JeJo Update: The Engagement Deadline

Jeff sheepishly says Jordan has given him a deadline

JeJo Update: The Engagement Deadline

Jeff and Jordan fans might have noticed Jeff’s appearance on Thursday’s live episode of Big Brother 14. They might have also noticed that he let Julie know that while he and Jordan are not yet engaged, things are in motion.

Even before Julie Chen could ask Jeff whether or not the two were planning a wedding anytime soon, he answered the question.

“There’s plans. Things are rolling very nicely,” Jeff said. “I have a deadline from Jordan. There’s some breathing room, but there’s a deadline.”

When Julie asked Jeff what the deadline was, he said by his birthday, which is June 5. So that’s 10 months, JeJo fans. You and Jordan better hold him to that!

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Why did Jordan select June 5th?


  • TruthTeller

    That Jeff interview was a complete waste of time and accomplished nothing.

    • Sgreer99

      It was great seeing him though.

  • Linda Diane Nelms Pierce

    Jeff’s interview on the show was short and sweet but was glad to see him and get the update on him and Jordan! my favorite couple on bb of all time!

  • Dan

    You would have to watch JJ do America to find out why they chose to get engaged by his next BDay.

  • Kaczextra

    Jordan always said she wouldn’t move in without some kind of commitment.

  • Kaczextra

    So Jeff already made that commitment. Now they can complete on their own time. Congrats to them!

  • JOYCE069

    i love you 2 together… so cute…

  • Theresa Hill

    They are meant for each other…….and I think they would make some cute babies! :)