Fan Recap Week Five Episode One

Missy and Alan bid a fond farewell to Janie as she leaves the BB14 house.

Fan Recap Week Five Episode One

It’s Friday, Big Brother fans — but are you celebrating the start of the weekend, or mourning the loss of our old pal Janie?

They say misery loves company, and Missy and Alan are here for all of you Janelle fans. This episode of Fan Recap is brought to you by TEAM JANELLE!

And on that note, we have some breaking news: Janelle spoke to very own Laremy this morning, so don’t miss that exclusive interview!

What We’ve Learned

  • Frank is the new HOH
  • Boogie’s goodbye message to Janelle was a little harsh. Don’t we think?
  • But Janie gets the last word with Julie: “He’s such a loser.”
  • We miss her already!

Let’s move on to the Flashbacks:


Flashback #1: Wil and Ashley were talking about Janelle and can’t understand why America loves her so much. They just aren’t drinking the Janie Juice! Speaking of Ashley, she’s a little off her rocker, no? Discuss.


Flashback #2: Danielle 
is having a moment of remorse and asking if America hates her now after voting our Janelle. What say you, America?


Flashback #3: Wil and Ashley are walking out back and wondering if they did the right thing voting out Janelle. Everyone seems to be having second thoughts…


Flashback #4: HOH room time! Frank is excited to find a jump rope and a letter from his nana, among other things.


Flashback #5: After Janie was evicted, Joe was sulking because he was the only one who voted for Janelle to stay and he thought he was being set up. Joe takes Shane aside and wanted to know what happened because Joe thought he was voting with the house.


Flashback #6: Danielle is getting worried and Britney’s not helping matters!

One Bold Prediction

CBS might be worried about ratings dropping after Janelle’s exit, so maybe they will throw a curveball and bring a player back. Alan predicts something fun will happen that CBS can advertise in the promos.

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  • NJ_HB

    It blows tha Jannelle is gone, see you next year BB.