Jeff Schroeder Stops By Big Brother Tonight

Fan favorite says he'll be chatting with Julie

Jeff Schroeder Stops By Big Brother Tonight

If you were watching Wednesday night’s Big Brother 14, then you probably caught the promo that Big Brother fan favorite Jeff  Schroeder “returns” tonight.

Don’t jump too high for joy, fans, it’s not an actual return. Jeff has not been in sequester for the past two months or anything. He’s just going to appear on the show and according to his Twitter, he’s going to be chatting with host Julie Chen.

“I’ll be on Big Brother chatting w/Julie Chen on Thursdays show. Might get a chance 2 interview Julie? Anything u want me to ask?” Jeff Tweeted.

Fans were speculating that Jeff would be hosting the Head of Household competition, but according to Jeff’s Tweet, we  shouldn’t expect that. But you never know. So it sounds like Julie is just checking in with him and maybe the producers are hoping for a tiny little ratings bump?  Who knows. Maybe he’ll be announcing that next season is going to be an All-Stars season and he is the first announced house guest. Take that new rumor and run with it.

Oh, and there’s no news on whether or not Jordan will show up too. Will you  be happy to see Jeff back on Big Brother tonight?

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  • Heidijo123

    ABSOLUTELY!!!!! LOVE JEFF!!!!!!!

  • Mappy

    Pretty ironic that even the current house guests have mentioned they would like to have Jeff in the house.

    He’s always good for a few sound clips. Looking forward to him mixing it up with Julie.

  • Allen Burt

    So gonna watch this! Love Jeff & Jordan! :)

  • Mew80

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I’m super excited to see Jeff on BB tonight!! Both Jeff and Jordan are the best!! They need their OWN show on prime time!!

    • Invest43

      They have their own show, it is called Jeff & Jordan do Dallas, or something like that!!

  • A Deer One

    Yep won’t miss it!

  • Roxie Richmond

    Jeff is the Greatest! LOVE JEFF!!!!!!!

  • Jakal

    Its time to cancel BB the show is not original anymore! I am tired of seeing the same bad actors pretend to be reality show super stars. I know I am not the only person feeling ripped off by BB live feeds this year. It will be the last time bacause I am finished with this boring and lame show. America has voted CBS cancel this crap!

  • Guest

    Gag again. How many times does this make?

  • Mariemoella

    God I hope not….I can’t take another season of him

  • Brent3448

    If they wanted a ratings bump they should have brought back Willie. He was the only houseguest worth watching.

  • Brent3448

    If they wanted a ratings bump they should have brought back Willie. He was the only houseguest worth watching.

  • I hate Returning Houseguests!

    BB12 was the death of Big Brother. Ever since they found out returning players were good for ratings, they couldn’t stop returning players to the house. Season 12 – rachel, jeff, and jordan returned. Season 13 – rachel, brendon, danielle, dick, jeff, jordan, brendon again. Season 14- Britney, Dan, Boogie, Janelle, and now Jeff. grrrrr why can’t we just watch new people?

    • Kaiwinn

      Shut up, I wouldn’t watch if it weren’t for the new people. If these people are good they’ll get another chance too.

  • Jan Lorie Ciccone

    I love Jeff and would be thrilled to see him anytime. Jordan and he are adorable together as well and I think they would be terrific in a prime time newlyweds type show. The show “Jeff and Jordan Do America” had such short episodes that it was just a tease.

  • raptorlover


  • raptorlover


  • Pugsley Addams

    Yeah, I agree with a lot of you here. How hard is it for BB to find 15 crazy SOBs to entertain us? Come on, this is America. I’ll bet I could walk downtown for an hour, or so, and find some better characters than these guys.

    Plus bringing back all these professional liars is ruining the game. I like it when the season starts and none of contestants know who the schemers are. They need to take a chance and create some different BB all-stars. Seriously, are Boogie, Janelle, Britney and Dan really that big of ratings draws? Janelle maybe, but the rest? Come on.

    Woo, that felt good to get out. I knew I should have ate something before I started posting.

  • u01mca

    Cannot wait to see him on my TV screen again. Love him!