Video: Who Did It Better: Ian or Frank?

Boredom leads to an interesting challenge in the Big Brother 14 back yard

Video: Who Did It Better: Ian or Frank?

We all know there’s a lot of downtime in the Big Brother house and we get to see plenty of that on the Live Feeds. Late at night, there’s drinking and sometimes streaking. And if someone is really lucky, a frolic or two under the sheets.

But every now and then, the houseguests get so bored they start doing weird stuff. This past week for example, Ian and Frank both decided to fit themselves into a ball in the backyard. This was after the other HGs bet Ian he probably couldn’t do it. He does. With ease. But that’s not enough for them, so they want to see someone larger do it. So Frank is enlisted. And it isn’t so easy for the much more fit and muscular one of the two. I say we see if Joe can do it next. Who’s with me?

So check out the videos and vote below to tell us which one did it better?

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