Julie Chen: Before and After Plastic Surgery

Chenbot is the 'bot'-ness with the hotness!

Julie Chen: Before and After Plastic Surgery

Julie Chen before (left) and after (right) plastic surgery

Julie Chen‘s looks have morphed throughout Big Brother’s 14 seasons, and over the years she’s gone from being frumpy to being fabulously bot-ish. And I do mean fabulously. She looks amazing, perfect, porcelain, flawless in person, it’s true – but she’s had some help. And she has a damn good doctor.

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Chenbot

Most Big Brother fans have seen this pic floating around on the net. It shows Julie Chen, four years before hosting Big Brother, compared with Julie four years after Big Brother began. Quite a difference. I’m no plastic surgeon, so I can’t point out what exactly it is she’s had done, but she’s definitely had rhinoplasty. It can be said that both Julie’s makeup artist and hair stylist can take credit for the transformation as well.

Julie Chen No Makeup

This is why we love Julie Chen. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Julie and the other ladies of CBS’ The Talk did an episode au naturel, no makeup whatsoever, to show how they really look underneath it all. I was/am impressed, because for most of us it would not be an easy thing to do in front of a national audience, and to those of you who have all that natural beauty, you bitch. I mean that in the kindest way of course.

Julie Chen Chenbot Big Brother

Another thing we love about Julie Chen? She embraces her bot-ness, and very once in awhile, if you’re lucky, she’ll bust out a Chenbot move. I wonder if anyone will ever do the Chenbot back AT Julie? I want to see a Chenbot bot-off!

The bot-ness with the hotness, indeed.


  • http://www.facebook.com/foodhussy Heather Johnson

    She looks awesome – but I have to say – cute even without makeup!

    • http://twitter.com/spicypants Spicy

      She looks great without makeup, agreed!

    • Blackandproud

      You fucken lesbian

    • FootysDick Vermeil

      Julie does look like sumthin’ from LAND OF THE LOST without makeup and the towel.

      she looks like a primitive Chinese girl. a reall HOT one, but still a primitive. but definitely a White Man’s Burden he’d be HAPPY to tame!!

  • AnnieO

    I think she’s had her eyelids done, not that it matters she gorgeous.

  • http://twitter.com/jam_O_rama Judy Jetson

    She used to be a news anchor here in Dayton, OH and I remember very well the old Chenbot look!

  • http://twitter.com/BBDANFAN81 Alison M.

    Most of it is hair and makeup. Shes awesome either way, even with the plastic surgery! :) Love the chenbot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhys.branman Rhys Branman

    Definitely very good work! I have to say she is just gorgeous in that picture with no makeup! Now that is something to aim for, make up free beauty. I see no “bot ness” at all!

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

    • Micky

      A dr. You trying to advertise for your plastic surgery, go back to mail order medical school or get new glasses, you are fucked up drunk md. With shit for brains. This bitch is the model of piss ugly.

    • Alex Mandel

      LIttle Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center? Arkansas was just listed at the bottom for median family income with just about the highest poverty level in America. Do you get a lot of customers in-state? One would think that someone fortunate enough to earn a medical degree might use it in a more noble way if your office is in one of the poorest states in the country!

  • HoH8

    it doesnt hurt if ur husband is a Billionaire, lol…right……..but she looked more asian before her work though….☺….

  • http://twitter.com/bad2dabone65 bad2dabone

    Beautiful women, either way!

  • i want julie DEAD

    julie chen is a monster who should die. what kind of sick cunt finds humor in a male being sexually mutilated?

    see “the talk cut off penis”

  • Francis Decker

    She is a chooch; her and that adulterous husband of hers…….I cannot stand her; I cannot stand that stupid scripted show Big Brother…….get it folks, I just cannot stand her.

    • HoH8

      BB a scripted show?… NOT…hey just turn the channel…nobody is telling u to watch BB… leave the watching to all of us who LOVE Julie and BB forever…☺…

  • Chen Hater

    no amount of make up or surgery can make me watch her

  • ajcariaga


  • Dwight W Lewis

    Julie chin is selfish, & she is not a
    Very moral person. She slid up
    Under the CBS CEO & did the nasty , broke up his marriage of
    Some 20 odd years.she seems to
    Not want to be Asian, with all this
    Facial enhancement stuff. She
    Screwed her way to the top. She
    Felt threaten by strong women on the “talk” so she fired them.
    She’s a home wrecker, adulteress & not a good human
    Being, case closed can’t stand her.

    • veda

      @Dwight……agreed!!!! Not to mention, ugly as well. Before and After surgery, Before and After makeup. Either way…………..homely inside and out!!!

    • Fabian Fragiao

      Who is’nt a home wrecker, adulteress & not a good human that works in the entertainment business. Be real. She is only trying to keep up with the white Jones, do you blame her? remember Michael Jackson?.

    • FootysDick Vermeil

      You cannot take away what someone does not have.

      Les’ first wife was lackin’ something.

    • Zamba

      this is very true. this chen bot is bad person. i put da voodoo on her

  • Micky

    Chen is a Bitch I don’t like her she kicked out Remini. She is a chink cheat with wanna be circle eyes……Fuckin cunt!

  • Micky

    This bitch is a money hungry, no moral, will do anything for success, even eat dog shit if it meant earning millions or get surgery on her goofy looking eyes. She can’t even open her eyes so what’s the difference. She smells like rotten fish and rice!

    • Zamba

      o yes she does stink like da poop

  • Alex Mandel

    Julie Chen told Diane Sawyer she ONLY had her eyes widened and that was because of pressure from her boss. Yet it is clear she also had her nose thinned out. So why lie? Maybe because by denying the nose job and saying she had her eyes widened due to prejudice and job pressure, she comes off as more of a victim than a vain and ambitious woman. Hey, Diane, where was your journalistic probing when Julie told that doozie?

  • LuckyLatin

    It is truly amazing what some people do for success and the trappings that this world offers.

    What does it garner her to gain, when she can’t take it with her @ the end in death?

    Personally, I’d rather be poor, than to be super rich and lose my eternal life in the afterlife with JESUS/GOD Almighty. The reality is that a lot of these successful people do worship the beast in order to gain their now fame.

    They are part of secret societies that many people are blind to, and they perform horrific acts and rituals in secret with the rest of money hungry, famed driven, moral-less, success seeking people. Believe it or not, the worship of Satan to gain fame, money, etc. is very real people! Regardless of the comments I will receive by stating this, it is factual and true!

    • Zamba

      these peoples have no morals dey think the above God’s laws. God, He watches and He waits.

      • coach

        zamba you suck