Britney Grills Danielle Over Her Job

Brit tries to get to the bottom of Danielle's real profession

Britney Grills Danielle Over Her Job

One of the best kept secrets in the Big Brother 14 house has been Danielle’s real occupation. Maybe it’s so well-kept because it’s such a ridiculous secret that no one really cares.

In case you’re not aware, Danielle claims to be a kindergarten teacher but is actually a nurse. Why she decided she couldn’t let it out that she is a nurse is beyond me. I have  a lot of respect for nurses. I couldn’t do that job. BUT since when would a nurse be a huge threat in the game of Big Brother. It’s just silly.

The house has been on to Danielle’s lie for some time, but she hasn’t let it out what she really is. Britney finally decided to do her best to get it out of her on the Live Feeds Wednesday night. Britney decided to play a guessing game and asked Danielle if she was a doctor, a med student, a PhD student, if she had a PhD, or a master’s degree student. What Britney didn’t ask is if she is a nurse. Not because Britney is bad at this game, but because NO ONE else would lie about being a nurse! Crazy. And hilarious.

Check out the clip, comment and help me understand why she can’t reveal her true profession. To watch the full clip, Flashback to Wednesday, August 1 at 10:25PM BBT

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  • Cory ✌

    If she wasn’t going to lie about her job, she should of said she worked at Starbucks or something…

  • Jamal Wallace

    Maggie won and she was a nurse, so maybe this is what made Danielle paranoid. Or maybe it’s because lots of people perceive nurses of having above average intelligence. But who knows? Maybe she always wanted to be a school teacher, but her parents forced her into nursing and now is her big chance (to pretend anyways). ???

  • Msbarnes83

    Brittany dummer than Danielle I wouldn’t tell her either

    • F.S.26

      I agree, Brittany does seem pretty stupid so I would be careful to not tell her anything.

  • Ka Ri Ma Karima

    You have to be careful about lying or hiding information about your life outside of the house in this game. Trust is HUGE in the Big Brother house. HUGE! If people feel that they can’t trust you… it will definitely hurt your game.
    Better to say that you’re a nurse, or in school to become a nurse, than to be caught in a lie about it. Bad game move.

    In her defense, Danielle probably thought she was going to enter the BB house with a group of complete strangers who knew nothing about each other at all. The “Coach” twist ruined that for her. It’s a calculated risk because you anytime you make up a lie, you’re risking the chance that the truth may be discovered.

  • Ka Ri Ma Karima

    She’s not doing a good job with damage control. I’m not sure how she should handle it, but I don’t think this is the best way.

  • Lisa

    Why would she choose a profession like teaching to lie about? Is it that she wanted people to think she didn’t make a decent salary? Some people respect teachers while others think they are completely useless. She took a big gamble on pretending to be a teacher. You either love them or hate them.