JeJo Flashback: Showmance Then And Now

Big Brother supercouple talk about their relationship

JeJo Flashback: Showmance Then And Now

JeJo Flashback Week continues today with footage of the Big Brother couple discussing their showmance.

Today’s video is a compilation of  SuperPass footage from Big Brother seasons 11 and 13. It’s fun to see how they answered questions about their showmance the first time around compared to where they were following season 13 (which was when they first announced they were going to be moving in together).

“This Big Brother house isn’t the real world, so I guess we’ll just have to see. In the real world see what happens,” Jordan said of their then blooming romance. “If nothing happens or comes of  it, we’ll stay good friends. I didn’t want a showmance!”

“I never wanted a showmance coming onto this show,” Jeff mirrored Jordan’s sentiment.

But they both found it. Fast-foreward to the end of season 13 and Jeff is announcing their forth-coming co-occupency. Check out the video for yourself:

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Coming next week: Brenchel Flashback week!

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