Jeff Schroeder Set To Host CBS Live Chats

Big Brother fan favorite will host weekly event

Jeff Schroeder Set To Host CBS Live Chats

Jeff and Jordan may not be in the Big Brother house this season, but fans don't have to do without. In addition to Jeff & Jordan Do America, Jeff is set to host a Big Brother Live chat on starting this Friday.

That's right, fans. Every Friday at 1pm PT/4pm ET, Jeff will be taking your questions from Big Brother Connect,'s social networking hub.

That's just for your Jeff fix. If you need the complete JeJo fix, Jeff & Jordan Do America is now live. You can catch the webisodes now on and watch them on their journey to California via Route 66. The 10-episode series chronicles the couple's big move to Hollywood.

“Jordan and I had an absolute blast filming Jeff & Jordan Do America for CBS Interactive,” Jeff said of the show. “The series has everything from quirky to adventurous and, of course, 'relationship' themes throughout. We are both very grateful for the opportunities CBS and CBS Interactive have given to us, and I'm very happy to also be working with them again this summer hosting the Big Brother live chat series!”

Do you plan to catch Jeff's Big Brother live  chats and/or Jeff & Jordan Do America?



  • diana

    when is it on tv

  • Kim3532

    Can’t wait to watch him….love Jeff & jordan!!!!

  • gma

    Damn if this picture wasn’t taken in my hometown. I was just at that restaurant today! Wish I had known they were here.

  • karen


  • Corndogger

    Would have been way better if they had chosen someone who actually cares about other BB HGs and watches the show and live feeds. Dani would have been a way better choice. Rachel would have been much better as well.

  • Jen Tavenier

    Yes! LOVE JEJO! Great idea CBS!

  • Harry

    Loved Jeff and Jordan Do America!! Jeff did a great job with the first interview.

  • AnnieO

    Loved Je/Jo Do America – wish it had been a bit longer. Also Jeff did a great job of interviewing.