Fan Recap Week Three Episode Two

It's been a roller-coaster week in the BB14 house. Can we get a woooaaah?

Fan Recap Week Three Episode Two

Happy Hump Day, Big Brother fans! Missy and Austin are here to chart the ups and downs of the roller-coaster that was BB14 this week! Hop on and let’s go for a ride!

What We’ve Learned

  • Shane took Ashley off the block and replaced her with Frank
  • That’s a good move, because Frank is a threat
  • There is potential for Wil to flip and save Frank
  • But if they don’t get Frank out now, when? If you don’t vote him out now, you’re voting for him to win the check.
  • Dan and Janelle are planning to form an alliance if and when they enter the game
  • But Dan is already working with Britney, Shane and Danielle on a secret alliance (watch the feeds!)
  • Is Janelle getting played?!

LET’S TALK ABOUT WIL: He’s completely over the coaches. He’s upset with Janelle. He hates that these coaches will enter the game. He’s ready to play the game for himself and no one else. Missy: “Wil flip-flops so much. I don’t know if he’s loyal or not loyal or how his vote is going down.”

Let’s get to the Flashbacks!


Flashback #1: Janelle and Dan discuss forming an alliance if and when they enter the game.


Flashback #2: Joe throws Janelle under the bus while talking to Jenn. He’s giving the other team fuel to go after Janelle. What is Joe thinking?! Austin thinks maybe he just likes to hear himself talk.


Flashback #3: Janelle and Britney are talking about the coaches entering the game. They talk as if they already know it’s going to happen for sure. Janelle says she has to act surprised when it’s announced. Hmmm…!


Flashback #4: Shane admits to Britney that he is NOT into Danielle. Is she a stalker? Austin says Shane needs to back off on the mixed signals. No more kissing if he doesn’t mean it!


Flashback #5: A fun moment of Frank talking to Janelle and Britney. He’s telling them a story involving Jungle Juice and Zebra Cake… Want to hear the rest of this story? Flash back!

Needs Improvement

Wil. “He’s at a crossroads at his game right now,” says Austin. “I’d like to see him focus more on the long-term goal and not lose his head.” Otherwise, we might be about to witness a Wil lose his mind AND the game!

MVP Player of the Week

Shane, because he’s a proven competitor. “I love seeing him take risks like he did this week,” says Austin. “He’s shown the viewers that he really wants to be there and wants to fight and I love that. I’d love to see him shatter Janelle’s record.”

Missy think we’ll see Shane on the block next week.

One Bold Prediction

“I think we’ll see the most epic endurance competition that we’ve seen in years!” Coaches and players alike will be fighting HARD. It will be fun to watch! That’s why we watch the feeds, people!

Speaking of the feeds, are you watching yet?

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