Is one of the surprises on the show an engagement?

Jeff and Jordan: Wedding Bells on New Show?

Big Brother fans not only have BB14 to look forward to, but also Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd’s new show, Jeff & Jordan Do America, available exclusively on I can’t help but wonder, will the couple be getting engaged on the show? They sure seem to hint at it!

“Well if you’re so concerned with your age then you better hurry up and marry me!” Jordan is heard saying to Jeff in the show’s new promo. Jeff is then heard saying, ”We’ve decided to take the next step in our relationship by moving together to the city of Los Angeles . . . we have some amazing surprises lined up for each other along the way.”

The couple will travel from Jeff’s hometown of Chicago and hop on Route 66 where the highway begins. Their road trip will include the entire distance of the scenic route, all the way to the Santa Monica Pier. Along the way it looks like they’ll be visiting places in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.They’ll be ziplining, attending a rodeo, and flying in a helicopter, while looking completely adorable the entire time.

“This is going to be the road trip of our lives,” says Jordan. Jeff follows with, “This is the first stop…of the rest of our lives!”

Again, is that a hint?

Catch Jeff & Jordan D0 America on Thursday, June 28, at 2 pm PT/5pm EST (time changed!) at

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  • bebbymcq

    Looking forward to June 28, and their new show. Been following them for thee years, and fell in love with them. I hope they have a CBS wedding it would make me and so many fans happy.

    • Paula

      Just hang on if you are a fan of theirs things are only going to get better!

  • Mr_boyd

    What’s next a new show for Brendon and Rachel?

    • Paco G

      it would be a lot more entertaining the Jeff and Jordan

      • tgrfan42069

        not really..all we would see is fake arguing and crying

  • Patworx

    I’d love to see them get engaged! There wedding would be much better than Brenchels.

  • Adeer1

    I wish them nothing but the BEST! I’ll be watching, Welcome to California Jeff and Jordan!

  • Mimitortorich

    Wish them the very best cute couple can’t wait to see them on T.V. again.

  • sandy_arend

    Soooooooo cute!! I can’t wait to watch this!! :-)

  • Sandra

    No they won’t. This show is wrapped, no ring on her finger unless she’s hiding it but my guess is nope.

  • HappyBunny

    Okay, time for crazy conspiracy time:
    If Jeff proposes to Jordan in front of a camera it will only confirm to me that he’s in it for the fame only. Everything about Jeff’s part in their relationship has been camera ready from the jump. From declaring in his BB11 house guest interview that he wants a “showmance” to now, waiting for a show and a camera crew to move to LA with Jordan. As for Jordan, she either isn’t aware or just doesn’t care. I think they are great friends and she cares deeply for him, enough to fake a relationship to get Jeff some more air time to live his dream of stardom. This is just my crazy opinion, and I know nobody will agree with me, but It’s just a feeling I haven’t been able to shake. And by the way, I was a Jejo fan back in the day, but now I’m more of a Jordan fan/fence-sitter. And no, I don’t hate Jeff, just think he’s way too into being a celebrity. So don’t call me a hater, because I’m not.

    • luvinreality2

      thats it you caught them that has to be it its all about the fame…Get real! i dont think anyone would be in a long term relationship like they have been and gone through the things that they have gone through( all the long distance trips) to be together for it not to be real…you should go back and watch the feeds because your way off base.instead of bashing..why dont you do the adult thing and wish them every happiness that life has to offer instead of being rude and a relationship expert

      • TruthTeller

        And, why don’t you luvinreality2, shut the hell up and go wash those rose colored glasses you’re wearing!

        • luvinreality2

          jealous much? i had an opinon get over it….TruthTeller my ass douche bag more like it

          • TruthTeller

            blah blah blah…”i had an opinion’ as did HappyBunny, yet you refuse to understand that! Now, be the good little girl that your language attests too and go wash those rose colored glasses that you are still wearing!

          • luvinreality2

            you started it because i stated my opinion..if you want your opinions respected then respect the differences of other people..i will wash my rose colored glasses right after you take your head out of happy bunnies ass…loser

    • TruthTeller

      Totally agree with you HappyBunny!

    • Paula

      LMAO, ok they have been with each other for 3 yrs…Flying back and forth to each others hometowns, spending holidays together, birthdays together, taking vacations together incorporating their families together for parties and what nots -but they are not in a relationship LMAO they are friends? This is what is so funny Jeff and Jordan have been so private about their relationship only their diehard fans who follow them know how their relationship has evolved, neither splash their relationship on twitter, when their fans are stomping at the bits for any info regarding them…CBS presented the opportunity to them to share their move with their fans which they were going to do anyway, so you are saying they are going to live in a 1 bedroom apartment as friends? Ok got ya?

    • Paula

      Oh an I didn’t address the showmance part Jeff also said that he wears his heart on his sleeves and that he starts to fall for the girl -which he did in my opinion because EVERYTHING Jeff did on BB11 was for advancing Jordan as well as his self ..Jeff’s Mother said when she watched them on the show that maybe the reason why Jeff was on the show was to find his future wife -oh but I forgot to you they are just friends and all their family/friends are in on ii in order to advance Jeff in HOLLYWOOD …

    • Sue

      First of all excellent read Paula an I agree 100%
      Now on to HappyBunny, the move to LA was slated the summer before they came back to BB13, Jeff is employed with a production company which is up under the CBS umbella, Jeff and Jordan are hugely popular so why wouldn’t CBS want to capitalize on their popularity, by offering them a show? I am willing to bet every cent that I have in my bank account, that most people would have taken the offer to be paid for something that they were going to do anyway..Of course CBS is hoping for a proposal at the end of this, why do you think the preview is all about their relationship, people need to get over it Jeff and Jordan are HAPPY…..

    • coal lover

      i would hate to be in a long distance relationship for 3 years to help a guy follow his dreams in Hollywood and him be no further than Jeff is he’s not in Brad Pitts league yet!!maybe when he makes it big time he will send her home.can”t believe how some people need to get a life and those feelings you can’t shake is stupidity!!

  • Spichurkojr

    there is no more rt 66 is now known as I40 at least in western part of states

    • Sweets

      You’re a fool…it is known as I-40 in certain areas but is also CLEARLY marked with the “historic route 66″ highway signs. It is STILL know as route 66 out here in the west…

  • TruthTeller


  • Ande

    Amazing how there are so many people out there that are jealous of Jeff and Jordan. If you don’t like them, then move off the darn page, don’t watch their show, and shut the heck up. I happen to think they are great and wish them all the happiness, wealth, and show’s they can handle. Would definitely love to see them get married but what ever they decide is fine with me. Just don’t understand why so many people have to bash someone else. It’s not very attractive and really quite pathetic on your part. Is your lives so pitiful that you have to bash others to feel better? Sad.

    • TruthTeller

      blah blah blah

  • Balmylms

    Where is the show did I miss it???

  • Jeffnjor

    It is just nice to see a happy couple, having fun and getting along. PERIOD. Don’t analyze it or try to explain it. Think of your own relationship (if you have one) …you would lvoe for it to be this nice. Think of the couples you know, married or not. Most are bored with each other. And many seperate to do their own thing apart from each other. From our point of view (which by the way is extremely limited because we cannot see inside their four walls) they looks to ba happy and having fun. And that’s what it all should be about anyways.

    • Jeffnjor

      * sorry about the typos. Doing this from work.

  • lizzie01

    People fall into their careers in many different ways, just because Jeff has found a niche in television does not make him a bad person. I think Jordon is less about the spot light than Jeff but that is OK, they love each other and maybe it will be better for the relationship if both of them don’t go down the same career path. I want to see these two married, Jeff is very kind to Jordon and I Jordon loves Jeff very much to give up her home for him. Bless both of them…

  • James

    Jeff, your full of it. You stated that you couldn’t find a woman in Chicago. There are more ethnic backround in Chicago than any other city in America. You could have had your choices of all diferent types and backrounds. You go on BB and chose a dumb blond. Way to go Jeff. Fantastic job.