Jessie Godderz Joins Scripted Drama

Big Brother star signs on for soap opera 'Tainted Dreams'

Jessie Godderz Joins Scripted Drama

Big Brother regular (I think we can officially call him that after appearing on five seasons) Jessie Godderz has been taking the “Impact Wrestling” world by storm and now he’s going to give soap operas a try.

Jessie, known in the wrestling world as Mr. PEC-Tacular and his on-screen romantic partner Tara (Lisa Marie Varon)  have both signed on to join the soap opera within a soap opera Tainted Dreams.” They join the cast of soap stars from All My Children and One Life To Live.

“Wrestling has evolved into an ‘action soap opera,’ combining athletic prowess with the ongoing, serialized drama taking place in and out of the wrestling ring,” says show creator Sonia Blangiardo. “There is a tremendous crossover audience between traditional soap operas and wrestling which creates a perfect fit for Jessie and Lisa Marie in our cast.”

TAINTED DREAMS is the Grey’s Anatomy which occurs in a soap studio instead of a hospital. It is a scripted ‘dramedy’, blending comedy and drama seamlessly. It follows the lives of the cast and crew, including the corporate network heads, of the fictional soap Painted Dreams, touching upon many social issues. It is a rare look at the interaction of all principals’ involvement in a realistic manner, while creating compelling dilemmas along the way.

Tainted Dreams is differentiated by the blend of a popular, diverse cast, with award-winning talent from All My ChildrenOne Life to Live and As the World Turns and main stream stars from reality and theater, musical artists, stand-up comics and political and sports figures. — from the show’s website

Distribution deals for Tainted Dreams have not been finalized, according to a press release on the show. Let me translate that for you: No new soap opera will ever find a network home again, so Tainted Dreams will likely end up a web series.


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